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  • Duran Bar nightclub Moscow
  • Duran Bar nightclub Moscow view of the club
  • Duran Bar nightclub Moscow view of the bar
  • Duran Bar nightclub Moscow group of pretty girls having drinks
  • Duran Bar nightclub Moscow group of pretty girls
  • Duran Bar nightclub Moscow crowd partying having fun drinking
  • Duran Bar nightclub Moscow girls partying having fun drinking
Рочдельская улица, 15, стр. 19/20, Moscow, Russia, 123022
Minimum Age: 18
Duran bar was opened in 2015 and it is one of the most famous and exclusive Moscow nightclubs. It is located in a quarter named Presnya – one of the most elegant parts of Moscow, with palaces and houses from 19 century, in close proximity to the Russian White House. The Club is founded inside an old factory, just like in almost all European countries where old industrial places have been converted into clubs. The building with high brick walls and windows is a bit opposite to beautiful romantic 19 century constructions. The spirit of renovation, the search for change, and the plain beauty of the reality of history which would help to embark on the imaginary journey to the East End of London and working-class districts of Manchester and Birmingham. The casual atmosphere and comfortable furniture are well suited for friendly conversation. Even it was converted from the factory which was active during Communism; the place became very quickly a favorite place for upper Moscow class, instead for hipsters and people of the middle and working-class. You can meet many celebrities, beautiful models, businessmen, “dangerous” guys and girls that simply look for some new “rich” contact. Perhaps it is not a perfect place for students and “lower” class. The prices are indeed high! One bottle of prestigious champagne can cost about 1000$! Booking VIP table and drink all night will cost more than one holiday in 5 stars hotel. The place offers lounge, bar and restaurant services. So, it is divided in 3 different spaces – bar, restaurant and club.
The first area is reserved for eat and drink and having relaxed moments, before going into club.

Wine menu consists long list of white and red wines from the entire world (Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, New Zeeland, Australia), but also of the local wines. One bottle of sparkling wine costs minimum 50$.

The restaurant area is very comfortable and furnished like an apartment, so you will fill a house atmosphere, thanks to a red brick walls, like in New York or Amsterdam, that give to ambient a special cosines, so much important in cold countries such Russia is.

The second area is reserved for dance on a huge dance floor, while the third area – veranda, is for those who want to speak and socialize, overlooking the city and the city lights everywhere. The veranda is covered by roof during winter.

The Club is opened all week until midnight. Only Saturdays and Fridays it’s opened until 6am. The events are mostly related to live Russian and international music, including very popular karaoke parties.

Dress code: very elegant, given that the Club is visited mostly by the upper Moscow class.

The energy and fun are more concentrated around the tables than on the dance floor, what is characteristic for Russian clubs comparing with Western European discothèques. Don’t come here after 3am because the most of people leave the club.

Resuming all, if you are tourists who don’t want to spend a lot of many and prefer some more casual moments, this is certainly not place for you. The Club is beautiful, exclusive and very appreciated by Moscow upper class, but not everyone can or want to pay so much for spend one night surrounded by beautiful Russian girls, and drinking exaggerated expensive drinks.
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