Gatsby in Las Vegas 29 May 2024
Raising the bar & bringing the bubbles, Gatsby's Cocktail Lounge is an upscale escape offering a cache of vintage and rare champagnes, vivid artisanal cocktails and aromatic wines. Located in the heart of Resorts World Las Vegas!
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Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas 29 May 2024
Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub is a final pool-club with 60,000 square feet of space, covering a rooftop terrace on Las Vegas lights and having the best DJs around the world. Marquee Las Vegas is the ultimate monastic experience involving innovative technology, intense sound, visual effects, and sensual decor with rich textures, vibrant lighting, and bright colours. Cosmopolitan was also home to the Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub, which was the top-grossing nightclub in the United States in 2012. The Marquee Nightclub is located on the second level of Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. The main room in Marquee is a classic club for which Vegas may be proud, instead of joining and breaking with the showroom appeal in a Vegas lounge. The club organises headliner rooms, exterior pool decks, rooms in the lower Boombox and higher modern libraries in multiple environments. It is where you start your night; where you are still a partner by the time you return to your place; where you can become what it ends too; and where you dance to a disco ball in a music that never breaks. However, it is just the main room; Marquee is much more than just a major attraction or a unique wonder. It's as comprehensively complex as The Cosmopolitan itself. Marquee Club in Las Vegas's Cosmopolitan extends to a wide range of multi-level Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub entertainment Complex and organises two pools, several bars, and a gaming spot. Marquee is known for being one of Las Vegas's best main rooms in the city. The energy level there is unmatched. You will find multiple bars to get your drinks and plenty of people ready to party hard. It is true that many people enter Marquee to know what a Boombox is. However, they can still feel like it is well surrounded by music in a space so that you feel like holding it on your shoulders and walking down the road to force everyone to be on your beat. There are 360-degree bars on the Boombox and VIP tables of an earthy dance floor. For one who cannot get VIP services, an outdoor balcony is enough to sneak past a smoker and place it in a small lounge space. Marquee is the world's number one destination for the world's renowned music talent, featuring the residences of the world's famous DJs like Kaskade, Benny Benassi, Erick Morillo, and many more. As a promoter of the Las Vegas nightclubs, the main room of the Marquee features a state-of-the-art sound and visual system equipped with a 40-foot LED DJ booth and 32,000 subwoofers and full range speakers as well as projection stage. Celebrities spotted at Marquee nightclub are Jermaine Dupri, Tito Ortiz, Wilmer Valderrama, DJ Daddy Kat and many more. Dress code is outstandingly upscale; Dress shoes with button down collared shirts for men. No baseball hats, tennis shoes, or open-toed shoes are allowed for men. For women; they should wear a cute and sexy dress that fits their body set in beautiful high heels will always acceptable.
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XS Nightclub in Las Vegas 29 May 2024

If you are looking for true Hollywood-style glamour in a Las Vegas nightclub, then the XS Nightclub is where you want to be. This Las Vegas dance club is for people who love to party all night long, all whilst enjoying one of the most luxurious dance club experiences available. If you love to dance but hate the usual bare warehouse look of many dance clubs and raves, the XS Las Vegas is exactly where you want to be on the Wynn. The design itself is based on the curves of the human body, and is divided into three distinct areas: a dance floor and lounge, an outdoor lounge on the patio, and the main pool area. Depending on what the weather is like, what the act is, and what you're up to, you will find your place in one of these luxurious spaces. Inside the decor is sumptuous, with soft, low lighting, with an open facade overlooking an illuminated outdoor pool surrounded by intimate booths, and seductive golden draping everywhere. The ten foot chandelier rotates, providing state of the art lighting that will get you hyped to dance, but also provide a nice, flattering light for selfies. You will feel like you have been dropped into the middle of an A-Lister's private pool party, and you will not regret a moment you spend in this luxurious Wynn nightclub. Expect to see some wild DJ acts, that are there as much for the show as for the upbeat tunes they will bring. The focus is on EDM and remixes, without much limelight for any other genre. DJs like Skrillex, David Guetta, or Alesso feature often, so the venue will be pumping. But if you move to the outside area or leave the club on a busy night with an A-list DJ, you might not get back in easily. To avoid this, reserve a table or order bottle service, which also includes a stamp that will tell the bouncers to let you back in. The drinks are pricey. Not outrageous for Las Vegas, but you will definitely notice the change in pricing. If you want bottle service, you can always save quite a bit by booking an outside table rather than an inside one, which can sometimes be cheaper. But, again, ordering bottle service can make the difference between getting in and staying in, or getting in, only to leave a minute and all of a sudden not be allowed back. You really need to be on the guest list to ensure that you get in, and if you are looking for a seat at an event you may even need to book tickets well in advance. Preparedness is essential, so make sure that you have a cover charge and are dressed amazingly, even if you have booked a table. If you're getting bottle service they can be more relaxed, but generally you need to dress sharp. Men should wear collared shirts and smart shoes, women cocktail dresses and heels. And make sure to bring your swimsuit for their nightswim events!  If you are more in the mood to go to a beach club than to a nightclub, Encore Beach Club might be something more for you. It is one of the biggest beach clubs in Las Vegas and can be found in the app.

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