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Golden Tulip Al Jazira Hotels and Resort,off Sheikh Zayed road، Exit 399,Ghantoot - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates



01:00 PM - 11:00 PM


01:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Minimum Age: 21
Would you like to be at amazing beach, surrounded by golden sand, watching blue and only blue crystal color of the sea and of the sky? Anyone of us would like it. And it is not a dream. It can be real. Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE offers beautiful pleasures, just like previously described – golden sand, blue view, comfort sunbeds. The beach spot at Golden Tulip Al Jazira, Ghantoot will make your moments magical. Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE is a lovely day-to-night party experience. It is located just 20 minutes driving from Dubai and about 40 minutes from Abu Dhabi, ideal for partygoers from both emirates. The beach is inspired with the Balearic, especially Ibiza’s beaches – that’s the reason why the Club has name Blue Marlin Ibiza. Ibiza, as a symbol of the craziest party life, has inspired the founders of Dubai Blue Marlin. The idea was, certainly, to create a piece of Ibiza in this Middle Eastern part of the world. Being one of the most chic and trendy places in this part of the Earth, Dubai without doubt had to justify its prestigious name. Even we talk about Muslim country, with a very strict religious policy, Emirates anyway, effort to have a highest level tourism, and that means also to envelope the best nightlife, being visited mostly by Europeans and Americans.
Long list of desserts, Champagnes, types of Sangria, Cocktails, Blue Marlin Ibiza Special cocktails, and non-alcoholic cocktails.
You can also enjoy eating at the terrace or having brunch at the beach. The chief will prepare some of the most delicious Mediterranean dishes – from Oriental and local, to Japanese sushi, prepared by real sushi masters. Enjoy amazing meat or fish, sushi, fresh salads, desserts or fruit salads, supported by the best cocktails, and hearing the best music hits of resident DJ, waiting for a beautiful sunset! There is also a Champagne Brunch, as a special offer, ideal for Saturday or Sunday afternoons, a perfect introduction into evening party that will come later, when the dark covers the town and the thousands of lights turn on around.
Blue Marlin Dubai Beach Club encompasses the true Ibiza lifestyle offering the ultimate party experience from Spanish most infamous clubbing island. Guests embrace the Ibiza spirit with a belated breakfast or lazy lunch by the poolside before taking a dip in the cool, deep blue sea. Upon sunset the relaxed beach vibe suddenly transforms into buzzing club It is a full relaxing package that you will have all day, before your relax time continue into a deep night and the bets DJs take the throne.
The parties to visit at Blue Marlin are: BEATS & BRUNCH on Saturdays. Indulge in Mediterranean flavors while our Balearic beats and the soothing sounds of live band Soul Mates Tribute play over the shore.
Laze about with your loved ones and enjoy good vibes.
First Sitting: 1PM - 3:30PM
Second Sitting: 4PM - 6:30PM
Beach & Terrace:
1PM - 4PM
DIXON & VAL on Fridays: The bold and theatrical sounds of Inner vision specialist Dixon are here to captivate the crowd, with Afterlife’s Val bringing her spine-tingling and emotive melodies to the floor.
Clear skies, sparkling waters and relaxed glamour.
Taste the flavors of mouthwatering menu, custom made by our chefs for the day. Mediterranean delights, traditional fresh sushi and a variety of piping hot BBQ dishes are served with our unlimited drinks selection.
MAVELE AND DUNESI will showcase their latest collections on the beach while you sip on your favorite beverages and soak up the sun.
First Sitting: 1PM - 3:30PM
Second Sitting: 4PM - 6:30PM
So, if the road takes you to the United Emirates, do not miss this amazing place! Do not miss Ibiza in Dubai way!
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