Chanca by Coya in Marbella 14 Jun 2024

Chanca by Coya : A Fusion of Elegance and Energy

Nestled in the heart of a bustling metropolis, Chanca by Coya stands as a beacon of sophistication and vibrancy, offering an unparalleled nightlife experience to those who seek both luxury and excitement. With its fusion of Peruvian charm and contemporary elegance, Chanca by Coya transcends the conventional boundaries of a nightclub, transforming into a realm where every moment is infused with electrifying energy and timeless allure.

Upon entering Chanca by Coya, guests are enveloped in an ambiance that seamlessly blends opulence with warmth. The interior design, meticulously crafted by renowned artisans, pays homage to Peru's rich cultural heritage while exuding a modern flair. Intricately carved wooden accents, inspired by the ancient civilizations of the Andes, adorn the walls, juxtaposed with sleek marble surfaces that reflect the soft glow of ambient lighting. Plush velvet furnishings beckon guests to recline in comfort as they immerse themselves in the pulsating rhythms of the night.

The history of Chanca by Coya is steeped in legend and tradition, dating back to a bygone era when the concept of nightlife was synonymous with exclusivity and allure. Originally established as a clandestine gathering place for the elite, the venue has evolved over the years, embracing a philosophy of inclusivity while preserving its essence of sophistication and mystique. From clandestine speakeasy during the Prohibition era to a glamorous hotspot frequented by celebrities and socialites, Chanca by Coya has remained a beacon of nightlife excellence, continuously redefining the boundaries of luxury entertainment.

But beyond its illustrious past and lavish interior lies the true essence of Chanca by Coya: its unparalleled vibes. Here, the air is charged with an electric energy that transcends barriers of language and culture, uniting guests in a collective celebration of life and vitality. From the moment the first notes of music reverberate through the space, a palpable sense of anticipation fills the air, drawing guests onto the dance floor in a euphoric frenzy of movement and rhythm.

At Chanca by Coya, every night is an unforgettable journey into the heart of Peruvian nightlife, where the boundaries between fantasy and reality blur into a kaleidoscope of sensory delight. Whether sipping artisanal cocktails crafted by master mixologists or losing oneself in the hypnotic beats of world-class DJs, guests are transported to a realm where time stands still and inhibitions fade away.

In a world where experiences are fleeting and trends come and go, Chanca by Coya stands as a timeless testament to the enduring allure of luxury and excitement. Here, beneath the glittering lights and pulsating rhythms, memories are made, friendships forged, and dreams realized, creating a legacy that will endure for generations to come. Welcome to Chanca by Coya, where every moment is a masterpiece waiting to unfold.

Whether you're looking for a night out with friends or a special occasion, Chanca by Coya has something for everyone. With a daily lineup of DJs from COYA Music and live events that include compelling parties, this destination is sure to leave a lasting impression. Come and experience it for yourself – let the music move you, and let the night take control!

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Mirage in Marbella 14 Jun 2024

A beautiful elegant club, with gold tones of color that prevail, is located in Puerto Banus, the hottest area of Marbella, rich with a beautiful view on the port and many ships and yachts that gives a sensation of particularly romantic atmosphere. If you catch also a period of full moon, embellished with thousand of stars, your experience will be completed. The Club is divided in three areas: area surrounding the dance floor and two rooms: Jacuzzi Room and Dark Room. You can catch great parties during summer days, such as: CARTEL on Mondays (a brand that won in Dubai because of their multi talented members, such as DJ Charlesy, Max Denham, Sai and Scott Strutton, all of them playing the best RnB, House and Hip Hop hits); FRENCH IN MARBELLA on Thursdays (very popular parties dedicated to French magic charm, supported by various French DJs); BELVEDERE LADIES NIGHT on Wednesdays; LITT Group on Thursdays, playing the best Hip Hop and RnB hits; COLIN FRANCIS on Fridays, one of the most appreciated local DJs, most famous for crazy beach parties that supports for years; CANDYPANTS on Saturdays (a Global Party Brand which play in UK, Marbella, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ibiza, so, it is specialized for making the craziest beach parties! Over 10 years this brand is “responsible” for the best beach and pool parties, brunches and after party events); KINKY MALINKI on Sundays is the proud of the club, because is the oldest and longest house music event of Marbella (it exists for 18 years), playing in the places such as: Pacha London, and in various clubs in Croatia, Dubai, Ibiza, Australia; international event NO LIMIT, also on Sundays, brings the best international and local DJs. Voted in 2017 the best Marbella nightclub, Mirage is the place that should be booked before coming. It is recommended to book some of VIP tables, divided in three areas: there are VIP booths surrounding a huge dance floor, what allows you to watch beautiful dancers and to enjoy dancing in the center of the club; Raised VIP booths are located around the magnitude of the club, but they guarantee a more private ambient; Super VIP area is the most intimate and private, where are situated also the Jacuzzi and Dark Room. It is perfect for those who prefer to enjoy a real intimate atmosphere, far away from curious eyes of others. The Jacuzzi Room is the most famous area in whole Marbella, with a huge Jacuzzi, where guests can enjoy the night in golden interior, overlooking the dance floor. You can watch the others, but they can’t watch you. It’s a real glamour and luxury, reserved only for those who want a special treatment. The Dark Room guarantees total privacy, in elegant and royal ambient, with black and golden elements, a huge bed and luxurious pillows. This elegant and luxurious club will take you the highest level of enjoyment and of trendy nightlife!

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Mosh       Recommended   Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 1 Reviews

Mosh in Marbella 14 Jun 2024

The Ultimate Social Experience in Marbella!

Mosh Fun Kitchen is a new concept of dining. Combining dining with entertainment it's no surprise that their slogan is Eat, Drink & Party & Repeat! This is a very cool place to see and be seen, with a trendy, cool décor, great music and interesting food. They call themselves “the ultimate social experience in Marbella” and the restaurant is really popular as an all in one place to eat, drink and party.

The interior is inviting, with wooden flooring and tables, upholstered arm chairs, enveloping sofas, brickwork, glass, and multi-dimensional lighting. With an enticing bar area and an ample exterior terrace featuring heat lamps at this time of year, there is a great array of seating options catering to all nature and numbers of visitors. The talented DJ operates from a booth on a raised platform in front of a large video screen, in close proximity to the audience.

A spacious dining salon awaits you, but it’s more like entering a club than a restaurant, with subdued lighting, house music that builds in intensity, revolving spots, shishas and good vibes. This is the perfect place to visit with friends or a partner you’re out to impress and there are many evenings with spectacular live entertainment.

The menu has a lot of Asian influences and is a definite fusion, with some really innovative, interesting dishes. There are small bites, which are really bar snack favourites such as mini burgers and chicken goujons, plus an excellent selection of sushi and salads. For mains, there is a small, but delicious selection of meat and fish, with some real delicacies such as venison fillet and black cod miso coming highly recommended. You can choose from either indoor seating, or outdoor seating on the terrace, either way, you're guaranteed a great dining experience! Sit down, order some of their signature cocktails and pick up their amazingly intriguing menu.

The DJ plays amazing classics from way back then to modern classics, with a funky house edge to it. It compliments the relaxed, fun, party vibe! For any celebration, social occasion, festive gathering, or simply a night out with friends or loved ones, Mosh has it all. Top food and drinks, great sounds and service, and a special ambience that will make your night and leave you with the desire to return for more of the same again soon. 

There’s a casual - chique dress code, and please note that men are not allowed in shorts. Sportswear, shorts, open footwear for men and costumes are not permitted.

If you want a night out in Puerto Banus, dinner and drinks beforehand in Mosh is perfect to start the night - in fact, it's so lively and has good drinks, you might find yourself staying there until closing and remember, if anyone asks - Mosh Made You Do It!

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Nao Pool Club in Marbella 14 Jun 2024

Nao Pool Club is one of the most popular day clubs in Marbella/Puerto Banus. 

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NYX in Marbella 14 Jun 2024

NYX isn't your average nightclub. It’s named after the Greek Goddess of the night, the mythological sister of GAIA, embodying the essence and mystery of the night.

The club’s interior reflects a moody, European-style speakeasy, offering an intimate setting where the bartenders remember your favorite drinks. The ambiance is a stark contrast to the light and airy vibe of the restaurant outside. NYX draws inspiration from the powerful Greek Gods, Zeus & Chaos, creating an atmosphere of refined debauchery and beautiful chaos.

NYX Club leans towards a casual-chic or dressy-casual dress code. This means you should aim for a stylish and put-together look without being overly formal.

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Occo       Recommended   Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 1 Reviews

Occo in Marbella 14 Jun 2024

Occo is a new concept club restaurant offering exclusive dining, live DJs and delicious drinks. Based in the heart of Marbella, OCCO has become one of the most sought after Dinner Club experiences on the Costa del Sol. A Lebanese cuisine restaurant that will enchant you with a magical atmosphere, personal service and unique entertainment!

At OCCO Marbella, you will enjoy classic Lebanese cuisine consisting of a wide variety of hot and cold mezze, prepared daily, with the freshest ingredients. In Lebanon it’s customary to share. Therefore, they have created the perfect combination of menu options and dishes designed for you to do just that, whilst bringing you a true, authentic and warming touch of Beirut!

OCCO is a world of its own with both a local and international atmosphere - an experience that encapsulates the mysterious essence of the Orient in a luxurious way. The opulent decor is seriously instagramable with their Grand golden entrance to the lavish giant velvet dome tables, perfectly suited for larger groups. They also have spectacular live entertainment and also a DJ later in the evening which gives it a real nightlife vibe as well as being a fine dining establishment. We would recommend starting your evening at OCCO with one of their signature cocktails, expertly blended by their team of mixologists.  You'll probably find yourself having a few more after dinner too!! During dinner, they offer a selection of fine Lebanese wines, especially the reds and also their house Cava is excellent so a girly group will no doubt enjoy a few bottles of that too!

The dress code for the club is smart elegant! Please dress to impress or you won’t be allowed inside the club. 

If you’re looking for a place with good vibes, nice staff, delicious food and amazing entertainment then book a table at Occo! 

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Ocean Club       Recommended   Rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 Reviews

Ocean Club in Algiers 14 Jun 2024
Experience the ultimate in luxury and relaxation at Ocean Club Marbella, where crystal-clear waters meet stunning Mediterranean views. This exclusive beachfront paradise offers opulent amenities, lavish cabanas, and exceptional service, creating a haven for those seeking serenity and sophistication.
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Olivia Valere in Marbella 14 Jun 2024

Olivia Valere Discothèque is located on the Istan Road near the Marbella Mosque above the Golden Mile. Its interior and exterior are, like many houses situated in Andalusia, made in Moorish style, a replica of the Alhambra and the Mezquita, thanks to a big Moorish influence in Andalusia during the Middle Ages. The name Olivia Valere comes from the name of its owner and so-called “dueñas de las discotecas” – a queen of Marbella nightlife, rich and very successful business woman, who started her career in Paris, as a night hostess, working as PR for French Senate, what gave her the idea to open her first own night "Apocalypse", a mixture of a club and a piano bar. On one side there was a piano bar with live music and singers and the other side was a disco. In 1984, she opened in Marbella club Olivia Valère, a 2 in 1 club with disco and restaurant, having showed that she had a big intuition and sense for opening such huge and successful place. For more than 30 years her club is one of the most popular and most elegant nightclubs of Marbella, visited by many celebrities such as: Darryl Hannah, Barry White, Zinedine Zidane, Enrique Iglesias, Prince, Naomi Campbell, Chelsea Clinton, Robert de Niro, Bruce Willis, Ana Obregón, Norma Duval, Prince Harry, Princess Magdalena of Sweden, Mick Jagger, and much more. Usually, nightlife and clubbing are in hands of men, but Olivia Valere showed to the world that, even she is beautiful and gently woman, she has a strong sense for business, and she is still showing it for over 30 years. It’s not easy to follow innovations and changes in the world of clubbing for over 3 decades, but, as she said once: “The success is actually a mixture of things and finding the right balance: beautiful venue, good music, pretty models, celebrities, excellent service, elegant people and harmonious atmosphere”. She fell in love with Marbella, and Marbella felt in love with her club! The first space – Disco, has a capacity for 1000 people. A vast dance floor is ideal for long night dance. The interior is inspired by luxurious Arabic Palaces and that is what makes an exotic environment. The prices of bottles are bit expensive: Johnny Walker Black Label 440€ Johnny Walker Blue Label 800€ Jack Daniel’s 440€ Chivas 440€ Chivas 21 year old 800€ J&B 380€ Gin Larios 380€ Gin Beefeater 380€ Gin Bombay Sapphire 440€ Rum Barcelo 380€ Rum Bacardi 380€ Rum Havana 7 440€ Tequila Patrón Silver 450€ Tequila Patrón Silver Magnum 800€ Tequila Patrón Reposado 490€ Tequila Patrón Reposado Magnum 900€ Tequila Patrón Añejo 550€ Tequila Patrón Añejo Mágnum 1000€ Tequila Patrón Platinum 600€ Tequila Patrón XO Café 600€ Tequila Patrón XO Café Mágnum 1100€ Dom Perignon – from 770€ (0.7l) to 2000€ (1.5l) Louis Roederer – from 850€ (0.7) to 2500€ (1.5l) You can choose between various bottles of Dom Perignon old from 5 (3500€) to 50 years (23000), of Mumm - from X5 (1900€) to X50 (15000€) and of Louis Roederer – from X5 (3900€) to X50 (34000€). Shisha – all flavours 50€ Le Prive Lounge Bar, Mikado Sushi, is a bit different from the Disco because of its Asian style décor, the crystal bar that was made by a Chinese master, and also illuminated by hundreds of candles. Le Prive is perfect for those who prefer relaxing, comfortable and discreet atmosphere. It can host 350 people, and is illuminated by hundreds of candles. Rich menu is consisted by fresh sushi and fish prepared by the best chief and in according to traditional Japanese recipes. It is open every night from 9:30 pm until 1:30 am. The third space is Karen Valere’s Lounge. It is a beautiful space made all in Arabic style, with Oriental arches, pillars, ornaments – all in golden color, with amazing game of lights, combination of candles, beautiful flowers, plants, palms and oriental fragrances. You will have feeling like being in some story from 1001 nights! A complete enjoyment will give you delicious sushi and various oriental dishes that you can taste at Terraza Lounge, in comfortable white and golden armchairs, full of golden oriental pillows. The spirit of old Arabic Andalusia is present everywhere! The restaurant and disco are open from June to September, every night from midnight until 6am. It is possible also to organize private events and parties in beautiful spaces from 1001 nights that can host about 500 persons (sitting). The exterior that looks like gardens from movies about Arabic Emperors and palaces is very luxuries with its gardens, fountains, terraces, walls with Oriental ornaments, palms, so enjoy the Arabic nights in this beautiful environment!

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Pangea in Marbella 14 Jun 2024

The first thing you see when you arrive to Pangea Club is a construction similar to fortress from the Middle Ages, a beautiful building made of old stone, which makes a real medieval atmosphere. It is Puerto Banus Tower. Pangea Club is located just next to the Tower; in Puerto Banus area. There is a beautiful roof terrace, with elegant tables and a beautiful dome in Arabic style, with white curtains, so much characteristic for Andalusia. From the terrace you will enjoy the beautiful view on Puerto Banus Tower and on a port with various beautiful yachts and ships. This magical atmosphere will be ideal for you in case you look for relaxing, open space, far away from closed spaces, full of people and stifling air, what can be a bit difficult during hot summer nights. Instead of that, a fresh wind from the sea will relax you, while you take your drink, sitting in one of various places on the terrace and watching the Tower and the port. Once you arrive in Puerto Banas, you can rich the Club climbing the staircase and you will enter in amazing elegant ambient. Pangea is one of the most top venues in Marbella, visited by many local and international super stars. Its trendy parties are famous along whole Costa del Sol and always full of guests, from season to season. Its open bar and Rooftop open air terrace attract always more and more people. Because of its awesome position, it is essential to book VIP table during high season. There is a big choice of table and entry packages: .and much more The most popular are so called Sintillate nights, from Thursday to Sunday, so come to be a part of this amazing atmosphere, enjoying beautiful view on the harbor and the best music vibes on the roof terrace.

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Tibu in Marbella 14 Jun 2024

Tibu Marbella is not just a club; it's an experience, a destination that embodies the essence of Marbella's glamorous nightlife. Nestled in the heart of Puerto Banus, Tibu has been a beacon of luxury and excitement since its inception, offering a unique fusion of sophistication, exclusivity, and vibrant energy.

Stepping into Tibu Marbella is like stepping into a world where opulence meets modernity. The club's sleek and stylish interior, adorned with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, sets the stage for unforgettable nights. From the moment you enter, you're enveloped in an atmosphere charged with anticipation and excitement, where every corner holds the promise of adventure.

The history of Tibu Marbella is as rich as its ambiance. Established in 2010, Tibu quickly rose to prominence as one of Marbella's premier nightlife destinations. Its reputation for hosting legendary parties and attracting A-list celebrities has made it a must-visit hotspot for locals and tourists alike. Over the years, Tibu has played host to an array of renowned personalities, from international DJs and musicians to movie stars and sports icons. Celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Paris Hilton have graced its dance floors, adding to its allure and mystique.

But Tibu Marbella isn't just about star-studded guest lists and red carpet affairs; it's about creating unforgettable memories. The club's diverse lineup of events ensures that there's something for everyone, whether you're in the mood for a high-energy DJ set, a live performance by top artists, or a themed party that transports you to another world. From champagne-fueled soirées to laid-back lounge sessions, Tibu offers a variety of experiences that cater to every taste and preference.

What sets Tibu Marbella apart from other clubs is its commitment to excellence in every aspect of its operation. From its impeccable service to its carefully curated drink selection, every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure a flawless experience for guests. Whether you're sipping on signature cocktails at the bar or dancing the night away on the club's expansive dance floor, you'll be treated to the highest standards of hospitality and entertainment.

But perhaps the most compelling reason to visit Tibu Marbella is the undeniable vibe that permeates every inch of the venue. There's an energy in the air, a palpable sense of excitement and possibility that draws you in and refuses to let go. It's the kind of place where you can let loose, be yourself, and revel in the moment without a care in the world.

Tibu stands out as one of Marbella's premier clubs, not only for its luxurious ambiance and vibrant atmosphere but also for its dedication to delivering unforgettable experiences. With its world-class entertainment, impeccable service, and exquisite cocktails, Tibu creates a nightlife haven where every guest can indulge in opulence and revel in the magic of Marbella's nightlife scene. It's more than just a club; it's an institution of excellence, drawing in patrons from around the globe to bask in its unparalleled allure.

Whether you're a seasoned clubgoer or a first-time visitor, Tibu Marbella offers an experience like no other. It's a place where dreams are realized, friendships are forged, and memories are made that last a lifetime. So why should you go to Tibu Marbella? Because life is too short to settle for anything less than extraordinary, and Tibu is where the extraordinary happens every night.

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