Drai's Beachclub in Las Vegas 3 Jun 2023

Drai's Beachclub in Las Vegas is the best of Las Vegas's dayclubs and Las Vegas's nightclubs combined. During daytime hours it is one of the best beach pool parties in Las Vegas, and as night falls it turns into one of the hottest Last Vegas nightclubs. You will never be bored at this pumping venue, with round the clock entertainment, amazing views, great drinks, and even better company. Drai, the man behind it all, wanted something with "a different scale and scope", and as such he designed a Las Vegas club to run over two storeys, one space including the dayclub pool, flanked by palm trees. The white main building is surrounding 15 exclusive cabanas, each with an HD TV, so if you want to kick back and watch the show from your seat a white, you can just relax and do so. The array of mirrors up and down the columns reflects the lights brilliantly, both the bright sunshine and the state of the art lighting system. The nightclub tables themselves are pretty neat, with semi-circle booths for relaxing, and VIP tables and booths around the edges of the decent sized dance floor. Sitting in black imitation crocodile seating, sipping high class cocktails, feeling every beat in your bones and watching the sexy crowd hitting the dance floor, you will really feel like king or queen of the Drai's Beachclub castle! The Drai Club provides some delightful drinks at pretty good prices for Las Vegas. Settle down into one of the semi-circle booths for some shots or cocktails. From there you should be able to watch the DJ all night long. Because of the unique shape of the DJ booth you should get a great view of the performance, as well as a good view of all the dancing action. The 270 degree video wall wraps around the room and the video ceiling panels mean you will not miss a second of the dance action or the DJing, allowing for a most unique Las Vegas clubbing experience. The live DJs are amazing, and the sound system will send vibrations right down your spine, giving you the full experience of the tracks like nothing else. You will experience a broad range of hip hop, top 40s, and EDM, with more of a focus on hip hop and general party music during the daytime and more EDM and other styles of dance tracks during the night. Getting into Drai's Beachclub isn't rocket science. Be on the guest list. Make sure that you are wearing smart, stylish swimwear for the daytime, and avoid anything clunky or ill-fitting. Bring sunscreen and water, and a spare few notes to rent a locker to keep any changes of clothes, shoes, or bags in. During the night time you need to be dressed stylish. Not necessarily very formal, as Drai's has a strong casual vibe, but a smart shirt and clean, non-ripped jeans for guys, and a little cocktail dress with heels for women, should work right. 

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Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas 3 Jun 2023

Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas is considered the highest rated dayclubs in Las Vegas among many of its guests. If you are looking for the sort of spring break experience type of party, like you see in film and TV, then this is the place you need to be. The crowd is beautiful, the drinks are amazing, the music is perfect, and everyone is dancing all day long. The style inside Encore Beach Club is very classy, with the sort of glamorous feel only a huge venue such as this one can achieve. Plenty of daybeds and cabanas, seating in the sun with tables to enjoy your drinks and the music. The pool is refreshing and big enough to accommodate the whole crowd, which isn't always the case at Las Vegas pool parties! The drinks at this Las Vegas dayclub are pricey, but it is the price you can expect to pay for such a perfect day out. For a fee you can also enjoy the security of a locker with charging access and private seating, both of which will make it easier to enjoy the day out. You can expect some great music at this Las Vegas pool party. Expect amazing beats with top DJs. We're talking international names and true celebrities. The best DJs come out around the middle of the afternoon. The music early in the morning is naturally good, but the party hasn't got properly started by then. You really want to arrive around midday. On the other hand, the queues can be absolutely crazy, so you might need to queue around eleven if you plan on getting in between twelve and one. There is pretty good celebrity presence at Encore club in Las Vegas, both in the acts and in the guest list. That is to be expected from an award-winning pool party, though! You can see some famous faces on stage or in the VIP, but don't expect to see A-Listers just jumping into the pool with you. You'll need to spend some serious money to be in the best company. That said, you can enjoy the acts of stars such as David Guetta wherever you are in the party. To get into Encore Las Vegas you need to remember that this is a popular venue with strong celebrity presence. The security staff are therefore suspicious of anyone who is acting like they do not belong there. Men can expect to pay a pretty high cover fee, but a well dressed local lady should be able to get in for little or nothing. Cover fees will really very depending on the day. If you're there for a big event don't expect to pay the same price you paid on a quiet day. They also have a longer open season than many other pool parties, but you really need to reserve a cabana or a table if you want to make sure you have somewhere when you get in, because of the high demand. 

If you are not in the mood for a beach club, the nighttime venue at Encore Beach Club might be more appealing when it is converted into a nightclub. The nightclub is called XS and can also be found in the app.

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Encore Beach Club at Night

Encore Beach Club at Night in Las Vegas 3 Jun 2023
Gatsby in Las Vegas 3 Jun 2023
Raising the bar & bringing the bubbles, Gatsby's Cocktail Lounge is an upscale escape offering a cache of vintage and rare champagnes, vivid artisanal cocktails and aromatic wines. Located in the heart of Resorts World Las Vegas!
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Hakkasan in Las Vegas 3 Jun 2023
Hakkasan Hanway is a modern Chinese restaurant in West London, England. The restaurant has eleven locations worldwide and was founded in 2001 by Syra Khan and Alan Yau. Hakkasan was opened in the Las Vegas in 2013. Hakkasan formed a strategic partnership with the Angel Management Group, which had created the first nightclub in Las Vegas's MGM Grand. It has the capacity to accommodate from 75 to 3,900 guests with five floors of wild dancing, drinking, and disco. Situated at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Boulevard South, Las Vegas, it is a magnificent restaurant. Nightclub Hakkasan Las Vegas is a global worldwide bold evolution that provides all-encompassing nightlife experience. The nightclub provides different nightlife experiences with different types of areas and atmospheres, cutting-edge technologies and inspired designs with three levels of refined decadence. This new Mega Club is supposed to be a new and exciting idea, incorporating some of the best DJs with a hybrid restaurant/nightclub. With world-famous DJs like Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Steve Aoki and Kaskade, Hakkasan is one of the most exciting and successful designs ever conceived. Tons of celebrity has been spotted at Hakkasan, the new MGM Grand nightclub in Las Vegas. According to Vegas Chat, DJ Deadmau5 with girlfriend Kat Von D was spotted there. Five-level space, private dining room, Ling Ling lounge, and club along with the Pavilion and Mezzanine designed and built by Hakkasan Group offering versatile 80,000-square feet, make it a prolific restaurant. At the third level, Ling Ling Lounge is a perfect private environment, which has been made for the esteemed guests to seek a more intimate nightlife experience. Its traditionally painted marble panel and signature built by Hakkasan latticework provide space to relax in the open lounge. 11 VIP booths, bars, top-notch Mixology, and a perfect atmosphere with a custom DJ booth outclass this restaurant. It is equipped with a stunning custom LED media ribbon that is wrapped with solid blue paint along the perimeter of the ceiling, creating an electrifying and breath-taking space. In order to take the post on this new nightclub, Hakkasan has come up with many buzzes and top DJs to create a party on the strip from their current jobs. This is the newest club in the Sin City circuit; so naturally, people are all interested to see if they are getting excited. Moreover, this nightclub will also include a full-service Mandarin Style restaurant very soon. Many people have seen some suspicious wings or taco in a night and then regretted them, because when you get glasses during the partnership, you are more likely to have nearby quality food. The Hakkasan team carefully covers a comprehensive selection of modern and locally produced wine and signature cocktails, including menus. Their dressing codes are smart and casual. No sportswear is allowed. Swimsuit, or sandals aren’t allowed in the restaurant. Shorts are appropriate during the summer only, as long as they are worn smartly with shoes and a collared shirt. Hats are also not allowed inside Hakkasan nightclub.
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Jewel in Las Vegas 3 Jun 2023
With more than 24,000 square feet of apparently designed space, JEWEL invites innovation. You will have a rare surrounded happiness to be appreciated, here. Global hospitality company Hakkasan Group, continuing the next generation of luxury entertainment events, has announced its latest nightlife project: JEWEL. Whether headliner is an excellent DJ or performer, JEWEL offers a versatile experience for each guest and every event. The JEWEL Nightclub brings a top-notch nightlife experience back to Las Vegas Aria Hotel. Guests know something is special with this venue from the minute they approach the entrance. Located in ARIA Resort and Casino, JEWEL nightclub is a premier venue that is cut-off on the other nightclubs of the Strip. There are five themed VIP suites that all have different benefits. There is the main room, a dance floor, a DJ booth and a number of VIP sections to sit back and watch the excitement. The main room is located on the dance floor so that you can look all around. Designed by the internationally renowned Rockwell Group; there is 1,925 guests capacity in JEWEL. The multi-level venue has been included in the main club, in which five unique and secluded suites complete the mezzanine level. A grand entrance has pillars and LED ceiling crown ribbons; making the whole club shine. Modern tastes combined with a unique hospitality make it the perfect place to see a live Vegas nightlife style. JEWEL nightclub DJ and their live line-up are definitely different from the rest of the live performances. Each week EDM, open format, hip-hop, and live at the concert stage are a solid mix. This mix keeps things alive and creates an event calendar, which is hard to compare. A light wall is located directly behind the DJ booth and near to dance floor, which changes and alters with a muscular pulse and beat. By adding electricity to the dance floor, it pulls you in and mesmerises you. The dance floor is full of nightclub partygoers. The techno-coloured lamps, which "dance" perfectly with the music and the club's attractive character, make it fantastic. Although the average broader than the club is intensive, yet it has intimate identity and uniqueness, which makes you feel that you are special. Various VIP suites near the club can be preserved in advance for close collections or for a celebration of special occasions in wonderful ways. Do not be surprised on celebrities who want to mingle unseen. Celebrities spotted at JEWEL are Leonardo DiCaprio, Toby Maguire, Jamie Foxx, Rapper Ja Rule, Christina Milian, Steve Aoki, Drake, Kourtney Kardashian and many more. The JEWEL Nightclub brings a top-notch nightlife experiences. JEWEL requires ensuring nightclub entry by a dress code, especially for men. To avoid any issues entering the club, it recommends that men wear nice pants or jeans, a collared shirt or sports coats and dress shoes. Please avoid shorts, sandals, hats, and athletic attire. Women should wear a cute or sexy dress that fits their body type set by a beautiful heel will always work.
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Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas 3 Jun 2023
Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub is a final pool-club with 60,000 square feet of space, covering a rooftop terrace on Las Vegas lights and having the best DJs around the world. Marquee Las Vegas is the ultimate monastic experience involving innovative technology, intense sound, visual effects, and sensual decor with rich textures, vibrant lighting, and bright colours. Cosmopolitan was also home to the Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub, which was the top-grossing nightclub in the United States in 2012. The Marquee Nightclub is located on the second level of Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. The main room in Marquee is a classic club for which Vegas may be proud, instead of joining and breaking with the showroom appeal in a Vegas lounge. The club organises headliner rooms, exterior pool decks, rooms in the lower Boombox and higher modern libraries in multiple environments. It is where you start your night; where you are still a partner by the time you return to your place; where you can become what it ends too; and where you dance to a disco ball in a music that never breaks. However, it is just the main room; Marquee is much more than just a major attraction or a unique wonder. It's as comprehensively complex as The Cosmopolitan itself. Marquee Club in Las Vegas's Cosmopolitan extends to a wide range of multi-level Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub entertainment Complex and organises two pools, several bars, and a gaming spot. Marquee is known for being one of Las Vegas's best main rooms in the city. The energy level there is unmatched. You will find multiple bars to get your drinks and plenty of people ready to party hard. It is true that many people enter Marquee to know what a Boombox is. However, they can still feel like it is well surrounded by music in a space so that you feel like holding it on your shoulders and walking down the road to force everyone to be on your beat. There are 360-degree bars on the Boombox and VIP tables of an earthy dance floor. For one who cannot get VIP services, an outdoor balcony is enough to sneak past a smoker and place it in a small lounge space. Marquee is the world's number one destination for the world's renowned music talent, featuring the residences of the world's famous DJs like Kaskade, Benny Benassi, Erick Morillo, and many more. As a promoter of the Las Vegas nightclubs, the main room of the Marquee features a state-of-the-art sound and visual system equipped with a 40-foot LED DJ booth and 32,000 subwoofers and full range speakers as well as projection stage. Celebrities spotted at Marquee nightclub are Jermaine Dupri, Tito Ortiz, Wilmer Valderrama, DJ Daddy Kat and many more. Dress code is outstandingly upscale; Dress shoes with button down collared shirts for men. No baseball hats, tennis shoes, or open-toed shoes are allowed for men. For women; they should wear a cute and sexy dress that fits their body set in beautiful high heels will always acceptable.
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Omnia in Las Vegas 3 Jun 2023
At Omnia Club in Las Vegas, you will be able to enjoy one of the biggest, most spectacular regular parties in all of the city. Omnia in Caesar's Palace is one of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas, with a vibrant scene, great music, delicious cocktails, and a buzzing crowd ready to party the night away. The decor at the Omnia Nightclub is truly luxurious. The venue's tall ceilings, impressive ornaments, and state of the art lighting and laser features will leave you in awe. It is a modern, quirky combination of an opera house and a flying saucer, or another sci fi scenery, which is ideal for the modern, trendy club guest. That giant crazy light display? It is a state of the art modern chandelier, complete with a laser show and a slowly rotating light display. Split into two areas, the upper deck overlooks the dance floor and the DJ booth, for the best views of the night. This club is enormous even by Las Vegas standards, and it may very well be the biggest nightclub in Las Vegas. It is 75k square feet, with an outdoor terrace, completely dominating what used to be multiple rooms at Caesar's Palace. The dance floor at the Omnia Club Las Vegas is enormous. If you want to be somewhere you can really focus on dancing and having a great time then this is the perfect place for you. Between the amazing sound system, world class DJs, great lighting, and wide open space for dancing, you are sure to have an amazing time. And the other guests, young, full of energy, and beautiful, are sure to not let you down either. The music is predominantly EDM, keeping the energetic vibe of the venue high. If you want something a bit more relaxed, move towards the inner Heart Club for hip hop, or the terrace for some relaxed house. If you are looking for a club with a range of celebrity appearances, both announced and surprise, then the Omnia is the place you need to be. Justin Bieber held his 21st birthday celebration there, Martin Garrix has made an appearance, and many other huge name celebrities have been rumoured to have been seen wandering about the premises. Exciting! The cover fee is very small for Las Vegas, but the queue times are insane and you might not get in at all. My advice? Book a booth or bottle service and make sure that you get in. There is no guarantee that anyone will get in just by queueing at the door, especially not on a busy night, a holiday or event night, or one with a big name headlining. But one thing's for sure if you want to get in: You have to be over 21 and well dressed. No sportswear at all, no beachwear at all. Men need to wear shirts with collars, smart jeans of khakis without any tears, and smart shoes. Women need to wear cocktail, lounge, or evening dresses, high heels, and impeccable make-up. If you don't look the part, you won't get in, whether you have a reservation or not. 
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Tao Las Vegas in Las Vegas 3 Jun 2023
Since its opening in September 2005, this design-guided dining and the Venetian entertainment complex has proved to be a hot spot in its sister Venue in New York City. Tao Las Vegas is one of the most powerful show nightclubs in Las Vegas. This multi-faceted and versatile party place is a home to a restaurant, a lounge, a nightclub, and a pool party. Tao nightclub is situated beside Vegas, Tao Bistro, and Tao Beach. Tao Venetian has a beautiful Asian theme with a 20-foot Buddha statue and fun Zen decorations. Enjoy TAO Asia's Bistro and Nightclub with an exclusive dining and nightlife package. This package is mixed with three-course dinner, nightclub filling, and a bottle of alcohol and liquor mixers. Tao nightclub has multiple rooms for you to explore each with its own music and its own type of design. Each year Tao adds something new to the club. Visually, the nightclub is mixed with a modern club full of flower petals with the bathtub girls, with the ancient style of Buddhism taking place. If you step into the entryway, you will see Tao's sensual side. Entryway consists of six models that are just behind the petals. Tao Las Vegas has a 40-foot outer patio with Las Vegas Strip scenes so when you need some fresh air just escape from the drunken partygoers. Voyeuristic design features 3 full-service bars, various hip-hop electronic dance music, top 40 state-of-the-art audio and lighting systems, private skyboxes, and 40 feet outside terrace overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. The weather delivers new lighting, a re-designed DJ booth, and a bottle service to you to the roof, which adds as a flying model. Tao has been known because they have the hottest go-go dancers and production girls in the industry. The Tao Nightclub is the place to see and be seen; attracting world-class DJs and celebrities such as Madonna, Jay-Z, Usher, Drake, Rihanna, Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian, Jamie Foxx, and Bono. The Tao lounge, located near Tao Asian Bistro, serves as a chic gathering spot and is ideal for cocktails and conversations. Guests are transported from the City of Sin to the Pacific Rim with lush velvets and silks, waterfalls and century-old woods and stones. The dance floor is always jumping, with multiple bars, so it is easy to get a drink here as compared to any other spot near, in the city. Overall, you cannot go wrong with Tao nightclub, as it is the Las Vegas’s award-winning nightlife venue with hottest open format DJ, excellent performers, and the A-list celebrities. For more than a decade, Tao hosts the most memorable parties in the city, hosted by world-class entertainers and circled by A-list celebrities. As a nightlife venue, Tao Las Vegas became glamorous and quasi-Eastern-religion themed nightlife as a worldwide experience. To avoid any problems entering the club, it recommends that men wear nice pants or jeans, a collared shirt or sports coats and dress shoes. Avoid shorts, sandals, hats, and athletic attire. Therefore, if you are ready for a party like a rock star, Tao should definitely be on your “Places to Visit” list for your next trip to Sin City.
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The Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 Reviews

The Barbershop Cuts and Cocktails in Las Vegas 3 Jun 2023
A fully functional classic grooming salon with a time-tested parlor ambiance complete with a signature, old world prohibition inspired cocktails and parties.
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The Light in Las Vegas 3 Jun 2023
Upscale nightclub attire for entry. Dress code strictly enforced. Must be 21+ years old for entry. All persons, bags and personal items are subject to search. The following articles are prohibited: Athletic gear and apparel. T-shirts, shorts, torn of cutoff clothing, sandals, sneakers, athletic shoes, Jordans, hats, baggy clothing, chains, offensive prints on clothing, backpacks, oversize purses, weapons, controlled substances, eye drops, gum, outside food or beverages, liquids, vitals, supplements, over the counter medications, prescription medications, professional cameras and/or GoPros, smart glasses, wearable technology, selfie sticks, the use of vaporizers ‘vapes,’ any devices found in use will be confiscated and disposed of by management without compensation. Guests noticeably intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance will be denied entry and will not be eligible to receive a refund. If you remove your shoes, you will immediately be escorted out of the venue. We have a zero tolerance policy.
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XS Nightclub in Las Vegas 3 Jun 2023

If you are looking for true Hollywood-style glamour in a Las Vegas nightclub, then the XS Nightclub is where you want to be. This Las Vegas dance club is for people who love to party all night long, all whilst enjoying one of the most luxurious dance club experiences available. If you love to dance but hate the usual bare warehouse look of many dance clubs and raves, the XS Las Vegas is exactly where you want to be on the Wynn. The design itself is based on the curves of the human body, and is divided into three distinct areas: a dance floor and lounge, an outdoor lounge on the patio, and the main pool area. Depending on what the weather is like, what the act is, and what you're up to, you will find your place in one of these luxurious spaces. Inside the decor is sumptuous, with soft, low lighting, with an open facade overlooking an illuminated outdoor pool surrounded by intimate booths, and seductive golden draping everywhere. The ten foot chandelier rotates, providing state of the art lighting that will get you hyped to dance, but also provide a nice, flattering light for selfies. You will feel like you have been dropped into the middle of an A-Lister's private pool party, and you will not regret a moment you spend in this luxurious Wynn nightclub. Expect to see some wild DJ acts, that are there as much for the show as for the upbeat tunes they will bring. The focus is on EDM and remixes, without much limelight for any other genre. DJs like Skrillex, David Guetta, or Alesso feature often, so the venue will be pumping. But if you move to the outside area or leave the club on a busy night with an A-list DJ, you might not get back in easily. To avoid this, reserve a table or order bottle service, which also includes a stamp that will tell the bouncers to let you back in. The drinks are pricey. Not outrageous for Las Vegas, but you will definitely notice the change in pricing. If you want bottle service, you can always save quite a bit by booking an outside table rather than an inside one, which can sometimes be cheaper. But, again, ordering bottle service can make the difference between getting in and staying in, or getting in, only to leave a minute and all of a sudden not be allowed back. You really need to be on the guest list to ensure that you get in, and if you are looking for a seat at an event you may even need to book tickets well in advance. Preparedness is essential, so make sure that you have a cover charge and are dressed amazingly, even if you have booked a table. If you're getting bottle service they can be more relaxed, but generally you need to dress sharp. Men should wear collared shirts and smart shoes, women cocktail dresses and heels. And make sure to bring your swimsuit for their nightswim events!  If you are more in the mood to go to a beach club than to a nightclub, Encore Beach Club might be something more for you. It is one of the biggest beach clubs in Las Vegas and can be found in the app.

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Zouk in Las Vegas 3 Jun 2023
Zouk Nightclub is a new innovative space, pushing the boundaries of dance music and is poised to become the most technologically advanced nightclub in Las Vegas. Partygoers can journey through multiple experiences with Capital Bar and Empire, which will be able to operate as an addition to the main club or separate venues on specific nights and seasons. Caution strobes and lasers in use. COVID 19 UPDATES Guests are required to wear masks in all public spaces while indoors. They are not required to be masked while eating or drinking or when outdoors, such as at the pool. Dress Code Upscale Nightclub Attire (Dress To Impress) Inappropriate attire includes but not limited to: Athletic wear, shorts, tank tops, jerseys, cut off shirts, sweatpants, baggy clothing, overly ripped clothing, soiled clothing, offensive prints, illegal paraphernalia, etc.
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