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C/ Salvador Espriu, 2 Sant Antoni de Portmany. 07820 - Ibiza



11:59 PM - 6:00 AM


11:59 PM - 6:00 AM


11:59 PM - 6:00 AM


11:59 PM - 6:00 AM


11:59 PM - 6:00 AM


11:59 PM - 6:00 AM


11:59 PM - 6:00 AM
Minimum Age: 18
Es Paradis nightclub in San Antonio, Ibiza, is one of the hottest water parties in Ibiza. If you are looking for a great place to dance the night away experiencing indoor and outdoor pools, delicious cocktails, and plenty of sexy, fun people in clubwear and swimwear, this is a great place.

One of the biggest Ibiza clubs, the venue's name gives you a hint of the theme: shimmering white surfaces, soft blue and orange lighting, and plenty of live tropical plants create a Garden of Eden atmosphere that will have you thinking of all sorts of ways you can sin. No wonder their brand logo is an apple!

The pools are by far one of the bigger features, with indoor and outdoor pools and waterfalls, sprinklers and jets in the dance rooms, and all sorts of surprises. Be warned that you WILL get wet here, so don't come wearing any clothes that are not pool-friendly, or carrying tech. Make sure to get your mobile safely into a locker and simply enjoy the experience.

If an all-night pool party isn't your thing, there is a main dance floor that is pretty huge and doesn't usually get covered by water jets, although make sure to ask in advance whether there are any special events happening, or, better yet, check out a more relaxed, less pool-party-inspired club for the night. There are loads of options on the Clubbable app!

If you stop by the Es Paradis club Ibiza, expect loud music and a young, fun-loving crowd. Any venue that offers a pool party, pumping tunes, and events such as paintball wars themed club nights is bound to attract young, reckless, beautiful people, so if you're looking for an exciting night out in true Ibiza club party style, this is a great option.

The drinks at this exclusive club can get a bit pricey, but it's the price you pay for such a fun experience. Remember that you're getting a range of different pool options and one main attraction for the night, depending on which night it is, so the drink costs make sense considering all you get with them. Entry will cost you around twenty euro most nights, depending on the event and what reservations you have.

Speaking of reservations and door fees, getting into this club isn't easy. It is literally packed wall to wall every night it is open, and often any table areas are booked well in advance, so you can't count on getting anything at the door, no matter how much cash you have to splash.

The dress code is pretty chill, as not only is this a crazy pool party, but one where you can expect to get soaked through on the dance floor, and even covered in paint at their Glow Neon Paint Party. As long as your clothes aren't trashy or dirty, and you don't mind them getting wet or covered in paint.

Naturally, being on the guest list and booking a table will help get you through the door and ensure a VIP Ibiza club experience. So make sure to book through Clubbable.
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