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Platja d'en Bossa, 07817 Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Islas Baleares, Spain



11:00 PM - 6:00 AM


11:00 PM - 6:00 AM


11:00 PM - 6:00 AM


11:00 PM - 6:00 AM


11:00 PM - 6:00 AM


11:00 PM - 6:00 AM


11:00 PM - 6:00 AM
Minimum Age: 18

One of the newest, hottest clubs in Ibiza, the Hi Ibiza nightclub is possibly one of the best night spots in the Playa d'en Bossa area, with pumping music, a great crowd, and

The theme inside is glitter, glamour, and youth. Disco balls, bright strobe lights, and plenty of room for hanging out, luxury tables, and, of course, the stunning guests, dancing, drinking, and having a great time. The venue is really nicely laid out for holiday photographs, from their enormous hashtag sculpture, to the lovely rooms, to the water features outside. It's great fun at the start of the night to get some holiday photos and selfies done before you get properly crazy.

The glowing lights are really flattering, although at the bar they are also that reddish tone that means you really want your contour game to be on-point.

Although it is a very lively and social venue, it is not designed for the sort of dancing, raving party many expect at Ibiza. If you are looking for a venue with great music, great shows, but a more relaxed social atmosphere then this might be the spot for you. There is some space for dancing, but with how busy it gets it's more for meeting new people than for really showing off your moves.

And if you want a club with an outdoor bar and lounge area, Hi Club offers it, with luxury teepees that you can hang out in outdoors, to stay cool and enjoy some drinks a bit further away from the pumping music. The drinks themselves do get a bit pricey, moreso than some of the other more established clubs in the area, but again you're paying for a new place full of fresh faces and cool acts.

The shows are pretty cool, with a sort of go-go meets cabaret twist that is modern and fun, but at the same time with that slight retro showgirl edge that keeps you coming back for more. There are even drag queen dancers, really talented ladies who will give their performance their all! Expect the DJs to play electronic music and remixes, not standard dance. Also, be warned you can't see the DJ booths from everywhere in the venue.

The dress code at Hi Club Ibiza is not too strict, and allows you to dress down a bit to handle the heat and humidity of the area. They do not forbid trainers or t-shirts, but these must be clean and presentable. Women will do better in dresses but, again, nothing too fancy, just something clean, comfortable to dance in, and cute.

That said, just because it doesn't have a strict dress code doesn't mean it's easy to get into. Being such a new and popular club, they are often totally overbooked, so really you need to get on the guest list and book a table if you want to get in. Otherwise the door fees can get huge, even on nights when they have space, which are not many! Much better to be on the guest list and avoid the trouble of turning up and getting turned away.


The dresscode at Hi Ibiza is probably the most simplistic one. 

For both men and women a pair of casual nice jeans, shirt or a blouse will be alright. 

You can totally dress more formal and put on a dress or a pair of pants with a more fitted shirt but its not needed.

Wear a pair of comfortable shoes, flats, platform heels, casual shoes.

No beachwear or swimwear!

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