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20 Portman Square, Marylebone, London W1H 6LW

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Minimum Age: 18
A throwback to the days when private members' clubs were a true home from home, Home House in London provides exactly that. At this stunning private, highly exclusive members' club, you can enjoy a fantastic night out, food, a warm and welcoming place to stay, all wrapped into one.

This club has a strong history, dating back to the 18th Century, and they like to make sure you continue to receive the classy decor, quality service, and great food and drinks that have made this club famous for so very long!

The cuisine in the restaurant is European and modern. The two bars and Vaults Club offer full bar and bottle service experiences that will rival any more modern club. Not to mention, the club is, like most members' cubs in London, completely child-free - something which many of us will appreciate.

The cost of attending this exclusive London club is pretty high, but you will not be able to experience anything like it anywhere else. Not only is this one of the most elite, sophisticated, unique experiences in London, but if you frequent members' clubs you will know that around the world there is a massive difference from club to club.

Home House is a perfect combination of modern Scandi type designs with sharper lines and muted, minimalist colour, and cosy Victorian style accents with fine details. Unlike at conventional nightclubs, at Home House club you can expect multiple plush, beautiful drawing rooms and receptions, with access to drinks and art throughout.

The art displays cover a range of eras and genres, usually with a hint of the alternative, innovative, or risqué. There is always something interesting to look at, and as these works are not museum-famous and are exclusive to the club, if fine art is your thing then you will see some pieces you may have never seen before!

If you are staying in one of their extravagant hotel rooms, then you will get much, much more than the standard London hotel experience. The rooms provide a proper 18th Century luxury boarding experience, giving you a feeling that you're in your second home, not some cheap London hotel room. The rooms do have a little wear to them, mostly of historic significance, such as cracks caused by bomb raids in WWII, or minor things altered by famous guests.

The team can be perhaps a little too cautious when dealing with guests, and if you don't look the part, or have all your booking details in order, you may feel a bit uncomfortable surrounded by so many well-dressed, upper-crust people.

If you like the idea of staying the night at a haunted house, then this may be the one for you. The Lady Charlotte Room is supposedly home to a relatively peaceful ghost, and many visitors have reported sightings.

As an exclusive members' club, if you're not on the guest list, you're literally never getting in. So make sure to use the Clubbable app to become a member, or to reserve a room and a table at this exclusive, luxurious members' club today!
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