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6510 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles, California
Minimum Age: 21

Reopened as Dragonfly.

In Los Angeles nightlife recycles itself at a rapid pace. Derriere was designed to transcend the trend exchanges with timelessness and production diversity.
Hard masculine brick is softened by textures of velvet and sued in gray's throughout the entire space. Pops of deep and tasty reds read like candy buttons in the seating and glow from the candles across the parlour.
Step out into the garden patio and you can breathe in the green from the lush living walls and climbing ivy. Much attention is dedicated to not just the sights, but touch and sonically as well.
A state of the art L'acoustics system supports the programming of both DJ, live music, or any other showcase of entertainment.

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Bacardi Pure $450

D’Usse $500
Hennessy VS $500
Hennessy VSOP $550
Hennessy XO $700

Ace of Spades $1100 ; Magnum $2200
Ace of Spades Rose $1500 ; Magnum $3000
Veuve Clicquot $650 ; Magnum $1500
Moet Imperial $600
Moet Imperial Rose $750
Dom Perignon $800 ; Magnum $1700
Dom Perignon Rose $1000 ; Magnum $2200
Cristal $1000 ; Magnum $2200
Perrier-Jouet Fleur De Rose $1400 ; Magnum $3000

Belvedere $500 ; Magnum $1000
Grey Goose $500 ; Magnum $1100
Ketel One $475 ; Magnum $950

Patron $525
Don Julio 1942 $1100 ; Magnum $2500
Delion $800
Patron Platinum $1000 ; Magnum $2000
21 Seeds $475
Sesion Blanco $500
Astral $600

Crown Royal Deluxe $475

Bulleit $450
Bulleit Rye $500

J Walker Black $500
J Walker Blue $1000
(The venue may have changed their prices since we updated this menu)
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No upcoming events at Derriere

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