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  • Mansion nightclub Los Angeles
  • Party at Mansion VIP nightclub in Los Angeles. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Mansion VIP nightclub in Los Angeles. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Mansion VIP nightclub in Los Angeles. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Mansion VIP nightclub in Los Angeles. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
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841 Baker St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, USA
Minimum Age: 21
If you want to combine your partying and socializing with sexy go go dancing in LA, then the Mansion Nightclub LA might be the right place for you.

The venue is a stunningly sophisticated, but slightly tongue-in-cheek parody of the stereotypical Hollywood strip club, complete with red lights, neon, and comfortable leather booths on every stage. There is plenty of space for dancing and socializing, and the music is great, with a mix of pop, hip hop, and electronic tunes. Most nights there will be the regular DJ, but some nights they invite local DJs and live bands to perform, so keep an eye out for special events.

The go go performances are out of this world, with highly trained sexy dancers performing extraordinary acrobatics to modern, upbeat tunes. The dancers are typically very skimpily dressed, and most nights there will be a stripping act or a burlesque act.

But go go dancing is not the extent of the fun at The Mansion Club in LA. They sometimes hold dance off contests, feature live music, and are generally buzzing with new and fun things to do. Some dancers encourage audience participation, which can be great fun. And they host events like fancy dress costume parties and seasonal parties, as well as album and product launches.

The full bar is very well stocked, with a variety of high end bottles and a number of different wine labels and vintages. The prices are a little high, even for LA, and the cocktails are quite routine, without many specialities. It's recommended to go for bottle service instead, and focus on the big name brands. Bottle service is fabulous, and the staff are highly attentive.

The dress code at this young and sexy club is much more relaxed than in most LA nightclubs. You can easily show up in jeans and s t-shirt, but smart casual or general party clothes are recommended. Men will do best to dress in a shirt and blue jeans, and women in a cocktail dress and heels. Sportswear is not recommended: it might not get you kicked out, but it could and that's not a risk you want to take.

This club is very strict about all its policies, and the bouncers reserve all right to evict people who are acting disorderly. If anyone in your party is breaking the law you will all be turned away, reservation or not. And getting excessively drunk, or bothering other customers, is not tolerated at all. This creates a much more pleasant atmosphere for everyone, but it does mean that if you are a very loud or energetic partier, or if you pregame and smell of drink you might be turned away or kicked out.

Make sure to stick to all the club's policies, including dress code and respecting other guests, and make a reservation to guarantee yourself a place. Being on the guest list helps, but some nights you need to be on the guest list and to have a reservation to get in, because of how busy it can get.
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Friday and Saturday Specials:
Bottle Package Choices:
Avion | tequila
Ciroc Apple | Vodka
Ciroc Peach | Vodka
Crown Royal | Whiskey
D’usse | Cognac
Goldlok | Vodka
Jameson | Whiskey

2 Bottle Special | 10 Guests
$550 + Tax & Tip

3 Bottle Special + 1 House Champagne | 15 Guests
$825 + Tax & Tip

4 Bottle Special + 2 House Champagne | 20 Guests
$1100 + Tax & Tip


750 Special:
750ML Jameson Whiskey or 750ML Tito's Vodka
$230 + Tax & Tip: 750ML Jameson or 750ML Tito's Vodka | 4 Guest

Ace of Spades Armand De Brignac Brut - $1000
Moet Imperial - $250
Moet Rose Nectar Luminous - $400 ; Magnum - $750
Dom Perignon Luminous - $650 ; Magnum - $7500
Veuve Clicquot - $400 ; Magnum Luminous - $2500
House - $100

Goldlok - $300
Ciroc (Apple, Peach) - $350 ; Magnum - $700
Grey Goose Luminous - $400 ; Magnum - $700

Avion - $350
Patron Silver - $400
Don Julio 1942 - $700

D’usse VSOP - $400
Hennessy VS - $450 ; Magnum - $750
Hennessy VSOP - $500 ; Hennessy XO - $900

Jameson - $350
Crown Royal - $350

Hibiki Suntory Harmony - $500

ADD-ONS (Pack of 6)
Beer (Corona, Coors Light, Blue Moon, Heineken, IPA, Modelo) - $48
Red Bull - $42
Bottled Water - $36
(The venue may have changed their prices since we updated this menu)
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