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North River, Chicago
Minimum Age: 21
Opening in September! The co-founder of TAO, the glitzy over-the-top pan-Asian chain of restaurants and nightclubs, plans to open his Chicago location in September after 15 years of searching around town for a suitable venue. Rich Wolf and his partners opened the first TAO in 2000 in uptown New York and Wolf said they’ve always held high standards for their food. While celebrities and big spenders frequent the locations in New York , Las Vegas and Los Angeles , Wolf believes their sushi and steaks are what keeps customers returning.

Youngsters may prefer to hang out all night at the nightclub portion, which the Chicago space devotes 7,000 square feet to. TAO also draws corporate customers, and the decor, including 16-foot tall Buddha statues, attracts hipsters. Wolf said the venue has even been popular for parents who dine while their newborns sleep through dinner. And when those children grow up, mommy and daddy may elect to throw a sweet sixteen party at the restaurant. He wants the food to get as much attention as the nightlife aspect, making the place a clubstaurant.
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