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Baoli in Cannes 15 Jun 2024
If you are looking for an incredible night out in Cannes, the Baoli Club is widely considered one of the best clubs in the entire city. Located on the Pierre Canto Port, Le Baoli is one of the most beautiful clubs to enjoy, with fresh sea air, great tracks, beautiful people, and a view of the night sky. Welcome to a hub of free spirits, modern urbanites, and the young and sexy celebrity club crowd.

The Baoli Nightclub's music focuses on modern beats played by their resident DJ. That said, they also feature guest DJs from around France and across Europe, as well as the odd live artist. Well worth keeping a look out for special events. They also routinely hold English language music nights, ladies' nights, and a Love Boat night, where the Baoli is unmoored, becoming a ship to take you on a fantastic little cruise around the French Riviera, lasting all night long. What better way to impress your friends, partner, or other guests?

Baoli Nightclub starts the evening as a restaurant club combo, serving delightful Asian-Mediterranean fusion cuisine along with elegant and delicious wines from across France, as well as some imports. The restaurant options end at midnight, but a few light bites are available through the night if you enjoy a light, sophisticated snack with your drinks.

The drinks menu at Le Baoli Nightclub leans towards fine wines, with a vast range of superb bottles on offer throughout the night. If you are more into cocktails, then their bar staff and servers will be ready to mix you up a classic, a trendy new flavour, or a unique offering of their own invention.

The dress code at Le Baoli Club is sexy, chic, and polished. Men need to wear button down shirts and suit trousers, tie and jacket optional. Women need to opt for something like a cocktail dress, or smart jeans with a cute top. Men need to wear polished black shoes, and women ought to opt for heels, except on Love Boat nights, where smart flats could be more comfortable.

Minimum age to enter Club Le Baoli is 18, the prices are a bit on the high end even for Cannes, and most of the music has a French focus, so the crowd is mostly the local elites. If you want to mingle with the sort of person who is a European celebrity, or who has a holiday home in this amazing city, then this is a fantastic club to be seen in.

As the venue is mostly open air, some people will be smoking in the areas which do not have a roof. Of course, as most people these days do not smoke, it won't be too bad, but if you have a reason to avoid smoking spaces, then you should bear this in mind.

This sophisticated Cannes club stays open until the early hours of the morning, usually closing just before rush hour begins. This gives you plenty of time to get back to your apartment or hotel. If you need a coffee or a snack before setting off home, we recommend ordering them at the Baoli bar, as most nearby coffee places will not be open yet.

It can be very hard to get into the Baoli Club in Cannes, so if you want a guaranteed place for the night, it is essential to be on the Guest List, and even better to order bottle service.
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Chrystie in Cannes 15 Jun 2024

What is Chrystie? Is it a feeling, a mystery, a fleeting avatar or an imagination? Even the name is something that you do not keep your finger quite perfectly on. Like a temptation that never succeeds, Christie is always out of reach, which employs it characteristically in the spotlight. Both passionate and fascinating, it sets the stage with perceptive supreme grace creating an atmosphere that radiates remarkable energy in every aspect. Though inspired by many feelings, it has made her mark and style statements to create a masterpiece. Its proponent means that people cannot get enough of it. It is both excited and exciting; highlighting its all-powerful style. It wants you to follow it on the edge of the earth. Its spirit exudes the vibratory power that reigns over everything around it. You will fill this statue of Chrystie with a troubled blend of heart and reality. Here, the magic lies in the combination of venue and divine souls, an icon straight from the imagination. Chrystie’s magic lies in the secret place and spiritual spirit through a false symbol of life in the imagination. Your event at Chrystie? Chrystie personalises according to your requirements, stirring your guests during a congress, a seminary, an incentive or other private events. This is a fantastic place; private and unforgettable. Cocktail is an art to Chrystie Cannes nightclub. It has an exceptional ability to create an instant connection as a bar epitomises a venue's personality. The world's famous Bartender highlights extra souls and keeps an artist's emotions in his talent. If the cocktail is an art, sensory delight is the point that Jeremy uses to create a masterpiece. He finds a new taste and texture to create a menu that takes you on a voyage of discovery. Chrystie nightclub has an exciting and delicious menu for its entire guest. Chef Laurent Beaumont’s menu serves inspired dishes to awaken the senses, gives a twist to the classics and lets you get unexpected. The bold, contemporary and innovative roots are Chrysties’ shiny personality. The food reflects the phenomenon of "A Sharing Menu". Lawrence Beaumont gave a passionate twist on a classic with his Prestige and Gourmet dishes. There is a whole host of choice. The chef can take a witch dietary experience, but he has a goal: "To put a smile on your face". Chrystie’s milestone events are exciting. The venue turns out as the night goes on. Every week, with a strong identity and quiet entertainment, Chrystie is turning into a vibrant showcase for choreography music, cabaret and wine tasting. This is an exciting way to get the Cannes nightlife scenes. Chrystie Night Club has a strict door policy. There is a dress code like many other clubs. Therefore, you must be on the guest list or have a valid table in order to avoid the disappointment of complying with the code. It is common that New York City dress codes are strictly enforced, so you have to follow the dress code for Chrystie too. For any other requirement, please contact Chrystie.

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Elva in Cannes 15 Jun 2024
Newest and hottest club in Cannes. Deep house music. Dress code: Smart and elegant.
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Hyde Beach in Cannes 15 Jun 2024
Hyde Beach in Cannes is a chic and vibrant beach club experience. Enjoy luxurious sunbeds, crystal-clear waters, and stunning views of the French Riviera. Savor gourmet cuisine and refreshing cocktails in a stylish setting, perfect for people-watching and soaking up the glamorous atmosphere. Whether you're looking to relax or party, Hyde Beach in Cannes is a must-visit destination for a luxurious beach experience.
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Medusa in Cannes 15 Jun 2024

Closed down for the season - GRAND OPENING ON WEDNESDAY 15 MAY 2024

The name of the game at Cannes' Medusa Club is "unique".

In a city that prides itself for its cultural events, like the Cannes Film Festival, or the International Contemporary Art Fair, a club has to stand out in a way that is interesting, deep and a unique experience befitting of artists from around the world.

Featuring a classic Cabaret show, the Medusa Club can host burlesque, live music, magic acts, pyrotechnics, and international DJs all across the course of the same night, usually with one or two big name acts and the rest being high class local acts.

The rooftop dining area is pure class, with comfortable seats, amazing views out across the water, a nice cool breeze, outdoor plants, and delicate mood lighting. Show up early for a light meal or just a glass of wine as you get ready for the show to get started. The food is absolutely delectable, world class, so obviously expect the prices to be up there with some of the high end restaurants in the area. If you want to impress your friends or a date, this is one of the best places in Cannes to take someone you care about.

Open almost every day of the week during the Summer season and often also during the rest of the year, this amazing venue brings a whole new meaning to partying all night long. On a typical night, you can expect to walk in the door from as early as 8pm, and to leave as late at 5am.

If you want to check out a few different clubs, then make sure you know what time the main event at the Medusa Nightclub will be happening. You don't want to miss out on the spectacle of the night, now, do you?

Age of admission is 18, but the range of ages here is very diverse. Classy people of all ages and interests show up for different reasons: some for the show, some for the drinks, some to socialize, and some just to let loose and dance for ten hours.

The venue is very exclusive. This means two things: a strict dress code, and a strict guest list.

As far as the Medusa Club Cannes dress code goes, you have to be elegant, sensual, but above all classy. Cocktail dresses and evening gowns are both great choices for ladies. Flats aren't ideal, but if you want to wear a small wedge, kitten heel, or nice pair of classy sandals, then you will probably be fine too. Men need to wear button down shirts, with ties being optional. Shoes must be polished black or brown, leather or faux leather. Jeans are acceptable, but suit trousers are a much better choice.

And however well you are dressed, if you're not on the guest list, chances are you aren't getting in. Make sure to reserve a table if you plan on spending the whole night here, cause at some point in the ten hours of partying, you will want to sit down and have a drink.

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