230 Fifth Rooftop in New York 3 Jun 2023

230 FIFTH is New York's largest outdoor Rooftop Garden and Fully enclosed Penthouse Lounge. It is a live music venue, restaurant, and bar located in the heart of NYC, named after its location at 230 5th Ave. It is a 30,000 square foot indoor and outdoor bar, lounge, and event space. The space is divided into two floors. The 20th floor, which is completely enclosed with views of the city, consists of a lounge and private rooms. The 21st floor, which is completely open to the air, is where the igloos, heat lamps, and cabins are during the winter months. They do have large umbrellas for those sunny or rainy days and are partially heated on colder nights. 

The terrace has seating for approximately 1000 people and offers some really magical views of the Manhattan skyline, with the Empire State Building as a mighty focal point. It is both an inside and open-air venue that is complemented by a large indoor lounge fully enclosed and with panoramic windows taking care of the views. It is nicely decorated with a lot of wooden furniture and some palm trees on the terrace.

If you’re visiting New York with some friends, the best is to go at night. The background music is a bit loud, but you’ll enjoy the lights of the Empire State Building. If you’re traveling with your children, you may know that it will be impossible to spend the night at the 230 Fifth Rooftop, but you can go with them during the week before 7 pm or for a brunch on Saturday or Sunday.

The rooftop bar delivers a wide selection of both food and drinks. There are well-made classic & specialty cocktails along with beer and wine, both on tap/glass and in a bottle. Their cocktails are delicious! The food menu ranges from bar bites to more full dinner meals like burgers, salmon, fish & chips, and a big selection of sushi. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, there’s a large variety of food. The buffet suits any taste: eggs, bacon, salads, fruits, cheese, and different kinds of bread. Best of all is the highly recommended 230 Fifth brunch buffet, a 'must try' and one of the top NYC rooftop brunches. 

The 230 Fifth Rooftop's opening times are Monday to Sunday, they are open every day but after midnight, it’s only a bar and they don’t serve any food. Brunch is available on Saturday and Sunday only, from 10 am to 4 pm, but if you’re looking for a hotspot that is open all year round then this is the place to be. 

During the weekdays the dress code is casual but for men, leave your tank tops or sweat pants in your luggage! On weekends, you must be dressed in your upscale casual outfit which means no athletic wear, baggy jeans, t-shirts, hoodies or ripped jeans.

Come for relaxing and sunny drinks with a view during the daytime or enjoy the vibrant party atmosphere at night at one of the most popular rooftop bars in New York! 

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Bounce Sporting Club in New York 3 Jun 2023

Open for food and drinks only

With venues in New York and Chicago, the Bounce Sporting Club is one of the finest and most extravagant clubs around. Styled after classic gentlemen's lounges and sports bars, it takes the sleekness and sultry comfort you see on screen in the likes of Mad Men and makes it a reality you can enjoy. Just like in old school sports bars, you can enjoy a selection of light bites, gourmet pub food, and sandwiches, hand crafted in their kitchen. They are open for brunch and for dinner. But the real magic is in the drinks. From their speciality cocktails to old classics, although the menu may seem a little limited, rest assured they only serve the finest drinks. They also provide bottle service, with "mega" cups of cocktails or spirits and mixers to share, four varieties of sangria, and the "Jungle Juice" of the week. They have an array of weekly events, with different themes each. Bounce Thursdays offer a more relaxed and conventional club and lounge atmosphere. Bounce back Fridays offer a retro music night. Get Down Saturday and Sunday Funday are their most lively, energetic nights, complete with the latest tunes and sexy guests hitting the dance floor until the early hours of the morning. Seating arrangements at Bounce Club New York are designed for intimacy and comfort. The booths are snug without being oppressive, and there are plenty of tables and booths from which you can people watch with ease. The bar is long and easy to get to, and the lighting is soft and flattering. The music is generally upbeat and friendly, featuring pop, top 40s, 90s and early 2000s tracks, classic rock, pop punk, hip hop, and other danceable, fun, uplifting tunes. It isn't exactly one of Stockholm's best dance clubs, as the ambiance itself focuses more on socializing and relaxing and the dance floor is not big. But if you feel like dancing the music is spot on. The Bounce nightclub has a very strict dress code which is enforced. At least for men. Gentlemen need to wear dress clothes or smart casual. Preferably dress shoes and shirts, but a smart t-shirt and sneakers or high tops are fine. Sportswear, khakis, hats, shorts, distressed or baggy clothes, or tank tops are all forbidden. Women have a bit more flexibility. Anything that is fashionable and classy is allowed. But swimwear, distressed clothes, and sportswear are still forbidden, and heels with a chic cocktail dress is the look they prefer. Do not be surprised if you show up underdressed and aren't allowed in. When it comes to reservations, getting on the guest list can be difficult, but is definitely recommended. Not only will you get priority entry when you queue, but it will be much easier to reserve a table, get bottle service, or upgrade to VIP. This is a very busy venue and you don't want to be lost in the crowd. Remember that, as with Fou, you can reserve a table for dinner as well, if you want to make a full night of it.

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Electric Room in New York 3 Jun 2023
In 2011, the Electric Room opened its doors for the first time. It kicked off with a performance by anyone other than the love of Courtney. This place can be accessed by a spiral staircase behind the graffiti-laden loading entrance or lobby, although most choose the former. The Electric Room is located at 355W 16th Street, New York, NY, 10011, below Dream Downtown. There are about 100 people in the intimate room where there is a full bar servicing, high-end spirits and speciality cocktail features. The electric room entrance is literally something that is a hole in the wall, but that is in the interior. Brown leather sofas featuring the Union Jack flag are laid out around the lounge while red velvet and black leather chairs line the perimeter The Electric Room has a novel, run-down entrance that makes you feel special about knowing where it is. For those who do not think of having a charge on their phone, the phone's charging station is available across the entire club. No matter how they enter, those who are walking behind the perfect blue velvet curtains, they assure the stunner's single room, listed footballer Sienna Miller, the list of listed athletes and old rock stars who still know about the party. The deep room of the hotel, the Electric Room Rule Britannia cool, is highly fascinating with the entire strip's beautiful night, the crawler with wooden panelled walls, Gothic Chandelier, subversive graffiti and leather coach Old Glory and Union Jack. The Electric Room is a fully stocked bar that is located at the end of the hall, just past the DJ booth. Although no online beverage menu is available, it is assured to get an Electric Room signature drink, which changes from night to night. Custom artwork, full sound system, 108 high-definition plasma screen TVs, and a comfort food menu that includes spicy meatballs, mini cheeseburgers and BLTs makes this place unforgettable for people who visit it. Difficult to find, electric rooms are even harder to leave. DJ's new rock and electronica touch at night as well as non-mainstream dance- punk mix like LCD sound system is there to refresh your mind. Every night, with an emphasis on Electric Room rock, the style plays an open format. The DJ booth is on the front and right of the lounge sofa, on your right side, and just before the bar. Downtown Fashions, models, successful local artists, musicians, athletes, celebrities, and sometimes I- banker are thrown in for good measurements in the early 20s to 40s. On any night, rock and roll soundtrack moves from White Strip to Radiohead. For a curated experience, enjoy one of their signature nights; Sunday with a rotating open format DJ set with "DJ" and "Underground" electronic music. One of the rules for dressing for the Electric Room is that you will love it. This is strictly enforced and bouncers have the right to refuse entries without consent. Sandals, shorts, athletic gear, and baggy or fitter jeans are out of the question. As an average Joe, your best bet is a button-down and a dress shoe. Ladies, when a brief, tight dress with heels is typical of NYC, Electric Room is not against to pants, jeans, shorts, and crop tops.
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Lavo in New York 3 Jun 2023

Since 2010, LAVO nightclub has earned fame as one of New York City's most preferred clubs. Since its inauguration a few years ago, the club has proven to be the destination for both celebrity bashes and headliner performances. Inspired by the original LAVO Las Vegas, LAVO boasts a downtown vibe with an uptown sensitivity to New York nightclubs. LAVO is located at 39 East 58th Street, two blocks away from the southeast corner of the Midtown eastern Central Park. There are several different transit options in the surrounding area; one of them is near the 59th St. Lexington Avenue station, which provides services for N, Q and R trains. When you think of LAVO, think of the feeling, think of the highest class and an impressive costume. LAVO guest list has met with all the places, celebrities and high-class people throughout the NYC.

The club admits this city with its most interesting, fashionable and rich people on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. The venue's sound and lighting system are top notches; attracting some of the world's most famous DJs. Once you enter the tassel-lined curtains, you will immediately see glossy leather booths and smooth finished wooden panels. The VIP areas of LAVO are relatively raised and host some of the leading guests in New York. Elevated DJ booths can be seen anywhere in the venue with the LED screen. The interior is also perfect so that you can actually dance with a large dance floor in front of the raised DJ booth. You can expect to hear the hottest house and dance tracks from LAVO's top producers throughout the weekend. They are well known for their world famous performances such as Steve Aoki, Tiesto, and Third Party. If not already mentioned, the music of LAVO will not be changed overnight. LAVO places a solid focus on electronic music in a low mainstream context, so that you will hear some fresh stuff that other clubs will not touch for fear of scaring away the crowd. Located behind the overwhelming DJ booth at LAVO, the rest of the club is elevated above hence you will not miss it. LAVO is a theoretical, all-itself stylish, modern club that has been in the performance for some of the most popular DJs in the world. Two fully stocked bars guarantee that LAVO lounges for your cocktails.

The LVO is huge with the capacity of 500 people, which seem to be even wilder. On the opposite of the club, LAVO has two fully stocked bars. LAVO has a unique cocktail list, but the bartenders are more than happy to accommodate your palette. Collared shirts, suit jackets, and some sexy footwear are necessary. Ladies, who took out the high heels, and made a statement with a curve, defined dress. All the latest trends are guaranteed to be highlighted and pressed throughout LAVO. Forget athletic gear, shorts, flip-flop, or baggy clothes. A fashionable atmosphere is strictly prohibited to maintain. Door attendant will turn you away if you dress without finesse, so keep it classy and you will not have to worry.

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Magic Hour in New York 3 Jun 2023

Open for outdoor dining only

If you want a relaxed nightclub experience, then you need to get to Magic Hour club in New York. It is New York City's largest indoor and outdoor all season rooftop club, bar, and lounge. Located in the Moxy Hotels building, 18 floors up, Magic Hour is split into five different environments. The giant animal girls outside are great fun. They are topiary animals cut into fun and suggestive positions, in case there was any doubt in your mind that you were attending an adult oriented venue. Further inside this continues with Foreplay, their mini golf course with humanoid animals in sexy poses instead of the usual windmill challenges. The rest of the venue has a sort of fairground feel to it. There is a small interior lounge with a bit of an industrial feel to it, with wire panels, metal frames, and a rough finish. The bare lightbulbs and curtains, and metal finishes tend to continue as a trend throughout the building. The East side outdoor space overlooks the Empire State Building and is decorated as an upscale garden party. The West side is a true carnival of fun, with one seating area even rotating like a fairground carousel. Look out for the elephant lamp! The decor everywhere is trendy and quirky, with a medley of prints and patterns on the furniture that somehow comes together just right. The indoor plants add an extra layer of wild and quirky fun to this venue. There are sexy animals and circus themes everywhere, but they fit in so well that you might only notice them when looking closely. With all round full length windows you will be able to look out over the city at night, which is a beautiful sight to behold. If you choose to sit on the rotating platform you get a great view of the city from different angles as you spin. The Magic Hour nightclub boasts a full bar with some top name brands and plenty of delicious speciality cocktails. None of the cocktails are very strong, and you will probably want bottle service or just straight shots if you want to get a real buzz going. The venue sells a selection of light bites, in case you want something to eat before the party starts, or to revive you for the dance floor. They are all unique creations from their own kitchen, and are based on classic dishes with a nice twist. There is a coat check available at the door, and the staff everywhere are very friendly and eager to please. If you need anything at all just ask them and they will probably comply, or at least see what they can do. Because the venue can be very busy they encourage making reservations. They are actually so busy that just because you make a reservation doesn't mean you have it! You will need to wait for a reply to confirm your reservation has been made and there is a table for you.

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Marquee New York in New York 3 Jun 2023
Marquee NYC first opened its doors in 2003. It is operated by Strategic Hospitality Group, which operates some of the most successful nightclubs in the United States. Marquee hosts a catwalk surrounded halfway behind the club; Actors, dancers, fire-breathing sensors, acrobats and other entertainment use this space. Marquee hosts several occasions, such as DJs, performance pieces, and fashion shows. It is located in the West Chelsea neighbourhood of Manhattan, at the corner of 27th St. and 10th Ave, on 289 10th Ave. The nearest subway station are at 23rd Street and at 8th Avenue C and E. Marquee's layout focuses on neon and laser-lighting fantasy, giving a unique feeling of leather, polished metal and retro accent with LED panel, ranging from the floor to the ceiling. The layout gives the opportunity to watch a wide variety of two-stage dance floors with a large, vibrant chandelier hanging from 30-feet ceilings; allowing the lighting to enlighten everything. The club attracts a young audience, who completes the space in mid-week on Marquee's most popular day. It is people’s first choice for a great night out. Marquee bottle service usually ranges from $ 600 to $ 7,500; depending on where you sit, and how many people are in your group. Marquee's table runs at a premium, even for the NYC standard. A standard 10-person VIP table will cost at least $ 3,000. Price of this place is higher than most of the nightclubs of Meatpacking District but it provides the best experience around. There are two other bars of the club, though you are on the right side of the main bar when you enter the main line. A separate area called in a bomb box room is on the backside of the mezzanine and there is another one, at the second level. All bars offer vodka; choices include Ketel 1, Absolut Elyx, and Grey Goose VX. Marquee D’USSE, Hennessy VS and Hennessy XO give a trick like this. They do not have a signature cocktail, but bar staff can create any cocktail you want. Marquee's half-million dollar Funktion 1 sound system has taken a pitch from famous artists like Tiesto and David Guetta. To hear more open format, come on Wednesday night; while there are played the underground houses of commercial house on Saturday night. The DJ booth sits on a stage at the front of the house, pumping music through a Funktion 1 sound system. It hosts DJ like Tiesto, David Guetta, Martin Solveig, EC Twins, BT, Sander Van Doorn, Laidback Luke, and Gareth Emery. If Marquee nightclub heads you, you should know that if they force a dress code and you do not meet the requirements then you would not be allowed in the club. The Marquee Night Club is an upscale and trendy nightclub, and its dress code is no different. Door attendants strictly strengthen the dress code, and the entry is at their discretion. Follow the guidelines below so you do not miss the nightlife fun. For guys, no shorts, caps or athletic attire. Stick to collared shirts, fitting dark denim or pants paired with fashionable shoes. Ladies with a little black dress and heels cannot go wrong.
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MK Lounge in New York 3 Jun 2023

Maru Karaoke Lounge has the best nightlife experience located on West 32nd Street of New York City's Koreatown, a two-minute walk from the Empire State Building. Opened in 2004, the bi-level establishment boasts an impressive interior and stunning aesthetic, which contributes to the enticing ambiance for all patrons. It is a classy modern lounge with over 6,000 square feet to sing and dance the night away. The design includes a tunnel-like bar space awash in neon purple that will leave you in awe. A range of rooms accommodates all party sizes, with six private karaoke rooms that have a wide selection of the latest music in order to enrich your singing experience.

Head to this third-floor karaoke lounge via a freight elevator where you’ll notice the interior of the venue is eclectic to the well-proportioned main room with a lot of classical details. You can book your own private karaoke room, sip on tasty drinks and when you need to replenish with some food, they have an extensive list of wing flavors.

Maru Karaoke Lounge is equipped with the latest karaoke machines, sound systems, and a mixture of traditional and modern cuisine to complement your evening. If you’re looking to party at a trendy lounge with an extensive selection of music that includes a mixture of English, Korean and Chinese songs to keep you dancing all night, this is the place to be. You’re able to experience a night of fun with your very own private karaoke room within the bars that block out all of the outside noise. They have one of the best-crafted cocktails, an extensive drink menu, and the best resident DJs to ensure your night will be one to remember. 

Maru Karaoke Lounge caters to private events, parties, birthday parties, and Corp events as well. Refined elegance comes in subtle luxuries that will make you feel ready to party from the moment you step in; a glass-walled interior space, LED-lit tables, concrete accents, classic cocktails, an extensive bottle list, seasonally inspired small plates, and an informed and welcoming service.

The dress code at Maru is casual dress. No sweatpants, no flip flops, no shorts, no cargo pants, no tank tops, and no baseball caps for guys. Please dress to impress others or you won’t be able to get in! The minimum age required to enter is 21+ with proper ID and attire. Apart from the attractive surroundings, there is an expansive food and drink selection that includes surprisingly tasty Korean bites like bulgogi buns. There is a wide range of alcohol selections as well inclusive of lychee martinis, Cognac, Tequila, Whiskey, and also Champagne. If you’d like to have a bite to eat before partying, they have tasty treats which include small bites to desserts to keep you energized and fueled to dance and sing all night long.   

An elegant lounge by dawn, and a clubby hotspot by dusk, Maru Karaoke is truly the best of both worlds. Sing your heart out at one of the best karaoke bars in NYC!

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Nebula in New York 3 Jun 2023

Nebula New York, the city’s top-notch mega-club, is a major game-changer in New York’s nightlife industry. The enormous club was founded in 2021 by Richie Romero, a former partner at Butter Group, the force behind 1OAK and Up&Down, and Yang Gao, the co-founder of MIXX Lifestyle Group. This explains the club’s continued success.

Nebula is an 11,000-square-foot mega-club located at 135 W. 41st St. in Midtown Manhattan, just off of Times Square. With space for 700 patrons, it features a 5,500-square-foot floor, a 2,500-square-foot mezzanine and a 3,000-square-foot lower level. Aside from providing an incredible nightclub experience with great music and cocktails, Nebula is also home to cutting-edge technology. The club boasts a moving ceiling consisting of 6 huge screens. When the six different screens are combined, they produce a large venue-spanning screen with a variety of graphics including the night sky and rhythmic flashing lights beneath which guests can dance until the sun comes up. There is also a D&B sound system that pumps out the beats. Nebula also features three private club rooms dedicated to private groups for those who are wary of big crowds. Each room has its own sound system and restroom, with a capacity of 20-40 people. One of the club’s strongest features is its innovative and creative interior. Nebula, as the name implies, showcases an astronomical design inspired by the interstellar. 

Nebula’s location has a long history in clubland. It was formerly Saci, Show and Arena. Most recently, it housed Circle, a Korean American spot that defined going out for a generation of the Asian and Asian American communities in New York until it closed in 2018. The private events, which take place on weeknights, are a lucrative sideline to the main attraction: weekend dance parties with top DJs from around the world, including Jamie Jones, Artbat, Eric Prydz, DJ Makj and Rony Seikaly who push electronic music and the NYC nightlife experience as a whole to new heights. The club also attracts some of the most popular artists and musicians to perform. The musicians include Storm Lever and Daniel Quadrino who performed in special Broadway Plus performances after the nightclub opened its doors. 

The club feels split between worlds — it’s a Brooklyn warehouse oasis within Midtown Manhattan’s desert of dance music spaces, and it’s simultaneously a bottle service club with all the trappings of a much larger, high-tech concert venue.The  nightclub specializes in an unparalleled combination of disco, nu-disco, funk, soul, and house, setting the way for partygoers and electronic music enthusiasts from all over the world.

The dress code at Nebula is basically dress to impress! No athletic or leisure wear is allowed. The club reserves the right to turn down anyone that isn’t appropriately dressed to their standards. The minimum age requirement is 21.

For partygoers seeking an innovative and unique clubbing experience in the heart of NYC, Nebula will be the ideal destination for a night like no other.

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Paradise in New York 3 Jun 2023

Paradise Club is located on the 7th floor at The Times Square Edition on 701 7th Ave, New York. Paradise Club is an upscale nightclub and immersive theatrical experience located in Times Square, NYC at the boutique Edition Hotel. It is the brainchild of Studio 54's Ian Schrager, featuring elevated food and beverage from Michelin star chef, John Fraser, this edgy and provocative modern-day Cabaret manifests the disorder of the City and adds a whole new dimension to the hotel and to the neighbourhood. It is designed to house the club’s own edgy live show, the space features a state-of-the-art production studio that allows for live simulcasts and global broadcasts, as well as locally to a best-in-class 17,000 sf-8K-8mm Jumbotron in Times Square and a high definition digital screen on the club stage. Adding to the drama are sultry, rich red velvet interiors, bespoke murals, and a sensational lighting effects system by Tony and Academy Award-winning designer Fisher Marantz of Studio 54 fame. At 2,980 square feet, Paradise Club can accommodate 135 guests in its existing setup, or up to 300 guests standing.

Paradise Club is an inventive, chaotic, high production spectacle perfectly suited for Times Square and has a one-of-a-kind entertainment venue available for private events. It is pure drama, elegantly suited for performances, runway shows, or private parties, among others.

If you’re looking to dance the night away on their bustling, colourful dance floor you should attend one of their unique, signature parties every Friday and Saturday with world-class DJs and performances. Every Saturday, Paradise club has high-production, themed signature parties featuring internationally acclaimed DJs alongside live cabaret, costumed dancers, aerialist performances, and more to tantalize your senses.

The menu of Paradise Club includes a variety of in total 33 different dishes. The restaurant offers a wide selection of regional and even international beers, either fruity, creamy, or refreshing - you can enjoy a whole variety of cocktails at the restaurant. 

You can book reservations for birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, wedding receptions, or other celebrations at Paradise Club. The venue is only open on Friday and Saturday and the live DJs mostly play EDM and top 40 music to keep you active on the dance floors. 

Looking out over a sea of sexy, sensual, and enticingly dressed people is one of the greatest treats at a lifestyle VIP club! The Paradise Club creates that sexy, upscale atmosphere by requiring members to follow their “dress to impress” code. For the men: No sneakers, t-shirts, undershirts, gym clothing, or baseball caps. For the ladies: Sexy and seductive outfits are recommended. However, management reserves the right to refuse anyone from entering the club based on overall appearance or demeanor. The dress code at Paradise Club is strict so please choose your outfit properly so that you avoid any issues at the door.

If you have a taste for the finer things and fodder for your Instagram feed, then Paradise Club won’t fail to satisfy you. The club’s minimum age requirement is 21+ only.

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PHD in New York 3 Jun 2023
PH-D is a rooftop lounge in downtown New York. Known for its classy clientele, incredibly scenic views and delicious cocktails, PH-D has been able to maintain their presence in the busy metropolitan. Whether you are a tourist visiting New York or a local who wants to have some drinks after work or you have something to celebrate, PH-D has amazing cocktails, a great menu for food and great amounts of champagne for any celebration. PH-D lounge is also a popular pre-drinking location for the elite of New York. The cocktails range from refreshing to light on the alcohol to the best, top shelves booze, you won’t be able to get your hands on elsewhere. The entrance is through the Dream Hotel Lobby, the hotel, much like the lounge, is an upscale place where you can enjoy a nice dinner and rest in the comfortable, luxurious rooms before heading up to PH-D lounge on the rooftop and enjoying a drink or two before it gets lively with DJs and people. The rooftop lounge, PH-D, is also known to be the number one rooftop lounge for celebrities in New York. Blake Lively, Chris Rock, Katie Holmes and Michael J. Fox have all been spotted at PH-D rooftop lounge regularly in New York. Top model Naomi Campbell reportedly had the time of her life while celebrating her birthday at PH-D rooftop lounge in 2016. After her transition, Caitlyn Jenner was seen outside for the first time at PH-D rooftop lounge, showing her support for the LGBTQ community during Pride month 2015. PH-D is commonly mentioned in the media by big names like The New York Post mentioning mega-star Rihanna visiting PH-D lounge and highlighting the lounge as a premier venue in New York to host viewing parties. People magazine, Just Jared, USA Today and Page six have all mentioned PH-D rooftop lounge for events like Serena Williams celebrating her French open Championship at PH-D as well as mentioning Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde celebrating the debut of Meadowland. PH-D also gained a lot of celebrity exposure during and after the launch of DuJour magazine. It is safe to say that the rooftop lounge, located in New York, has a lot of glamourous visitors. You can be one of them, anytime you want. PH-D welcomes walk-ins but might want to check availability for the seats with the beautiful, scenic views of the New York skyline, the fresh, calming views of the Hudson river and a clear view of the iconic Empire State building so you can ensure to have the best time possible while sipping your delicious cocktails. The rooftop lounge offers heaters out on the terrace for those chilly nights as well as having inside seating for those who do not want to be outside during the cold or just prefer an inside table.
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PHD Terrace in New York 3 Jun 2023

One of the hottest spots in NYC open during the 2020 pandemic. 

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 Hip Hop, Latin at Private Party in New York 3 Jun 2023
Private parties happening around NYC Request guest list for entrance
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Somewhere Nowhere in New York 3 Jun 2023

Somewhere Nowhere is NYC’s highest lounge, nightclub, and rooftop pool. It is a two-level nightclub featuring an upscale lounge and rooftop pool with garden-inspired décor that sits at the top of the Renaissance NY Chelsea Hotel located at 112 W 25th St, on the 38 and 39th floors. On the first level, you will find a trendy and modern lounge and dance floor, and a state-of-the-art sound and lighting effect system. On the upper, rooftop level, you will find unique Teardrop Igloo VIP sections to pop bottles in style with a majestic view of the Manhattan skyline. 

This 5,516 square foot luxury day life and nightlife destination is designed to artfully merge progressive sound and lighting technology with garden-inspired décor and magical design to indulge guests in an immersive nightlife experience. The experience starts as soon as you enter the building’s decadent arched entry and into the magical passageway decorated with custom art pieces of gnomes and fireflies, neon signs, and lantern sconces from another time. The gnomes are crafted from translucent resin and tinted with brightly colored pigment, humorously creating a glorified lawn ornament. Each one, which is unique, is installed on a lighted platform to glow in the darkness. 

Somewhere Nowhere, which claims to be the tallest hotel rooftop with a pool in New York City offering an immersive escape, aims to "tantalize all five senses" using vibrant lights that will dim over time to signal day turning to night, whimsical décor by Let It Be Made 8, a state-of-the-art sound system by DNA Illuminations (the first club to use KV2 Audio Speakers in NYC), and even the scent of a magical forest. Get transported up to the clouds and enter the secret whimsical garden-inspired lounge where you are greeted by the curated sounds of top international and local DJs. Next, venture to the top level and experience the decadence of the club’s indoor lounge and open-air rooftop pool which boasts 360-views of Manhattan's majestic skyline as far as the eye can see. Nothing quite says summer in the city like a rooftop pool. Break free from the hustle and bustle of NYC and bask in the open air while you relax at the poolside, sip craft cocktails, and listen to live jazz music. 

Open 7 days a week, guests can wind down after work with a delicious cocktail and tapas or dance late into the morning to the beats of their nightly roster of DJs, or have an immersive dinner experience with a magic show. The club offers premium bottle service, VIP admission, and celebratory presentation for birthday celebrations, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or nights out with friends. It offers guests a unique escape from the busy streets and sounds of NYC without having to leave the city. 

Somewhere Nowhere has very exclusive, seasonal, and lounge menus with international fare with some vegan and vegetarian options, including freshly grated truffle grilled cheese, impossible sliders, avocado blossom, and lobster rolls. More importantly, the cocktail menu will pull ingredients from various points around the world with tropical notes using hibiscus and passionfruit and some spices like ancho chili.

We kindly ask guests to abide by their wardrobe guidelines when visiting Somewhere Nowhere. The rules and vibe are upscale & trendy. No shorts, athletic wear, team logos, or tank tops are permitted. If you want to get into this club, you will need to abide by their rules. However, final admittance is at the discretion of the door host and Management. The minimum age requirement is strictly 21+

If you’re looking to have fun at a rooftop lounge, nightclub, and rooftop pool. Somewhere Nowhere promises to deliver a full-sensory experience that'll transport you to a fairytale-like garden.

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Tao Downtown in New York 3 Jun 2023
Tao Club in New York is an Asian bistro and nightclub. There are actually two Tao clubs, one uptown and one down town. Both are ran by the same people and to the same standard, so where you go just depends on your personal preference or where you happen to be at the time. You will find the red and gold tones of the building from the outside quite inviting, and you will feel drawn inside. Inside the decor is sublime. Combining graffiti portraits of traditionally dressed East Asian women with club lighting and disco balls makes for an amazing environment. The warmth of tea lights and chandeliers and the roughness of the bricks in this New York nightclub creates an amazing blend of textures and colours that will leave you wowed. The decor in Tao Club New York is basically a work of art in and of itself. The booths are fairly comfortable, upholstered in pleather and with plenty of room for individuals or groups to gather round or spread out, enjoying the environment as they please. It makes for perfect lounging to have a nice drink at the end of a long day, catch up with friends, or meet new people. The dance floor is reasonably sized, and when it's packed you will feel an atmosphere really getting going. The music starts out quite soft earlier in the night, to cater to the restaurant clientele, and builds up as the night progresses, turning into more of a party atmosphere. If you feel that there is not enough energy when you first arrive, stop, have something to eat, and wait a few hours. It will build up. The seating is mostly open benches, which encourages mingling and talking, but there are some options of smaller tables. The bar includes no seating and wraps around in a horseshoe shape, making it easy to order drinks. The Tao also offers a restaurant selection of Asian fusion cuisine. You can either take a seat and have a meal, or order some tasting plates and have a light snack with your drinks, to energize you for a night or partying. You will find the clientele is very mixed, with some young people and some older people, however everyone is friendly and you will most likely enjoy yourself and meet some new and interesting people, even if you feel out of place at first. The staff are incredibly attentive and you will feel well cared for at this venue. Getting into the restaurant side is not too difficult earlier in the night, when there are plenty of tables, but as the night goes on it can get insanely crowded in there and you may not be able to get in. When it comes to the club itself, a reservation is the only way of getting in most nights. If you plan on coming for a meal and a drink you can probably just walk in, but if you want to come for the night life, you should instead consider reserving a table or bottle service well in advance.
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The DL in New York 3 Jun 2023

Open for rooftop dinner and drinks only

The DL is a multi-floor lounge in the Lower East Side of New York city. They offer a bunch of services from dinner parties in their luxurious restaurant to sexy anniversary parties in their red room to rooftop parties in their third-floor roof deck. Reviewers describe the service with words like spectacular, exquisite and classy. The bartenders of The DL seem to be liked as well as the chefs and the hosting staff. On the first floor of The DL s multi-level Lounge, is a restaurant with huge chandeliers. The restaurant has a great menu for food, desserts and drinks and has a large capacity for lunches and dinners. The chic look of the restaurant looks enchanting as you enter with their traditional meets modern style of décor. The food is the type of food you would expect from a restaurant around the neighborhood, delicious and rich in flavor. If you like to be a little more provocative with your private events or parties, The Red Room on the second floor of The DL lounge is just for you! The Red Room, just like its name is red. The sultry look to this room, along with the kind of music the DJs play, all fit together and become one great place to flirt, dance and party. Whether for an anniversary, adult birthday, bachelorette party or a masquerade party, The Red Room will make your night a night filled with fiery fun. The cocktails you have enjoyed downstairs at the restaurant are also available in the Red Room as well as an iPod dock for you to play your own music during private parties and events. On the top floor of The DL is a place that you will dream about for a very long time. A rooftop deck with views of the Williamsburg bridge, light and fresh air, a fantastic music system, an HD video wall and a cover for those unexpected, rainy days. The Rooftop deck on The DL is the largest detachable rooftop in New York city and hosts many private events throughout the year. A great place for anyone who wants to party in a classy, airy location with a great view and great drinks, The Rooftop deck on The DL is just for you. Whether you just want to have dinner or dinner and drinks or dinner, drinks and some dancing, The DL in New York city will go beyond your expectations. They have fun events you can attend throughout the year like special events such as ‘’Brazil loves to dance’’ to launch parties to birthday parties to famous DJs.

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The Fleur Room in New York 3 Jun 2023

A new rooftop destination plants itself in the firmament of New York nightlife. The Fleur Room is located at 105 W 28th Street on Moxy Chelsea’s 35th floor. The glass-encased lounge has a 360-degree view of the Manhattan skyline, from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building. The club officially opened its doors on March 7, 2019. The design by Rockwell Group adds a glamorous touch to the botanical theme with rich floral fabrics, a copper-clad bar, a water droplet chandelier, and a massive vintage disco ball that once graced the infamous LA Club Vertigo.  At the touch of a button, the glass walls of the lounge retract to create an alfresco sky veranda. Since opening its doors, it has become one of the hottest rooftop bars and for good reason, the entire design creates a sophisticated and vintage vibe. 

The Fleur Room is a one-of-a-kind experience that takes guests' breath away the moment they step out of the elevator. It’s divided into two spaces: a more casual room complete with a full classic bar and ample seating, and a second, wider room lined with banquettes that transitions into a dance floor as the night goes on. To heighten the experience, the staff raises the garage-style windows to let in the fresh air on warm spring and summer evenings. True to its name—and tipping its hat to the historic Flower District—The Fleur Room welcomes guests to a space filled with floral themes, from the massive bouquet at the entrance to the flora-encased glass tables to the floral-patterned furnishings.

Fridays and Saturdays are your best bet at The Fleur Room. By 12:30 a.m., it becomes the most fun, crazy room—but cool and curated, elevated and elegant. It’s an old-school dance party, with New York as the backdrop. Weeknights can also be a great time and tend to have smaller crowds. Guests can enjoy the relaxed lounge atmosphere and cocktail menu from opening through sunset, and as evening turns into late night, the atmosphere turns more celebratory as a DJ begins cranking the music and the dance floor fills with partygoers. The type of music played is the open format: a mix from groovy, to pop, to hip hop. The music varies to suit many different tastes and the vibe gets more clubby as the night progresses.

The Fleur Room has a reputation for attracting high-profile guests; so you never know who you’re going to see. In fact, the lounge has already hosted well-known visitors such as Mick Jagger, Idris Elba, Sebastian Stan, Mina Cvetkovic, and Chace Crawford, among others.

Be advised that The Fleur Room is pretty strict on dress code, upscale fashionable attire is required. For guys, they recommend a collared shirt, pants, and nice shoes. No basketball shorts, team jerseys, baseball caps, robes, or tank tops will be permitted in the venue. Ladies can’t go wrong with a little black dress and heels. Please note, however, that entrance is always at the discretion of the door staff. Please also keep in mind that all guests must be 21+ w/a valid ID to enter.

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Turntable Lounge in New York 3 Jun 2023

Hidden away in the heart of Midtown, Turntable Lounge is a trendy but casual Korean gastropub that radiates a welcoming and laid-back vibe featuring a high-fidelity custom sound system. It was founded by Kiyoung Lee-owner of Turntable Chicken Jazz and Turntable LP Bar & Karaoke-and new Partner Jeremy Seong, owner of the East Village's Thursday Kitchen. The lounge is the only spot where Korean Fried Chicken and signature cocktails hang out together under the pretense of staying sober while making a ‘happy wind’. You’ll be picking the right tracks to sing along to! And with all the trappings of retro-modernica neatly fleshed out in what we might call a vinyl-hardwood-clad speakeasy, this joint is anything but ordinary! Vintage turntables play original LP records in the background as you enjoy world-class fried chicken feasters. Turntable Lounge is definitely the spot to let loose, with tasty fried chicken, beer set to pumping beats, and the option of karaoke too.

The industrial-chic space was designed entirely by Mr. Lee, featuring concrete floors and walls, wooden tables, high ceilings, and a catwalk that displays his LP collection, which these days numbers over 50,000. Walking around the space, guests will find vintage rock concert posters from all of the icons (many of them signed), including The Beatles, Van Halen, Bruce Springsteen, and Bob Marley. A photo of pioneering audio engineer James B. Lansing hangs on the wall opposite the bar, an homage to the creator of the speakers that fill Turntable with crisp, high-fidelity sound. Stacks of dormant high-end receivers and audio equipment are also placed decoratively around the space. Large projectors beam black and white movies and other graphics onto the walls, adding an element of otherworldliness to the experience.

The vibe is decidedly fun and casual, as there is no table service and food will be served on disposable plates. The menu features dishes meant for sharing and pairing with ice-cold beer; fried chicken is a specialty prepared in the traditional Korean style.  Apart from its crispy fried chicken, Turntable is also known for its Shoestring fries smothered in sautéed kimchi and Applewood smoked bacon, stir-fried spicy pork tacos, fried oysters with katsuobushi, katsu sauce, and wasabi aioli. Beverages include a variety of canned and bottled beers and draft options that use the Bottoms Up system, which fills cups from the bottom up using a special magnet. A concise list of red and white wine by the glass, in addition to well-priced mid-range bottles, is also available, and cold sake by the cup. A full bar offers a compliment of creative cocktails, and slush machines allow for boozy frozen drinks.

Turntable Rock Café & Lounge features a rotating list of DJs spinning music ranging from '80s and 90s rock and pop to contemporary house and dance music. Weekly events are scheduled including karaoke nights, wine/sake promotions, and party nights. 

The dress code is casual wear! So whether it’s for happy hour, date night, drinks on the town, a birthday bash, a last minute dinner, or just because you feel like it – they have you covered. Give them a visit, unwind, and indulge in some classic Korean comfort food and drinks!

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