Hollywood VIP Party in collaboration with NoJoke and Andrew Cole

27 Mar 2024

Hollywood VIP Party in collaboration with NoJoke and Andrew Cole

In collaboration with musician Andrew Cole and the #NoJoke song and film, Clubbable app arranged a VIP celebrity party on St. Patrick’s Day. Host of the evening was director Troy Duffy. The party took place in his legendary back garden The Iron Sides in Los Angeles. The event was thrown to celebrate the launch of the VIP nightlife app Clubbable in US, and as well combat and raise awareness of bullying, which the star-studded documentary film #NoJoke is all about. To do that, we encourage all of you to watch the trailer for the No Joke Film. To support this great cause, please like and comment, as well as share it to your friends and ask them to do the same. 

We would like to send a big thank you to all friends, movie professionals, artists and business acquaintances involved in the party! This Clubbable app US launch party, got a different theme than the Clubbable Cannes launch party last year, as mentioned in award winning Huffington Post. This event was instead of daytime beach club party, a evening event in a private villa garden, which was suitable for the day of the party, St Patrick’s day, as well as with the spectacular venue and collaboration partners and sponsors; Jameson Irish Whisky and moonshine brand Prohibition 13, accompanied with Irish themed gourmet food cooked by star chef Dixon.

Attendors of the party were many film industry guests; actors, directors, filmmakers, as well as celebs, models and influencers, many of which friends and business acquaintances to the organizers and host of the party, among others, friends and cast from Troy Duffy’s cult movie Boondock Saints.

Headlining the event was the famous artist, magician and YouTuber JulienMagic, with 1 million Facebook followers and 686k subscribers on YouTube. The event and  JulienMagic’s breathtaking magic performance

were live streamed and sent worldwide on his and Clubbable’s social channels.

During the evening, event organiser and musician Andrew Cole performed the unreleased new song ‘The Offering’ and his famous ‘Colorblind’, with Damien LeRoy, aka, Dj Ammo from Black Eyed Peas on the decks.

We were also honoured with the presence and performance by Marilyn Manson's tour DJ Victoria 'Harry' Harrison, aka Dirty Harry or DJ Amazonica, along with Lifestyle maestro Wade Cresent.

ZOR - The FireBender - gave the guests a fire show performance out of the ordinary when he spinned flaming swords, dragon staffs and ball’n’chains in intricately woven circles of fire while moving in a arts and tribal dance and also moving through the audience swinging his fire gear and doing fire eating. A truly captivating performance by the fire master!

The young celebrity and musical sensation Case Walker with millions on fans worldwide, showed up with his mum to mingle and actually, mostly get fascinated and entertained by prankster JulienMagic as he played with the socializing guests.

Another young rising star whos soulful performance became a fun element during the evening was Elie Samouhi on the electric guitar, playing rock solos while pulling professional guitar hero facial expressions.

The founders of the award winning No Such Agency PR, a branding, marketing, media and PR agency specializing in the fashion, music, media and lifestyle industries, attended the event and had a great time, getting entertained as well as mingling and networking.

Apart from the live stream video sent on JulienMagic’s Instagram, an event video was recorded during the event, which will circulate on different platforms, representing the Clubbable as a VIP nightlife brand, the collaboration with Andrew Cole and the #NoJoke song and movie against bullying, as well as all guests and artists attending the party. The video was produced and shot by Bland Productions, a fresh and innovative video production company active in Los Angeles and Denver.

Clubbable, which is a brand for VIP nightlife with a highly sophisticated app that makes going out VIP more fun, easier, safer and a lot better where you can see what’s on and the rating of both clubs and promoters. With the app, you are also able to invite/get invited to join VIP tables. It is only for the high end crowd so not for everyone. For this VIP invite-only event in Los Angeles, the public were actually also able to attend - by requesting to get on the guest list in the Clubbable app in advance. A few happily chosen got to attend the fabulous celebrity packed party.

As this VIP party was a great success in many ways, its guests having a fabulous time, as well as everyone meeting new friends and networking, there might be some upcoming party in the near future.. That time with different theme and more enchanting performances. Stay tuned on the Clubbable Instagram..

Many photos can be found on the press page and on dropbox you can find a selected and sorted collection on images.

Watch the official video of the event here (short version), or find all our videos, including the full version of the LA Party video on our channel. Enjoy!


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