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  • Intrigue nightclub Las Vegas
  • Party at Intrigue VIP nightclub in Las Vegas. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Intrigue VIP nightclub in Las Vegas. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Intrigue VIP nightclub in Las Vegas. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Intrigue VIP nightclub in Las Vegas. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
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3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, USA
Minimum Age: 21
If you are looking for a truly luxurious, exclusive Las Vegas night, then look no further than the Intrigue nightclub in Las Vegas. You will enjoy some of the best music, best drinks, and the craziest atmosphere in all of Las Vegas nightlife. This is one of the best spots on Wynn to party.

The Intrigue club in Las Vegas on the inside lives up to its name. The lighting systems are simply exquisite, and the raindrop patterns on the chandelier and the curtains add to the fantasy atmosphere that will have you dancing all night long. The state of the art lighting displays create fantastic patterns and waves of colour to stimulate the senses. The semi-circle booths all face the dance floor, allowing you to sit down, sip a drink, and watch the happenings if you need to rest a bit. The lighting in the booths is much softer and more relaxing, and the seating is comfortable and luxurious, like having your own lounge seating right by the dance floor.

The outdoor area is also amazing and ethereal, with a large pool containing fountains and lights that dance before your eyes, a large illuminated waterfall, and curtained pillars surrounding candle-lit seating areas. You will feel transported to the 1001 Nights, or the setting of Aladdin, with this beautiful atmosphere. If you just want to relax, chat, and mingle, the Intrigue Club Las Vegas is perfect.

Not that you will want to rest for a minute, as the DJ's beats will keep you pumped and ready to dance all night long. If you are looking for the best DJs and nightclub in Wynn, then you have come to the right place.

The drinks are delicious, and best served cold. How cold? How about jet-chilled nitrogen-infused cold? That is exactly how Intrigue nightclub serves its cocktails and soft drinks. And on top of that you can expect a full bar of the classics, such as Dom Perignon. The drinks prices are reasonable, some drinks are free for people on the guest list, and the booths range from a thousand to several thousand, depending on how many you are seating, what day it is, and where you want to sit.

Behind a secret door you will find an exclusive VIP area, holding only 85 people compared to the 1200 that fit in the club total. This is one of the most exclusive VIP clubs in Las Vegas and you can only get in if you are approved by the executives. Ouch! Thank goodness the venue is free access for the rest of us.

The staff are young and sexy, serving your drinks in amazingly cute outfits. Although their outfits will be synchronized, they change every night, so you never know quite what to expect, other than that they will look amazing and be serving some of the best cocktails on Las Vegas.

The dancers and the guests are just as sexy and wonderful, and there is a designated selfie wall, pole dancing, projectors, and even a vinyl booth you can stand on, all to enhance the party atmosphere and bring out the animal in you. If you want to make the most of the selfie wall, make sure you look your best as you walk in, because they will snap a shot. 
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Absolut Elyx $600 ; Magnum $1150
Belvedere (all flavors) $600 ; Magnum $1200
Ciroc (all flavors) $650 ; Magnum $1250
Effen (all flavors) $600
Grey Goose (all flavors) $600 ; Magnum $1200
Stolichnaya (all flavors) $600 ;
Stolichnaya ELIT $650 ; Magnum $1200
Tito’s Handmade $695 ; $1300
Ultimat $600

Bacardi Maestro De Ron $575
Bacardi 8 $525
Captain Morgan $575
Cruzan Single Barrel $575

Avión 44 $1100
Avión Silver / Reposado $550
Clase Azul Reposado $1200
Don Julio 1942 $1100 ; Magnum $2000
Don Julio Blanco / Reposado $575
El Tesoro Platinum $550
Herradura Ultra $550
Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Silver $550
Patrón Gran Platinum $1300 ; Magnum $2500
Roca Patrón Silver / Reposado $600

Bombay Sapphire $550
Bulldog $550
Hendrick’s $550

Ambros $595
Basil Hayden’s $595
Bulleit Rye $595
Crown Royal $595
Jack Daniel’s $595
Jameson $595
Knob Creek $595
Maker’s Mark 46 $625
Maker’s Mark $595

Chivas Regal 12 yr $595
Dewar’s 12 yr $775
Glenfiddich 12 yr $625
Johnnie Walker Black Label $625 ; Blue Label $1250
The Glenlivet 12 yr $625
The Macallan 12 yr $625 ; 18 yr $1250

Hennessy VSOP $650
Hennessy XO $1100

FireBall $595
Jӓgermeister $550
Patrón XO Cafe $600

Non Alcoholic
Fiji (6) $66
Fiki (12) $132
Red Bull (6) $66
Sugar Free
Resqwater $11

Import / Domestic (6) $72
Import / Domestic (12) $144

Perrier-Jouët, Belle Epoque $625 ; Magnum $1350
Ace of Spades $1600 ; Magnum $3000
Dom Pérignon Luminous $850 ; Magnum $1500
Moët & Chandon, Ice Imperial $595
Louis Roederer, Cristal $1100 ; Magnum $4000
Veuve Clicquot, Yellow Label $625 ; Magnum $1200
Taittinger Nocturne $595 ; Magnum $1100

Perrier-Jouët, Belle Epoque Rosé $1100 ; Magnum $2400
Ace of Spades Rosé $2700 ; Magnum $4500
Dom Pérignon, Luminous Rosé $1300 ; Magnum $3000
Louis Roederer, Cristal Rosé $2500 ; Magnum $6000
Veuve Clicquot Rosé $775 : Magnum $1300
Moët Nectar, Rosé $1250
Taittinger Prestige, Rosé $1300
(The venue may have changed their prices since we updated this menu)
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