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Playa d'en Bossa 10, 07817 Sant Jordi Ses Salines, Ibiza(España)
Minimum Age: 18

Ushuaïa brand belongs to the Spanish Palladium Hotel Group. The brand counts two hotels: the first one is The Ushuaïa Beach Club Hotel, composted by 236 luxury rooms, opened in 2011. The second hotel is The Ushuaïa Tower, with 181 more amazing rooms, opened the year after, in 2012. Both hotels are situated in Ibiza Town, in Playa d’en Bossa.

Ushuaïa Beach Club Hotel is a relatively new club, comparing with other Ibiza clubs founded in the early ‘70s, such as Amnesia, Pacha or HÏ Ibiza, but during this seven – year period it became one of the biggest clubs in Ibiza, with a capacity of 4000 people. DJ Magazine ranked it one of the worlds best clubs. In 2017 the club was ranked by this magazine as the 6th important club. The particular feature of this club is that some of the rooms have the balconies watching directly on the dance floor. Ushuaïa Beach Club Hotel and Ushuaïa Tower definitely changed the image of Ibiza. They are synonym with luxury, and it is difficult to choose where to stay. Given that Ushuaïa Beach Club Hotel offers also many events, as a part of the hotel is also the nightclub, maybe it would be better choice, if you are planning to enjoy the crazy nightlife. “Jump, smile, take the photos of your self, make amazing videos”…is the slogan of Ushuaïa Club. Fantastic events scheduled for every summer will take you to the dance floor, and you will jump with other 4000 people. Events such as Big by David Guetta, that last for several days, so be quick and go to hear this excellent DJ, Tomorrowland by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike in the event Garden of Madness, will take you to the positive madness, Tinie Tempa & Disturbing Ibiza, Dystopya, which is the festival that lasts for several days every July, at which is presented a special creativity, opposite to a modern world. It is an unconventional style of hipsters who want to follow unusual performances, live art, avoiding the luxury and elegance. “Who invited you here? No perfect people allowed. I don’t know who you are but I need your approval. Be the worst you can be”, is the slogan of Dystopya event. A surreal world, horror stories, creepy scenes and costumes, distorted reality. We think that the reality is what we see. Dystopya shows us a completely opposite view of reality – the real view. Like through the broken lens. “This is the wrong place and wrong time”. It is a bit negative attitude, but followed by excellent electronic music. Those who are a bit dark and moody, perhaps will find themselves at this event.

Who is happy to be in Ibiza and looks for a real fun, far away from a distorted world presented at Dystopya festival, will find many funny events during all July, August and September. Excellent DJs will do best to make your evenings amazing. During days you will be surrounded by all possible luxury, with beautiful views of Ibiza Town and beautiful gardens, while by nights the place will become something else – a large dance floor, full of different types of people, different nations, different cultures, dress codes and music tastes. It will be a completely different, nightly version of Ushuaïa Club. You will dance and jump until morning hours, waiting for amazing sunrise above the beach. When you wake up, the Ushuaïa Beach Hotel Club will be again a luxury place, another image, another world.

If you are a type of person who like opposite things, if you like an extravagant black/white way of life, if you want to be an elegant lady or gentleman, drinking your fancy cocktail and ordering some fancy food by day, while you maybe want to become “the worst you can”, by night, visiting perhaps Dystopya event, like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, than Ushuaïa Beach Hotel Club will be a perfect place for you.


The dresscode at Ushuaia in Ibiza is pretty simple.

For both boys and girls an all white outfit will get you in! 

If you're a girl you must have a white dreamy and sexy dress, pair it with some high heels or high platform and you're good to go!

Men should wear a cream/white pair of pants or jeans and a nice fitted but casual shirt with a pair of casual shoes!

Don't forget, dress to impress!

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