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Viale Monte Grappa, 14, 20124 Milano MI, Italy
Minimum Age: 18
If you want to experience a hip hop club in the heart of Milan, then Vibe Room is a must-see. As the only exclusive hip-hop nightclub in the city, you can enjoy some of the best Italian and international DJs, live international acts, and local talent, all in a sophisticated setting.

The focus of the music is hip hop, but they also have nights where they play trap, reggae, etc. Make sure to check out who the guests DJ of the night is!

The decor is pure extravagance. If you picture a setting from a 1920s party in the movies, you wouldn't be wrong. Beautiful chandeliers, sultry mood lighting, comfortable seating, bottles popping left and right. So even if you aren't in the mood to dance, Vibe Room is probably the best club to hang out in luxury in Milan. If you bring guests, they will be decidedly impressed.

The drinks offered at this high class Milanese nightclub are top range. Ask about their champagnes and wine selections, which vary a little by season and year, making sure you only get the finest drinks, no matter what your favourite drink may be. If you aren't sure what you would like, it is a great idea to order bottle service and see what your server recommends.

Bottle service here isn't too expensive or too cheap. You know you are getting high quality bottles for a fair price. VIP is absolutely recommended if you are with a party, as it guarantees you 12 seats and a couple of bottles even before you consider a separate bottle service option. The bottles offered with table options are usually only spirits, though. So if you or one of your guests prefers wine, champagne, etc, then you will want to consider other bottle service options on top.

The venue opens Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, although on other days it is available for private hire. You can book a table for the Vibe Nightclub in Milan through the Clubbable app, but you can use the app to get in touch with promoters to reserve the club too.

The dresscode is urban casual. Women ought to wear something sexy and fashionable, and men ought to avoid distressed look clothes, but besides that, they are very accommodating. Don't overdress for this venue unless you want to stick out. A shirt may be fine, but if you were to show up in business casual attire, or an evening gown, you might feel very out of place.

That said, there are a few simple rules to make sure you aren't dressed too casually. Absolutely no shorts, distressed look clothes, or dishevelled sportswear.

Age of admission is 18, and the club opens a bit later than some of the restaurant-club venues in Milan. The energy picks up around midnight or one, and the party will be in full swing by 2am. As long as you have reserved a table, you can always show up later in the night when the music is already pumping.

The venue does not have a guest list, and you will pay a cover fee at the door even if you do have a table reserved. So, if you want to get in, the only way to guarantee it is by* getting a table.
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Dresscode casual/underground, no shorts

Table start from: 200€ for 6 person with 1 bottle Prive (VIP)
500€ for 12 person with 2 bottles Bottle: You can take (vodka, gin, rum, tequila)
Thursday hip hop reggaeton 1€ Girl 10€ boy with drink before 00:30 a.m 10€ girl 15€ boy before 1:00 a.m.
Friday hip hop reggaeton No guest list, price is 15€ girl with drink 20€ boy with drink Saturday the same as Friday

Belvedere 0.75L 250.00€
Belvedere Fruit 0.75L 250.00€
Belvedere Unfiltered 0.75L 300.00€
Belvedere 1.75L 550.00€
Belvedere 3.00L 1200.00€
Belvedere 6.00L 2500.00€

Bombay 250.00€
Bombay East 250.00€
Bulldog 250.00€
Tanqueray 250.00€
Tanqueray Ten 300.00€
Hendrick’s 300.00€

Appleton Estate V/X 200.00€
Pampero aniversario 250.00€
Brugal X/V viejo 250.00€
Havana 7y 250.00€
Matusalem 7y 250.00€
Matusalem 15y 300.00€
Zacapa 23y 350.00€

Jack Daniel’s 250.00€
Jack Daniel’s 3L 1000.00€
Jack Daniel’s single barrel 300.00€
Wild turkey 250.00€
J.W. black label 300.00€
Chivas Regal 12y 300.00€
Chivas Regal 18y 400.00€

Moet and Chandon 250.00€
Moet and Chandon magnum 500.00€
Moet and Chandon jeroboam 1200.00€
Moet and Chandon mathusalem 3000.00€
Moet and Chandon salmanazar 4500.00€
Moet and Chandon rosé 300.00€
Moet and Chandon rosé magnum 400.00€
Moet and Chandon nectar imperial 300.00€

Dom Perignon 500.00€
Dom Perignon magnum 1200.00€
Dom Perignon jeroboam 5000.00€
Dom Perignon rosé 1200.00€
Dom Perignon rosé magnum 2500.00€

Cristal 600.00€
Cristal magnum 2500.00€
Cristal jeroboam 15000.00€
Cristal rosé 2000.00€

Espolon blanco 250.00€
Espolon reposado 250.00€
Patron silver 300.00€
Patron reposado 300.00€
Patron anejo 300.00€
Patron XO cafe 300.00€

Martell VS 250.00€
Remy Martin VSOP 300.00€
(The venue may have changed their prices since we updated this menu)
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