Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles 15 Jun 2024
With a peculiar name to say the least, Bootsy Bellows nightclub in LA is brought to you by actor David Arquette, who in fact named it after his own mother. As Arquette's ma was a burlesque dancer and a pin-up model in her day, I am sure you can already guess the theme of this fun LA nightclub! Overtaking Sunset Boulevard with the actor's unique sense of taste and fun, it combines a modern dance club, an old-school Las Vegas burlesque show, and a relaxed supper club, for a night that you will surely enjoy. Inside it is absolutely stunning. Smooth and modern, with an amazing burlesque twist. It was put together by none other then Built, Inc., one of the best club designers in LA. The bar and lounge feature gold-veined mirrors, banquette seating, diamond motifs, and a beautiful marble dance floor which reflects the retro mirror ball and the state of the art lighting. It truly embodies the revival of retro and burlesque fashion. If you're looking for a nightclub with a show in LA, look no further than Bootsy Bellows's dancers, decked out like old school Vegas showgirls in feather boas and headpieces, dancing delightfully on the carefully placed stage. What is more, in a quirky twist the retro nightclub features puppeteers who walk around the guests with puppets of modern and well-known celebrities, doing amazingly entertaining impersonations. And if you want to hit a club for random, unannounced celebrity performances this is the place. Trust David Arquette to pull the strings to get Jason Derulo on stage without making a fuss! Bear in mind that all of this amazing entertainment comes with a 3% entertainment service charge. If you need some old style cocktails and fine wines served by hostesses in kitty ears, this is the place to be. The prices are exactly what you would expect for this corner of Hollywood, but then again, so are the names. Expect some of the finest wines of any high class nightclub in LA. If you are entertaining a party you will want to invest in a bottle package, covering enough servings for everyone. The food selection offers reasonably priced snacks. There aren't many options, but there is more than enough if you are feeling peckish after a few hours of socializing and enjoying the show. The music is expertly handled by William Lifestyle and Brody Jenner, who bring modern tunes to suit the retro show. This is not really much of a club for dancing, as the showgirls will truly put you to shame, but the music reflects that and you will enjoy sitting, talking, and watching the experts do their thing. As you should expect from a nightclub started by David Arquette, the venue is always brimming with celebrities. Kate Beckinsale, Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo and Marlon Wayans have all been spotted in the Bootsy Bellows in LA. So expect to be turned away unless you are on the guest list or have made a reservation for a table and bottle service in advance.
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 Open Format  at Classic Cat in Los Angeles 15 Jun 2024

Located in the heart of iconic Los Angeles, Classic Cat is a unique and luxurious nightclub that offers guests a truly unforgettable experience. Built in the early 1920s and originally used as a movie theater, this retro-styled club has been transformed into one of the most popular hotspots for celebrities and partygoers alike.

The interior of Classic Cat is designed to exude elegance and luxury. Rich velvet fabrics adorn the walls while vibrant prints add an eclectic pop of color to the space. The bar features modern lighting fixtures complete with sleek marble countertops, adding an extra touch of sophistication. Unique antiques are scattered throughout the club, such as vintage typewriters and record players, which all contribute to the club’s classic feel. Not only does this create an interesting atmosphere but it also pays homage to its original use as a movie theater.

When it comes to dress code, guests are expected to dress their best when visiting Classic Cat - think slacks or dresses for ladies and suits for men. This dress code makes sure that no matter who you see at Classic Cat, everyone looks their best all night long!

Classic Cat isn’t just about looking good on the outside; it also boasts some impressive events within its walls! From famous DJs spinning beats late into the night to exclusive celebrity parties thrown on special occasions, there is no lack of excitement for anyone who visits Classic Cat. Some well-known faces seen at Classic Cat over the years include Justin Bieber, Drake, Rihanna and Brad Pitt - talk about star power!

In addition to throwing fun events inside its doors, Classic Cat is also renowned for its lively atmosphere during regular nights out. With great music playing all night long coupled with delicious drinks served up by friendly bartenders, it’s no wonder why so many people love coming here again and again!

Classic Cat stands out from other nightclubs because of its rich history coupled with modern amenities that provide guests with an unforgettable experience each time they step inside its doors. If you’re looking for a unique night out in Los Angeles then make sure you add Classic Cat onto your list - you won’t regret it!

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Dragonfly in Los Angeles 15 Jun 2024

Los Angeles is renowned for its vibrant nightlife and excellent clubbing scene, and Dragonfly nightclub is one of its most beloved hotspots. Located in the heart of Hollywood, this legendary club has welcomed thousands of partygoers since it opened its doors in 2006.

Dragonfly’s interior boasts an opulent yet inviting atmosphere that has lured in actors, musicians and other celebrities over the years. The design features a sleek bar area with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views of the city skyline, plus stylish lighting fixtures and comfortable seating areas for guests to relax in. The spacious dance floor is surrounded by two levels of VIP balconies as well as a state-of-the-art stage for live performances.

This chic venue is known for playing a mix of hip hop, EDM, pop, house and more—a variety of music that keeps partygoers dancing all night long. Some notable names who have been spotted at Dragonfly include Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Wiz Khalifa and Chris Brown. Despite the star power that graces the door on any given evening, the dress code remains relaxed but fashionable: jeans or trousers with shirts or smart casual tops are allowed for men; women are expected to wear nice dresses or skirts with tasteful accessories.

Dragonfly has earned itself a reputation as one of LA's top nightclubs thanks to its attentive staff and superior sound system. Events hosted at the club range from industry parties to themed nights such as “Throwback Thursdays” where popular throwback tracks get spun all night long! On most weekends there’s also an afterparty into the early hours of Sunday morning so you can keep your night alive until sunrise!

Overall Dragonfly provides an unforgettable experience perfect for anyone looking to let loose after dark in glamorous Hollywood style! With its unique blend of great music, amazing decor and celebrity guests, it's no wonder why this iconic club continues to be one of Los Angeles' premier destinations for socialites year after year!

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Hyde Sunset in Los Angeles 15 Jun 2024
If you want a night out surrounded by Hollywood's most beautiful and interesting people, perhaps to run into a few well known faces, then you need to check out the Hyde Sunset nightclub, one of LA's best celebrity nightclubs, with all the luxury and class that the city is known for. Simple parking is pretty essential when you want to have a night out in LA, so Hyde's convenient parking is ideal. Its on-site parking has more than enough places for all the guests, however it doesn't seem to be clear if they always charge or just sometimes, so bring some money with you. Last we checked there is no valet service, but if you're a VIP you might be able to get someone to valet for you. This is more of a lounge style club, for relaxing and socializing, than an LA dance club. There isn't really much dance space, and the music, although fun, isn't really dance music either. The venue focuses on bottle service, great music, and a lively atmosphere full of beautiful and famous people. Like most relaxed clubs in LA, the Hyde Sunset club opens and closes a bit earlier than the nightclubs. This makes it a great place to start your night, or just for a relaxed night out. You can choose to sit indoors or outdoors, and the outdoor option is definitely the best. The fresh night air and comfortable seats really enhance the whole experience, letting you really feel the vibrant city all around you. The Hyde Sunset club features a wide variety in its menu, from fresh, modern Californian cuisine, simply and deliciously prepared, to desserts, to a full bar. They sell red, white, and bubbly wines by the glass and by the bottle, and stock a huge range of different labels and vintages. They also provide delectable speciality cocktails with fun and quirky names, which you can buy in single servings or for the table One thing to bear in mind is that Hyde Sunset is in high demand for film crews and celebrities. The upside to this is that it is one of the best places to see celebrities in LA. The downside to this is that it is frequently booked for private events, film production, etc. So make sure to get on the guest list and make a reservation, because it would be a shame to turn up at the door only to find out that a private party is underway, or that news has leaked about a celebrity guest and the club is packed. The dress code is smart casual. Men are recommended to wear clean, one colour, fitted, jeans and dress shirts. Women are recommended to wear sleek and elegant party dresses. Smart shoes are a must: dress shoes for men, high heels for women. Absolutely no sportswear, distressed clothes, loose fitting clothes, or excessive jewellery. Although you may bring bags and coats with you, it is recommended to pay to leave them in the cloak room.
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Offsunset in Los Angeles 15 Jun 2024
The place where all celebrities party.
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The Highlight Room in Los Angeles 15 Jun 2024
The Highlight Room nightclub in LA is all sorts of things, but dull is not one of them. Located on the rooftop with an all round glass wall view of LA, including a full view of the Hollywood sign, you will truly feel like royalty as you look out above all the other trendy LA nightclubs. The décor is very, very LA. Many other clubs try and bring a bit of Vegas out to LA and to be honest many fail. The Highlight Room, on the other hand, stays true to its Hollywood nightclub roots. Between the sprawling scenery, the local plants, and the trendy, Hollywood-inspired furniture, you will not think you are anywhere else, and you will not want to. This rooftop layout is arranged around a pool which truly takes centre stage, as well as serves to separate the distinct areas of this club. The end result is fun, luxurious, and varied, without being too claustrophobic. If you want a complete LA nightclub experience, then you ought to stop by the Highlight Room club. For refreshments, go to the far side of the pool, where you will find low tables, comfortable lounge seating, and a full bar and bottle service. This area is much more relaxed and the atmosphere is perfect for a drink or two. The drinks are pretty pricey even for the quality and the area, but when you are paying for this sort of an experience it is justified. You might be able to get a bottle of champagne cheaper elsewhere, but nowhere else has this view, or this community! If you are feeling hungry, they also are a bar and grill. At the far corner of the rooftop on the other side of the pool you will find dinner tables and a full service grill where you can get every delicious grill option known to mankind. Expect only the highest quality meats, and equally delectable small bites and vegetable dishes. And, of course, you can get yourself a drink, a snack, and sit by the pool enjoying the wonderful LA ambiance. If you want a cabana you will need to make a reservation at Highlight Room LA. There is no other option. The music at the Highlight Room Club LA is very danceable and modern. You will find that the pace picks up as the night goes on, so don't be surprised if it starts out a little slow and all of a sudden you want to hit the dance floor. The crowd it draws is very chic, trendy, not too young but definitely not an older crowd either. Expect to see plenty of people full of energy, dressed sexy, and having a great time. Especially as the night moves on and the club element takes over almost completely. To get in you ought to be dressed nicely, not necessarily in anything elegant, but definitely smart, sleek, sexy, and trendy. If you do not meet the criteria the staff can and will send you away.
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Time Nightclub in Los Angeles 15 Jun 2024
At Time Nightclub in Los Angeles you will feel like the star of your own pop video. The decor is absolutely beautiful, the people are fun and sexy, and the staff are attentive and very friendly, so you will feel like a pampered star the whole time you are here. The decor of this sophisticated LA nightclub is simply sublime, in silver and gold that will make you feel a million dollars. The dance floor is enormous, with plenty of space for rocking out to the amazing tunes being played by the DJ. However the dance floor is not so big that it will feel empty. At its busiest this venue is absolutely pumping with energy and dancing, and you will always be next to someone and able to mingle. And the stage around the DJ is open for performances, so if you want to see sexy dancers or performances, this might be the ideal venue for you. The chandeliers are amazing and add a whole new dimension to this popular LA dance club. The enormous ceiling combined with the vast, extravagantly ornate chandeliers really adds opulence, creating a scene fit for a royal dining hall in a Hollywood movie. Literally the only thing lacking in class are the smoking rooms, which are a bit disappointing. The booths are long and fairly open, inviting mingling and conversation as you drink. You may want to people watch, but this is not the club you want to be at if you are not a people person and do not want to be approached at all. The crowd is fun, outgoing, social, and energetic, so expect for people to approach you, talk to you, or invite you to dance throughout the night. If you are a buzzing extrovert this is the perfect LA nightclub for socializing and meeting new people. The Time club LA has two full bars where they serve a wide range of delicious cocktails, high end bottles, as well as simple beers and traditional names. They have something for pretty much every taste and budget there, so just ask. The staff are always eager to help, and security presence is comforting and friendly, but not too intrusive. Everything at Time LA is fairly reasonably priced, from drinks, to cover fees, to bottle service. If you want to have a great night out without paying insane prices in LA, then Time has you covered. There are even some pretty cheap drinks options if you would rather buy something simple. That said, it is probably an idea to reserve a table or get on the guest list, because the venue can get very busy as the night goes on. This sexy LA club has its own parking and valet service, which is an absolute must if you want to go clubbing in downtown LA. The valet is not too expensive and the service is prompt and organized, so as long as they have enough parking spaces and you have a reservation, you can just roll up and have a good night.
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Warwick in Los Angeles 15 Jun 2024

The Warwick nightclub in LA is the ultimate in Los Angeles lounge experiences. If you are looking for a great club or lounge near Sunset Boulevard, then you need to check out the Warwick, as it will aim to meet all your needs. Although the venue has plenty of furniture, from little tables and stools to booths, the tall ceiling and warm, even lighting makes it feel big and open, even when it is getting pretty full. The mirrors and other reflective surfaces add to the sense of size. It really is like being in the middle of a great hall in some traditional fairytale. The atmosphere it has overall is that of a nice cosy lounge, perfect for if you want to relax and have a quiet evening with your friends or date. Inside it has a somewhat rugged traditional bar look, with exposed wooden beams and comfortable leather benches, glowing lights and real artwork. The chandeliers are pretty classy, and the paintings around the room are elegant. Closer to the bar it has a more casual feel to it, a bit of a mix between Hollywood chic and a traditional European nightclub ambiance, with bright blue sofas, warm candle lights and fairy lights, and carefully arranged displays of living plants and cut flowers. It is perfect for sitting and cuddling with your date, having a few drinks and getting to know one another. The full bar serves a variety of great bottles and classic cocktails, but the true magic here is in some of the best speciality cocktails in LA. The menus is mixed up from time to time, but the one thing you are guaranteed is a great drink with a good buzz and a delicious flavour. If you are a lover of new and interesting cocktails this has to be one of the best places in Los Angeles for cocktails. If you just want some great bottle service, the Warwick club has you covered. They sell a wide range of big name bottles, from reasonably priced ones to higher end names, to suit every taste and budget. That said, expect typical LA prices, so even though the drinks come in a range of prices, they will be a little higher than elsewhere. The clientele at the Warwick is some of the youngest and sexiest in LA. Expect to see beautiful people rocking out to the amazing beats all night long. The dress code is not too strict, allowing things like jeans for men or women, or smart casual outfits for men. That said, if you want to fit in with this young sexy crowd and look and feel good, we recommend dressing nicely and putting some serious effort in. The people at this trendy young nightclub somehow make sexy look so effortless! Because the venue can get insanely busy, it is strongly recommended to get on the guest list and reserve bottle service. Sometimes this means you can also get a package for your bottles.

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L.A. clubbing is interesting to say the least, and depending on what you expect, you will either be confused or totally wowed. As the city is such a creative place, expect to see some of the latest and most interesting concept clubs and themed clubs.

Pop up clubs are also plentiful, as are venues that host radically different events basically every night or every week. If you are always looking for the latest thing, if you don't have set expectations of every venue, and you look forward to special events like club anniversaries or holidays, then L.A. club scene will keep your curiosity satisfied. I guarantee you that if you hit as many clubs as possible one weekend, and then come back the next weekend and hit the same clubs, you will have two extremely different and equally amazing experiences.

L.A. is well known in the dance music community for bringing some of the best and freshest tunes to rock out to. If you are one of those people who just can't help but hit the dance floor wherever you go, and if you feel disappointed every time you go to a city and find maybe one club with good music and a big dance floor, then L.A. is going to make you very happy. Most clubs here have a bare-bones dance floor area, even if the seating is otherwise luxurious, giving plenty of space for you to show off your moves.

Of course, if you are not the artistic type and you would rather be surrounded by luxury than enjoying a new creative concept, that's not to say L.A. won't offer you anything. Old-style Hollywood glamour is alive and well in this beautiful city. Members' clubs, dining clubs, and celebrity clubs are abundant.

This is one of the few cities in the world where you can guarantee you will see some celebrities just by being in the right venue. Whether you just enjoy knowing you are surrounded by fame and talent, you want to get a feel for what it would be like to live in this bustling city, or you want to meet your favourite celeb, this is a great place to do it. So if you are looking for great clubs in or near Hollywood where you have the best chances of seeing celebrities, check out nearby clubs and see which ones are the newest and hottest right now. After all, celebrities are people too, and, just like us, they want to go out for a wild night, have a few drinks, and dance the night away. Of course you might need to be in the VIP to see certain celebs, but surprisingly the atmosphere is so chill that you will also see them at the "everyday" tables as well.

In fact, many celebrities even feature in these clubs. Perhaps they are hosting an event, or they are actors with a pet project band on the side, or they are putting themselves out there for a fundraiser. Whatever the case, don't be surprised to see famous names announced in the most unlikely places. That is part of the charm of L.A., after all: you can be whatever and whoever you want to be, if only for a night.
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