• Lure nightclub Los Angeles
  • Party at Lure VIP nightclub in Los Angeles. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Lure VIP nightclub in Los Angeles. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Lure VIP nightclub in Los Angeles. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Lure VIP nightclub in Los Angeles. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Lure nightclub La champagne price bottle vodka table service
  • Lure nightclub LA price per bottle for table booking service reservation vodka whisky rum gin bubbles
  • Lure nightclub Los Angeles map view of the club sitting area vip tables dance floor dj booth
1439 Ivar Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA
Minimum Age: 21

Now goes under the name Sunset Room

Lure nightclub in LA is a sleek, traditional nightclub, with night and day events, great drinks, and some amazing tunes that will keep you busy dancing and mingling no matter what time of day you are there.

The inside is carefully balanced for an ideal dance experience. Although from the outside it seems a little small, it really opens up when you get indoors. It is a pretty spacious environment, with sleek booths around the walls and plenty of space in the middle for mingling, as well as a good-sized dance floor. Depending on where you are you might also have plenty of space for dancing by your own table, so you do not need to join the main dance floor if you want to stay with your group.

If you just want to sit and sip cocktails, then the seating is perfectly positioned for people watching. It features two bars, one of which is enormous, so you don't have to crowd and huddle when it is time to get your drinks. The bar is not located in an intuitive position, though, and you will need to turn to the side wall, rather than the back wall, if you want to find it when the venue is busy. The bottle service is a bit more expensive than average, but in a busy venue like this it can be well worth the money.

The music is everything you could wish for. With live music from Future, Wiz Khalifa, and Drake, you know that you are in one of the most amazing clubs in LA. Expect a mix, from EDM, to hip hop, to R&B. Everything is amazingly danceable, though, from the best live nightclub events in LA, to the regular tunes. The DJ line up naturally changes, but do not expect anything but the best. Calvin Harris, DJ Drama, and Tommy Trash are some examples of the regular and event DJs you can expect at this venue.

They routinely host day club events, called do-over, which run for about half the year. The atmosphere is much more relaxed, but the music is just as good as always, with top quality DJs and great dance tunes. Expect hip hop, trap, and only the odd bit of EDM. Perfect for a daytime party.

To get into this trendy LA nightclub you will need a reservation. Some nights may not be as busy as others and if you are early you might get in at the door, but with some of the best live music in LA, you can only guarantee yourself a place if you reserve. It also has the capacity for private events, if you want the venue to yourself for a celebration of any kind.

As long as you have a reservation you should be able to get in, even if you are not dressed to the nines. Jeans and polos for the men and cocktail dresses for the ladies are perfect choices to have fun and fit in.

Parking can be a bit of a nightmare, so make sure to look into suitable parking locations near the venue.

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Ace of Spades 1,100
Ace of Spades 1.5L 2,200
Ace of Spades 3.0L 7,000
Ace of Spades Rose 1,400
Ace of Spades Rose 1.5L 2,800
Ace Trilogy 4,500
Ace of Spades 6.0L 18,000
Ace of Spades 15.0L 70,000

Cristal 1,000
Cristal 1.5L 2,800
Cristal Rose 1,800

Dom Perignon 700
Dom Perignon Luminous 875
Dom Perignon 1.5L Luminous 2,200
Dom Perignon 3.0L 7,200
Dom Perignon 3.0L Luminous 8,500
Dom Perignon Rose 1,200
Dom Perignon Rose Luminous 1,400
Dom Perignon Rose 1.5L 3,200
Dom Perignon Rose 1.5L Luminous 3,600
Dom Perignon Rose 3.0L Luminous 9,500
Dom Perignon 6.0L 18,500

Moet & Chandon Imperial 500
Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose 750
Moet Gold Luminous 1.5L 1,250
Moet Nectar Rose 750
Moet Nectar Rose 1.5L 1,500

Perrier-Jouet Nuit Blanche 500
Perrier-Jouet Nuit Blanche 1.5L 700
Perrier-Jouet Fleur 650
Perrier-Jouet Fleur 1.5L 1,700
Perrier-Jouet Fleur 3.0L 3,600
Perrier-Jouet Fleur Rose 1,000
Perrier-Jouet Fleur Rose 1.5L 4,100

Veuve Clicquot 500
Veuve Clicquot 1.5L 1,000
Veuve Clicquot 1.5L Luminous 1,100
Veuve Clicquot 3.0L Luminous 3,500
Veuve Clicquot Rose 900
Veuve Clicquot Rose 1.5L 1,900

Vodka & Gin

Absolut 425
Belvedere 450
Belvedere magnum 950
Belvedere Unfiltered 550
Chopin 450
Ciroc 450
Ciroc X 900
Ciroc magnum 1,000
Elit by Stolichnaya 650
Elit magnum 1,000
Grey Goose 450
Grey Goose magnum 950
Ketel One 450
Ultimat 450
Tanqueray 450
Bombay Sapphire 450
Nolet 450

Tequila & Rum

Avion Silver 450
Corzo Silver 450
DeLeon Platinum 450
Don Julio Blanco 450
Don Julio Reposado 550
Don Julio Anejo 600
Don Julio Blanco magnum 900
Don Julio 1942 900
Don Julio 1942 Luminous magnum 2,500
Herradura Ultra 600
Patron Silver 450
Patron Reposado 550
Patron Anejo 600
Patron Silver magnum 900
Patron Grand Platinum 1,100
Patron Grand Platinum magnum 2,200
Roca Patron Silver 550
Bacardi 450
Captain Morgan White 450

Scotch & Whiskey

Chivas 12 550
Chivas 25 1,250
Glenlivet 12 450
Glenlivet 18 550
Glenmorangie 10 450
Johnnie Walker Black Label 500
Johnnie Walker Blue Label 1,000
Macalian 12 550
Macalian 18 750
Bushmills 450
Crown Royal 450
Jack Daniel’s 450
Jack Daniel’s Honey 450
Jameson 450
Maker’s Mark 450
Bulleit Bourbon/Rye 450

Cognac & Brandy

Hennessy VS 500
Hennessy Glow 575
Hennessy VSOP / XO 600/1,000
D’usse VSOP 500
Remy Martin VSOP 600
Remy Martin XO / Louis XIII 950 / 5,000
(The venue may have changed their prices since we updated this menu)
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