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  • Mahiki Kensington nightclub London
  • Party at Mahiki Kensington VIP nightclub in London. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Mahiki Kensington VIP nightclub in London. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Mahiki Kensington VIP nightclub in London. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Mahiki Kensington VIP nightclub in London. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Mahiki Kensington VIP nightclub in London. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
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2A Kensington High St, Kensington, London W8 4PT
Minimum Age: 18


After an incredible success at Mahiki Mayfair, Mahiki decided to open up a new venue in Kensington.

If you are looking for a wonderful experience at a nightclub in Kensington, you need to check out the Mahiki Kensington. By the same people who brought us the original Mahiki nightclub, this trendy new venue in Kensington offers all that the Mahiki on Dover Street does, and more!

This venue is a lovely space for the Mahiki theme to play out, much more open and warmer than the original club, but still with that fun 'Pacific Islander meets African Tribal' aspect that makes it really stand out from the other clubs in London.

Inside the Mahiki Kensington the decor is as edgy and tribal themed as in the original Mahiki Club in London. The same signature bamboo and wooden furnishings and features lend the rooms a warm, exotic air, with stunning authentic wooden carvings and beautifully painted scenes of palm trees mixed with plush nightclub booths and intimate little table arrangements.

The tropical theme adds a touch of busy to this fun Kensington club, with bright lilies, drinks served in ornate carvings, coconuts and pineapples, and delightful texture and colour everywhere. Although the tables are very intimate and private, the booths are much larger, accommodating bigger parties or individuals who want to meet new people, or just people watch. There are also plenty of seats by the bar, where you can enjoy delightful tropical cocktails and high end bottles.

Like its counterpart, the Mahiki nightclub offers a delicious blend of traditional pub fare, Pacific themed cuisine, and American style sushi, all at a pretty reasonable price. Their chef is definitely an expert in elevating even the simplest of dishes, and the Mahiki Kensington could be said to be one of the best places for gastropub fine dining in London.

Because of the overall theme, the Kensington Mahiki nightclub attracts a young crowd, largely in their twenties and thirties, full of life, open to new experiences, and ready to party. If this describes you, then you know you will be in a crowd of like-minded people here. Remember to dress elegantly to get into this club. A suit and smart shoes for men, a cocktail dress and heels for women. Absolutely no sportswear or torn clothes, although exceptions may be made for undamaged blue jeans if the rest of your outfit is smart.

Getting on the guest list is an absolute must at this popular Kensington nightclub. Like the original Mahiki, the Mahiki in Kensington is always buzzing with activity, and it can be hard to get in some nights if you are not on the guest list, or you don't have a reservation. It is strongly recommended to book a table or bottle service, even if you are on the guest list, to make sure you get in.

You can also reserve a larger table for a party, or book the entire venue for an event, although you need to make sure that you confirm the contents of your package before completing the payment, as they offer different products and deals depending on the day and the size of your party. You may not be able to get a refund if you book the whole venue and change your mind later, so make sure you know what you're getting.


Dress codes can be confusing, so let us help you with our detailed, visual guides!

What is recommended:
The recommended look is the best one not just to get you in, but to make you feel at home.

Most people at the Mahiki clubs dress in a red carpet sexy style. Men generally wear button down shirts (with or without a t-shirt underneath), smart blue or black jeans, and smart shoes.

Women generally wear short cocktail dresses, plenty of sparkle, with their hair down, glamorous make up, simple jewellery (and not too much of it!) and high heeled shoes.

What is allowed:
The allowed clothes are the full range of what will get you through the door.

Red carpet sexy for men includes:
-button down shirts (most colours)


-short sleeve button down shirts

-sports jackets

-two piece suits

-black and grey suit trousers

-smart blue or black jeans

-black or brown leather (or faux leather) shoes

-smart casual shoes (moccasins, loafers, etc)

Red carpet sexy for women includes:
-cocktail dresses

-smart two piece outfits

-pant suits


-crop tops with miniskirts or leggings

-smart rompers

-2-8" high heels

-smart flats

What is a grey area:
The grey area are clothes that might be allowed some days/events and not others, or that are at the discretion of door staff. In short, if you happen to be in the area, wearing these clothes and want to check the club out, then maybe see if you can. You might get lucky. But if you are actually planning a night here? Avoid these and go for something closer to the dress code.

Women's business attire is a grey area. A pant suit is a good look, but don't go too formal.

T-shirts are a grey area. Although worn under a button down shirt they are fabulous, they are not recommended on their own.

Men's jewellery is a grey area. Generally a little subtle jewellery is fine, but it is better to avoid it if in doubt.

What is forbidden:
These clothes will get you turned away at the door, even if you are on the guest list, have a table with bottle service reserved, and it's your birthday. Sorry.

No sportswear. Not even fashion pieces. And definitely no trainers.

No sandals or flip flops. Women may wear strappy "spartan sandal" high heels, but no true to type sandals.

No bright suit jackets or trousers. Although they don't mind you getting creative with shirt colours, a suit colour that is too bold will get you turned away.

No "bling" or statement jewellery. It is not considered inkeeping with the atmosphere of the venue. Please try and wear small and delicate pieces.

No distressed look clothes. Nothing torn, worn, or stained. Not even as a statement piece.

No oversized coats, hats, or large bags. Please take them off and check them in at the cloakroom.

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Bottle Prices Menu Mahiki Kensington

Champagne €
Dom Pérignon 370
Dom Pérignon Luminous 400
Dom Pérignon Magnum 900
Dom Pérignon Luminous Magnum 950
Dom Pérignon Jeroboam 4600
Dom Pérignon Luminous Jeroboam 4800
Dom Pérignon Methuselah 11600

Dom Pérignon Rosé 650
Dom Pérignon Luminous Rosé 680
Dom Pérignon Rosé Magnum 1800
Dom Pérignon Luminous Rosé 2000

Ruinart 370
Ruinart Rosé 500

Louis Roederer Cristal 480
Louis Roederer Cristal Magnum 1300
Louis Roederer Cristal Methuselah 25000

Armand de Brignac 500
Armand de Brignac Magnum 1300

Mahiki Coconut 180
Mount Gay XO 280
Mount Gay 1703 450
Zacapa 23 yr 340
Ron Zacapa XO 550
Havana Club 7 280

Jack Daniels 280
Maker’s Mark 280
Sazerac Rye 310
Woodford Reserve 300

Discretionary 15% service charge will be added to your bill

Vodka €
Ciroc 280
Ciroc Magnum 590
Ciroc Jeroboam 1250
Ciroc Methuselah 1900

Belvedere Magnum 650
Belvedere Jeroboam 1250
Belvedere Methusalem 1900

Tanqueray 280
Tanqueray 10 300
Hendricks 300
Botanist 300
Star of Bombay 300

Don Julio Blanco 280
Don Julio Reposado 330
Don Julio Añejo 350
Don Julio 1942 700
Patrón 280
Patrón Café 300
Casa Dragones 900

Johnnie Walker Black 280
Copper Dog 280
Ardbeg 10 yr 320
Macallan Amber 330
Johnnie Walker Blue 700

Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif 280
Hennessy XO 480
Hennessy Paradis 900
Martell Cordon Blue 400
Rémy Martin VSOP 290
Rémy Martin 1738 360
Remy Martin XO 550
Louis XIII 5500 (The venue may have changed their prices since we updated this menu)
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