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  • The Study nightclub Los Angeles
  • Party at The Study VIP nightclub in Los Angeles. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at The Study VIP nightclub in Los Angeles. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
6356 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA
Minimum Age: 21
Ever wanted to visit Belle's library out of Beauty and the Beast? But also have some great drinks in a comfortable lounge, surrounded by books and 17-18th Century decor? Don't worry: The Study club in LA has you covered.

This quirky little venue bases its decor off, you guessed it, a Victorian study, complete with intricate wooden carvings, luxuriously upholstered seating, elegant drapes, and warm lighting glowing from sophisticated chandeliers. Shelves right up to the ceiling, across each and every wall and even set in the pillars house hundreds of thousands of books, creating a cosy and classical environment that offers the very best of a LA bar experience.

Outside is has a covered front patio, in case you want to get out for some fresh air or just sit out and talk with a friend as you have a drink. Outside, just like inside, the atmosphere is very relaxed, like you'd expect at a private members club or a European club. Because of how busy it can get you might prefer the outdoor seating option if you are a quiet person. As the night progresses they focus more on music and it turns into a great place to dance and have a good time.

The full bar is set up a bit like a common pub bar, for the traditional rustic country waterhole experience, but rest assured that the drinks are far from common or rustic. High class bottles and delightful classic cocktails are available at fairly reasonable prices, as well as a selection of microbrewery drafts. Just ask about what they are serving today and be surprised.

Another delightful quirk of The Study club LA is that they offer one of the best and most diverse Open Mic nights in Los Angeles. Everyone from musicians to dancing troupes, from performance artists to singers, has the opportunity to stand on stage and show what they've got. You can expect to see some amazing local talent, and even get to know them in person when they're done performing, which is always great fun.

The clientele at The Study nightclub is, naturally, not quite what you would expect at a common bar. A venue that has gone by the names Tha Juice Joint LA and Hemingway LA before, it's easy to see that it is designed to attract a more easygoing, sophisticated, and intellectual crowd that you might find in a plain bar in LA. The crowd is very mixed in age, with a bias towards people in their thirties, and everyone is friendly and warm and open for conversation.

There is usually a cover charge for men, but not usually for women. It depends how busy they are. It is actually much better to just reserve a table or bottle service if you want to make sure you get in, though, as it gets very busy after eleven at night and you may not even be able to get in through the front door by twelve.
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