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Quai Jean Jaurès 83990 Saint-Tropez France
Minimum Age: 18

Closed for the season.

Le Quai is a restaurant, bar, and club! Opened in 2007, Le Quai has the best oceanfront building overlooking beautiful mega-yachts. A timeless all-white look and a gorgeous black sand patio are decorated with Indonesian lounge furniture packed-together with mojito-sipping young ladies and gentlemen. Inside there is a central bar area surrounded by family-style restaurant seating that converts into a fun, legendary nightclub right after 9 pm. The menu has more than enough options for everyone. Between the well-cut sashimi and sushi specialties to yummy Indonesian-stuffed ravioli and noodle dishes, you will want to try a little bit of everything. After a long day at your favorite beaches and beach clubs, it's only right for you to get to enjoy your dinner and drinks with the rich and famous. The view of the yachts will capture your soul, making you feel like you never want to leave this place and the lovely staff and patrons will add color to your evening while you sip your favorite drink.

The club gets a lot of visitors during spring and summer. It fills the nightlife gap left by big clubs like VIP Room that only open on weekends or later in the season. It is happy hour from 4 pm until 7 pm at Le Quai, every day. Enjoy your low-priced drinks outside or inside while listening to the lively music and people watching. Le Quai is the best club scene in town from April to June, attracting the elitist of the elite and beautiful beach club models that do their best to navigate the black sand floor.

A beautiful white marble terrace with comfortable leather chairs and a bar in the middle with silver and black decorations, the restaurant is truly alluring. The menu of the restaurant offers both French and Asian Bistro Chic vibes with seafood and sushi.
All this in front of the most beautiful backdrop of Saint-Tropez: the port and its majestic yachts!

There is a live show every single night! Great sound and the live music at the Le Quai makes every night memorable. Singers, musicians, dancers with unique and creative choreographies, inspired by the artist Philippe Shangti’s universe, perform for the partiers every evening. Do check before making plans to make sure you will get something you will enjoy.

Le Quai is also owned by the same people that own L’Opera St. Tropez. A beautiful and bright dining spot where you can also have some cocktails and hang out. The clean, white and wood look of the St. Tropez located restaurant, makes a perfect spot for a romantic vacation. After your dinner at L’Opera, enjoy your drinks at Le Quai.

Just because you can have an awesome dinner and follow it with some drinks doesn’t mean you should forget about the club side of Le Quai. The definition of Tropezian nights, the singers and dancers already make it special. But for an ultimately fun night, the resident DJ Niko Saint-Tropez rules the DJ booth with his lively mixes.
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