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Carrer del Romaní, 18, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Islas Baleares, Spain
Minimum Age: 18
Among the crowds of phenomenal clubs and happenings in Ibiza, was distinguished, by its originality, the so-called ZOO Project. This is not a club, this is a project. Why is it so unique? There is an old abandoned space in San Antonio town, in Benimussa Park, which once upon a time had been a ZOO. It’s not sure who was the first who had an idea to use that space for making parties, but year by year, the old ZOO became one of the favorite places for spending some party moments. Making parties in the old abandoned ZOO was an awesome idea, making this place being so unique, distinguishing it from other places.
The people come here dressed up or just with make up in animal print, replenishing an empty space and giving it a special, positive energy! There is nothing similar on the Ibiza Island, so that is the reason of the ZOO Project uniqueness. There are four arenas with four different music programs and DJs. You will see live performances from acrobatic animals prancing around in front of the DJ. There is a swimming pool, surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean trees, so you can also jump into the water, enjoying in summer party. You will see unusual scenes - zebras and tigers dancing or swimming, fantastic masks and costumes of different animals, many performers and professional dancers. It is a perfect moment to “throw up the animal you perhaps have inside you”, choosing a costume you want to dress or a make up you would like to see on your skin. You can become a cat, a dog, a wild tiger or lion, a cute lamb or sheep, or whatever you want. Many make-up artists onsite will help you to indulge in the animalistic antics. Become something else for several hours! Be free to throw out all your negative energy or accumulated tiredness! Anyone of us at least once in our life should feel completely free, smiling like a child.

The ZOO Project Ibiza has been used as a unique place for partying for over a decade. This year, the principal day for partying there is Sunday, so Sundays are the symbol of Ibiza crazy parties at the ZOO Project in 2018. Large groups of people will go towards the abandoned ZOO in order to spend Sunday afternoon moments until late night hours, from June to September. For those who are inhabitants of the island and who must work from Monday, continuing with their usual working life, this unusual kind of party is a perfect way to throw out some negative energy, perhaps forget some negative minds, to be surrounded by positive people and positive energy, dancing and charging body and soul, preparing themselves for an upcoming working week. When you see the crowd of people dancing, following house tech and techno rhythms, you’ll be happy to be a part of that unique, happy crowd.

The guest DJs are usually unannounced, so you can expect some special guests. Dan Ghenacia and Dyed Soundorom of Apollonia, Miguel Campbell, Dungeon Meat, Jacky, Nakadia, Dana Ruh, Terry Francis, Timo Maas, Seb Zito, Samuel Deep, are some of the guest DJs that came last year at the ZOO Project Ibiza. The domestic DJs from Ibiza are excellent too, such as: Defex, Federico Grazzini, Funk E, Jean Cedric, Jonathan Tena, Julian Alexander, Karina, Lee Pennington, Michael James, Miffy & Miller, Milou, Nicolau, Pablo Marco, Real Gang, Ryan O'Groman, Samuel Deep and Slapfunk. The scheduled guests for the opening of the 2018 season are Laura Jones and Shaun Reeves, then Stephane Ghenacia and Thomas Roland, over the Tree House, Mate over the Living Room and Jeancedric alongside Luca Serra in the Rabbit Hole.

Prepare your make up and your costume and go to enjoy in the unique ZOO atmosphere and energy of the ZOO Project Ibiza!
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