Clubbable referral code

4 Nov 2018

Clubbable referral code

If you already have installed and opened the Clubbable app you probably noticed that your got asked a few questions the first time you started the app about how you got to hear about us. Among the options there is on button that says "I have a code". This is primarily used for 4 purposes:

  1. A friend of yours thought you would also like the app. Using his or her code will add you as a friend in the so you can easily be added to party groups.
  2. Your friend already created a party group and send you an invite. Using that code will automatically put you in the party group and add you as a friend.
  3. When we recruit promoters we give them a special code which gives them promoter access straight away without having to apply for it in the app.
  4. Brand ambassadors and bloggers have their own code so we can track their performance.

Getting your friends onto the app offers an opportunity to not only introduce them to something really cool but also to make some money.

On occasion we run competitions and campaigns where recruits can win prices and rewards. Currently we occasionally pick winners of special treats who use the code VIP

Referral code is also referred to as signup code.

The picture for this post is of one of our promoters in Paris named Juliette from Versailles.

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