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  • 1OAK nightclub Los Angeles
  • Party at 1OAK VIP nightclub in Los Angeles. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at 1OAK VIP nightclub in Los Angeles. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at 1OAK VIP nightclub in Los Angeles. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at 1OAK VIP nightclub in Los Angeles. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
9039 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069, USA



10:00 PM - 02:00 AM


10:00 PM - 02:00 AM


10:00 PM - 02:00 AM


10:00 PM - 02:00 AM
Minimum Age: 21
1 Oak Los Angeles is one of the most high class nightclubs in LA. Already well-known in New York and Las Vegas, the 1 Oak venue on West Hollywood's Sunset Strip has taken over the venue where you could once find the Key Club, transforming it into a funky retro nightclub. There is space for dancing, space for lounging with a good drink, and suitable seating for people-watching and socializing. All this makes it one of the most pleasant nightclubs to spend time in.

It stands out among all the LA nightclubs for its funky looks. Put together by owners Scott Sartiano and Richie Akiva, and adding the OAK brand by Ronnie Madra and Darren Dzienciol, the venue is designed to take advantage of the retro trend without looking too dated or dive-ish. Part of the lighter, brighter, more relaxed ambiance is the lighting. It is bright and bold, making the surfaces gleam, but without being too stark and unflattering. You will feel like a star, but the shadows will be kept at bay.

The lighting is also essential to illustrate another super modern feature: the art by Roy Nachum. All of these are original pieces which have been embedded in the walls and floor, adding a great dimension to spaces which are normally stark or dull.

The selection of alcohols is amazing. They have a full bar and the mixologists and bartenders know just what to do, but they do not use a cocktail list. Rather, ask for what you want and it will be prepared. Bottle service comes at a reasonable price for West Hollywood, but reasonably priced alcohol in West Hollywood may not be what an out of town visitor is expecting, so make sure to bring money. The drinks are, however, worth every penny. From classics to your own choices, you can expect fresh flavour and a good kick.

The music is a mix of EDM, hip hop, funk, and pop. Sometimes it is mixed in the sense of a mixtape, and sometimes it is literally mixed into an amazing, new, danceable tune. Expect to be surprised. The DJ has full control of the 1000 motorized ceiling lights, meaning that the whole ambiance rolls with the music, making you feel like leaping out your seat for a dance. As the night goes on you will probably dance at least one song, it's that energizing!

The entry policy is entry at the door, or reservations booked online. I would strongly recommend booking, as the door queue can be rather slow for people without reservations, and although there is no real dress code, you are more likely to get in if you have booked a table.

If you are using the private entrance make sure to check out the old school tour bus round the back, from when it used to be the Key Club.

One of LA's best celebrity nightclubs, it attracts attention from A-Listers such as Kanye West, Leo DiCaprio, and Katy Perry. You are sure to rub shoulders with true celebrities in this corner of Hollywood sooner or later, but if you want to up your chances, 1 OAK L.A. is definitely the place to begin.


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