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Quintana 362, 1007 Buenos Aires, Argentina



01:00 AM - 06:00 AM


01:00 AM - 06:00 AM


01:00 AM - 06:00 AM
Minimum Age: 18
Shampoo Club is located in Recoleta, the quarter situated northeast of Buenos Aires City Center.
Recoleta is considered to be the most affluent neighborhood in Buenos Aires. It is also an area of immense historical interest, full of museums, old elegant palaces and houses made in Paris style. Today, Recoleta is characterized by its elegantly dressed residents seen meandering along exclusive avenues and dining in very chic cafés. Moreover, with its architectural and cultural history (in this zone was buried Evita Peron), the neighborhood forms an important part of the city’s tourism trail. Recoleta has a limitless collection of bars and restaurant, among which you will find also Shampoo Club.

Historical and elegant retro area, combined with beautiful modern clubbing atmosphere, will take you to other, past times. At the beginning, Shampoo club started as a cabaret, and it was one of the most famous cabarets in Buenos Aires for over than 20 years. Recently, it was renewed, so today, with its sparkling chandeliers, perfect lightening system, disco balls, deep red curtains and swanky leather couches, it is one of the most attractive clubs, offering an intimate and elegant atmosphere. It can host only 220 people, but it is perfect for those who prefer a more intimate ambient, far away from enormous clubs, where hundreds of people dance and have difficult to hear each other because of high sound. You will like its cabaret interior, elegance and an intimacy that you will find in elegant green séparé. The fact that you are in the most beautiful part of Buenos Aires, surrounded by Paris-style townhouses, lavish former palaces, and posh boutiques, will makes that you will feel very special. Shampoo is a place to see and to be seen amidst the Buenos Aires chick elite. Open from Thursday through Saturday, international and domestic DJs make an amazing atmosphere, following all world famous house, R’N’B and dance hits. You can also meet some of the well known celebrities. Very trendy, intimate and elegant place to be!


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