Top VIP Nightlife Spots in New York, Tokyo, and Paris

13 Jun 2024

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 Exploring the Best VIP Nightlife Destinations in New York, Tokyo, and Paris

Are you looking for that VIP experience? In some of the great cities of the world, there is a nightlife scene that goes above and beyond for those with the cache and the cash to party on a different level to us mere mortals.

Alongside that, there are numerous online casino operators around the world, and if you are looking for that VIP feel to play some online poker, or you want to replicate the feeling of a VIP experience through live casino online, you want to know what the best options are out there for you. That’s why it pays off to research and look at sites that have reviewed the best online casinos so you can dip right in and try them out.

As a virtual way of traveling around the world to VIP locations, it really does stand out, however, if you do have the funds and want to experience that VIP nightlife in some of the world’s greatest cities, keep on reading for our recommendations for the best VIP nightlife in New York, Paris, and Tokyo!

New York

The Big Apple, the ‘World City’, New York is a dream destination for people all over the world, the place where immigrants have landed on the shores of America for well over a century and more, and where the rich and famous gravitate towards to this day. The rooftop bars and exclusive clubs provide a glimpse into this hedonistic lifestyle and some of the views of the Manhattan skyline are spectacular.

It could be that you want to celebrate after graduating college (or you want to pay for your kids to celebrate after graduating college); this article outlines how New Jersey ranks in the top 10 best states for education, so it goes without saying that there will be plenty of young adults looking to celebrate the other side of the other side of the Hudson River! Here are a few of the best VIP nightclubs in the city.

Le Bain

An exclusive rooftop club, this is one of the best New York spots for couples, for the best made-to-order food, and for absolutely stunning views of Manhattan. It has a handpicked, unique clientele, where you must dress to impress or you won’t even get past the door staff, but queuing in the long lines to get in is worth the wait.

This is definitely the place to be if you want to party with the most famous of celebs, and the dance floor even has a hot tub built in, adding to this exclusive, party atmosphere. It can be found just 13 minutes north of Manhattan at 848 Washington Street.

LAVO Nightclub

If you are looking for luxury nightlife, look no further than LAVO. It’s an upscale EDM club that is set in the very heart of Manhattan at 40 E 58th Street. This is the true VIP experience in New York, with a bottle service, a fine dining area, and elegance in this club that is the sister venue of the famous Las Vegas LAVO.

World-famous DJs play on the decks, with some of the best up-and-coming electronic artists here on the regular. You’ll need to buy tickets in advance because this place is hot and crowded every single night (Thursday to Saturday).


The neon lights at every corner, combined with the tradition of yesteryear, have always been an attack on the senses. An urban metropolis like no other place on earth, Tokyo has always felt like it’s in the future and that any sort of night out is possible here.

This makes the VIP nightlife even more spectacular, as there is simply so much going on here and it is so crowded that those special places for some VIP luxury become an even better experience than in a smaller city.

Cé La Vi

A restaurant bar with a club lounge and outdoor terrace, this is as glitzy and glamorous as it gets in the Shibuya City part of Tokyo. The club is spread over the 17th and 18th floors of the Tokyu Plaza and has been open since December 2019. There’s a great mix of internationals here at weekends, with a big mix of young students and international businesspeople in their 40s and beyond.

The VIP bottle service is a big draw, as is the hip-hop music and vibes. The pricey entrance fee on the weekends marks it out as a VIP place to be, but it’s worth it for the service and the best skyline views in the city.

1 Oak

In Azabu-Juban, you’ll find this buzzing VIP club that has locations in New York, Los Angeles and Dubai, as well as this incredible Tokyo club. Every night is an absolute banger here, so even though you might look at the lack of space on the dancefloor due to the VIP tables taking up much of the floor space, this also shows you how well the VIP guests are treated.

Many celebrities coming through Tokyo for work or play can be found here on big nights out, and that’s why you see the big lines waiting outside after midnight, every night.


Paris is the city of romance, a place where the finest people of the culinary world come to dine out, where high fashion was born and remains at the heart of everything. To live a VIP lifestyle in Paris is as spectacular as the city itself is to look at, to live in, to breathe in. There’s a reason that everyone loves Paris!


A nightclub that can be found on the top of the Champs-Elysees, this is luxury in club form, one of the highlights of VIP nightlife lifestyle anywhere in the world, not just in Paris! It has a garden terrace offering incredible views of the city and a marble dancefloor that makes shuffling along to your favourite tunes even more glamorous.

VIP tables can be booked in advance, and there is even a smoking room where you can enjoy a cigar in peace. There are plenty of parties and events here every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with the option of dinner at the delicious Victoria Restaurant just a few steps away.


An incredible piece of Parisian nightlife that hosts the elite, the cream of the crop of Paris fame. It is located on the ground floor and below, with an amazing restaurant attached for those who wish to feed themselves up for the night of dancing and champagne ahead.

It is modern and traditional, featuring gold bullion and glamorous armchairs in the basement that is called ‘school playground. The ambience is of privacy, intimacy and prestige where the artistic can be creative, and the famous can party in private.

Final Thoughts

These few VIP clubs just provide a snapshot of the exhilarating nightlife that could be yours with fame, money, and infamy. New York, Tokyo, and Paris are some of the finest places for nightlife and to be treated as a God on a night out in the club.

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