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Karl Johans gate 17, 0159 Oslo
Minimum Age: 21

Available to book the entire venue only

If you want a wild night out in Oslo, where you never know what to expect, then The Club might be the spot for you. Its name might seem cryptic at first, but once you're in you will know that it literally is the club you want to spend the night in when in Oslo.

This Oslo nightclub is fairly new, but is already showing so much promise. At this stunning venue you are bound to make new friends, have a wonderful time, and make return plans all on the same night.

The lighting and decor is absolutely amazing. It's perfect for showing off your moves and getting a few selfies. Not to mention the smoke machines, that can create a totally wild atmosphere unlike you will find anywhere else in Oslo.

The guests are some of the most beautiful people you will see in the city. Absolutely gorgeous, young, and full of energy to party all night long. Whether you are there to make friends or just to take in the view, you will not be disappointed.

This club hosts all sorts of private events for its guest list members and for private parties. So whether you are stopping by and want a completely different experience to the usual, or you want to host a birthday or bachelorette party in Oslo, they have the perfect venue set up for a totally unforgettable night.

The VIP tables are well worth the investment. Attentive staff, flowing drinks, a great view of the dance floor, and comfortable seating make for the perfect quick retreat if you've been dancing your legs off for hours. Not to mention, the quality of service is sure to wow anyone in your party. Bottle service is a truly glamorous experience, with the works: sexy waitresses, sparklers, popping champagne corks. You are going to be noticed and in a very good way.

When it comes to cocktails they offer all the classics and make them nice and strong, as well as consistently. The bartender is an absolute pro and can even mix you up a special or ten for the VIP table if you like.

The dress code at this trendy Oslo club is not too strict. Women can wear pants, men can wear t-shirts and standard tops, and it's quite relaxed so long as you look neat. That said, you should avoid sportswear, shorts, sneakers, and men's jewellery like the plague. They are open to fun and quirky accessories, such as statement scarves and masks, but if they ask you to take something off then it's probably for a reason.

Unlike some European cities, The Club has a distinctly American vibe, closing by 3AM and with a minimum entry age of 21. This might not be a problem for some, but if you prefer more standard European clubs you will probably want to check out another venue, such as LingLing, which has an entry age of 18. There are few clubs in Oslo which stay open much after 3, though.

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