DSTRKT closed after stabbing

24 Oct 2018

DSTRKT closed after stabbing

One of London’s famous VIP clubs: DSTRKT has now been closed down permanently following a knife stabbing on Sunday night. DSTRKT which was located at prime location at Londons iconic Piccadilly Circus has been in the press the recent years for all the wrong reasons. There has been various accusations about perceived racism, argues and complaints. According to rumours there was an argument during an Albanian private party allegedly involving several criminals that led to one person's life got taken during a knife attack.

This video is allegedly showing the stabbing outside DSTRKT.

Our thoughts are with friends and family of the victim. We at Clubbable are currently looking into solutions where we can help by providing background checks of the guests. DSTRKT was the venue where Clubbable celebrated our launch of the app in September 2016 so we are very sorry to see the end of this legendary nightclub. We thank Kalin Le for assisting us in making it a great night and of course our headlining performer magician Julien Magic.

Many people get the spelling wrong like DSTRK, DISTRIK/DISTRICT, DESTRIKT. The correct was without vowels and with K.

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