4 Nov 2018


London has long been one of the greatest tourist cities of the world, although what it represents has changed dramatically through the eras.

The city's main attractions.

  1. London is a beautiful city, with buildings and businesses dating back thousands of years, a rich history that translates into all its elements.

  1. Food in London is nowhere near the way the stereotypes would suggest. The collection of cultures has brought new flavours to bring life to English cuisine.

  1. London offers options for everyone, which is part of its charm. Introverts and extroverts, lovers of the high life and lovers of pure fun can gather.

  1. All of these aspects come together to create London's nightlife experience, allowing you to experience a night you will never forget.

What makes nightlife here unique.

Nightlife in London is a wild collection of experiences, reflecting Britain's imperial past, but with a more modern, wholesome, fun twist. Having cultural influences from across the world, London embraces the fast pace extravagance of Hollywood nightlife, the beauty and charms of classic Europe, and food, sights, and sounds from across Asia and Africa.

Add to that the fact that London is a wealthy, powerful city, and you know you are getting the latest and greatest in club technology. Expect sound systems which will have you feeling the beats in your bones, state of the art lighting, and huge features, from indoor fountains to wall displays, modern art to moving platforms, and everything your heart could possibly desire.

Celebrity-spotting in the London club scene is next to none. This city is a magnet for celebrity holidays and, with the cool and temperamental weather, there is no better place to rub shoulders with the rich and famous than in one of London's warm, cosy, themed nightclubs. After a day of shopping or having lunch with famous friends, many visiting celebrities love to stop by the clubs at the end of the day to hang out in the VIP and have a few nice drinks. What better way to end the day, after all?

And yes, speaking of the themes, they can get a little wild. London clublife takes the idea of a "concept club" to the next level, creating true adult playgrounds for all to enjoy. Full scale murals and sculptures, themed furniture and lighting, and even special artists and acts to fully immerse you in the idea of being in a whole new world.

Because many London clubs are so strongly themed, dress codes can be a little more fun than in more traditional clubs. There is a bit more flexibility where at hip hop clubs you can wear (extremely stylish and neat) streetwear, or at animal or jungle themed clubs you can enjoy seeing guests or hostesses in animal print minidresses. Not to mention themed events featuring neon, urban camo, retro looks, and all sorts of wild and sexy costume ideas. Who said dressup is just for kids?

Another major benefit of clubbing in London is that the legal drinking age is eighteen. Which means that the minimum age to get into clubs is, you guessed it, eighteen. Although in some parts of the world you have to wait until three years into adulthood before you taste your first legal drink, in the UK if you are old enough to drive a car, get a credit card, and go to uni/college, you are old enough to have a drink and a good time.

Staying in the city.

London, like any capital cities, can be a bit pricey to stay in. This is especially true if you only want the best. But rest assured there are a range of options available to suit all tastes and budgets.

As with any major city, there are hotels ranging from very cheap value ones and highly exclusive ones only open to very exclusive guest lists. What is more, there are some private members' clubs that have their own exclusive hotels or rooms associated with them, so if you are a member at any of these you might want to ask which hotels they recommend. You might be eligible for a truly luxurious, exclusive experience!

If hotels aren't your style, there are plenty of services dedicated to reserving an entire flat or house for a night, a week, or longer. Far from just AirBNB type services, there are whole agencies dedicated to renting out apartments and houses in London, so you can have all the security of a hotel with all the luxury of staying in your own apartment, penthouse, or townhouse.

You could also consider one of the many all-inclusive services offered in the city, with tours by day, meals on offer, and a place to stay at night. Some people like the experience of hostels for cheapness and convenience, but you will not get the same quality here as in other places. Another option is a traditional B&B, or bed and breakfast, where you get a nice, cosy English inn room with a traditional full English breakfast, every morning, included in the price.

Wherever you stay, make sure to ask about check-in and check-out times. Some places are more club-friendly than others! You will want to know if you can check-in and get settled in good time to hit the town, but you also want to know that if you are up all night, or for two... three... four nights partying, you won't be told to leave the room at ten in the morning when you're trying to sleep.

Regardless of where you are choosing to stay, remember to consider the area. London is a vast city, and sometimes a very cheap hotel, or a hotel with last-minute rooms available, is nowhere near the centre of the city, which can make it very hard to get to the clubs you want to stay in.

No matter what your budget or preferences, don't forget that the sooner you book, the more likely you are to get a place to stay and the cheaper the place will be. So once you find your perfect spot, see if you can make an online reservation securely. If their website seems suspect to you, always check it out on trust rating sites and review sites before ordering.

When you are staying in London, don't forget to consider how you will get around! By far the most comfortable way to travel is luxury vehicle hire. Taxi services here are surprisingly cheap and convenient too. Although public transport is very cheap per trip and both the underground and the buses can be good for certain routes, remember that for convenience it is best to invest in an Oyster card.

Best place to party all night: Kadie's Club.

Unlike in much of the rest of Europe, London's nightclubs tend to have a more American feel, with the party getting thumping by ten or eleven and the club closing by one or two. This can be a little confusing or even disappointing to those who are used to the party getting started at two and not ending until the sun is up.

Some clubs, however, do open until three to six in the morning, for example Kadie's Club, which is open until five AM.

Best place for a complete nightlife experience: Café de Paris.

Some people want to hop from club to club and experience two or three great venues in one night. Others like to go out for dinner and then to a separate venue for their club night. But if you like to be able to have great food, drinks, a show, and an all-night-long dance experience in one venue, then Café de Paris has you covered.

Best place for a chill lounge experience: The Cuckoo Club.

There is no single "best clubbing atmosphere". It depends on the era, the city, the subculture, and of course your own personal tastes. And although London is well known for having a vibrant, young, energetic club atmosphere, many clubs have also retained the easygoing, classy vibe that has been characteristic of private members' clubs in this great city since the Victorians.

The Cuckoo Club in London offers a wonderful lounge experience, with great music, comfortable seating, and constantly flowing delicious drinks.

Best place for people watching: Drama.

If you aren't one to dance the night away or chill out in your own private corner, perhaps you would prefer the mid range. Clubs that are great for people watching have all the necessary space and great tunes for dancing, but also offer seating that focuses on the dance space. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere and dancing without taking part in it. It also opens up the possibility of watching celebrities in the flesh, which can be fun as well.

Drama nightclub in London is the perfect setting for people watching in a club.

Best place to blow your mind: The Box.

Just because your tastes are less conventional doesn't mean there are no clubs that cater to you. Most clubs are designed in a more typical way, with their own twist of course, but if you like to be thrilled, surprised, and maybe scared a bit on your nights out, they might not be so appealing to you. However every major city has one or two clubs with alternative leanings, complete with mind-blowing and provocative shows.

The Box nightclub in London is in the heart of Soho, and as such it is in the middle of a community of creatives, libertines, and boundary-pushers. Here you can expect to not only find great drinks and amazing music, but shows that test the limits of convention, fashion, and, some would argue, taste. Expect strip shows, burlesque, drag artists, and other acts that play with the conventional senses of what is appropriate.

And know that the audience will be a little different to in a less extreme venue. Here you can meet artists and actors, dancers and writers, people from the LGBT community, all around the world, and various subcultures. If you feel uncomfortable when surrounded by more unusual, extreme people, then you might not feel at home here. But if edgy and peculiar is your jam, then you will feel at home here.

Things to do before hitting the clubs:

While you're waiting for the clubs to open and your night to begin, there is no reason not to enjoy the wide range of activities available in London.

If you are eager to get to know the city, there are countless tour options, from the famous red bus tours right down to exploring on your own or with fellow adventure-seekers. You can use this time to get to know the culture better or to scout out great places to see and things to do when you have some spare time.

Shopaholics will love the options available on Oxford Street and in Camden Market, where you will be able to find some great souvenirs as well as some beautiful clothes and accessories for your night out clubbing. Remember to bring enough money at Camden, as not everywhere does cards. If you are looking for a more luxurious experience you can go to House Of Fraser or Fortnum and Mason, which are both frequented by literal royalty.

A nice meal out might not be what everyone wants to do before clubbing, but if you hate to drink and dance on an empty stomach, London has a wide range of restaurants to suit all tastes. Traditional English pubs and fish and chip shops are countless, so if you want to taste authentic British cuisine you will have a few great options wherever you are. The cuisine of Asian nations such as Lebanon and India has become part of the fabric of life in this multicultural city, and you can enjoy some of the most authentic curries in restaurants ran by natives of these nations. There is also the more typical choices, from burger joints and BBQ houses, to pizzerias.

If you like taking it easy before going out, then there are countless places, from the Royal Gallery to the British Museum to the Harry Potter tour, where you can appreciate art and culture from England and the rest of the world as well. Or, if you would rather get the party started right away, there is a tree-top park including ziplining and climbing, a place to take circus lessons, and many more options for the high-adrenaline crowd.

Things to do after a night of clubbing:

Of course your first priority ought to be making sure you have transport. Make sure you know underground and bus routes, as well as taxi numbers, in advance, so you can easily and safely make your way back to where you're staying or to your next stop.

If you still have energy when your favourite club has closed, there are still a few options, even at this late hour! If you want to carry on drinking, then there are a range of clubs that open later, such as Kadie's Club, Maddox, or Raffles.

If you feel hungry, you don't need to settle for the stereotypical kebab and chips - although that can totally hit the spot some nights, we've all bee there. There are a range of eateries open until late, and many 24/7 megamarkets have their own hot deli counters and food courts so you can get something to have before getting some rest.

Wild Weekend Tour.

If your time in the English capital is limited, then you might want to really make the most of your short stay. Here we have designed the perfect club night routine for both a two day and a four day stay in London, so that you can experience the best, most luxurious, most fun clubs in the city.

Friday Night:

If you plan on enjoying a regular weekend or a long weekend, Friday nights are when everyone truly lets loose. Whether you are enjoying an endless tour of clubs around the world or you're just starting your weekend, expect everyone else to be full of energy, the drinks to be flowing, and the clubs to be packed. So you're going to have to make sure you book in advance and get in early to really make the most of it. Because everyone is more relaxed you will probably be able to meet new people quite easily, so if you're looking for a sexy night out, this is the time.

Saturday Night:

Saturdays are perfect for that high-energy atmosphere with a show. Everyone got the "let loose drinking" out of their systems on Friday, but are still full of energy. This is the perfect night to enjoy themed clubs, live music, and big shows. It is also a great night to make new friends.

Sunday Night:

The lounge experience on a Sunday is where it's at. Maybe you're resuming your travels or back to work on Monday. Maybe you plan on partying all of Monday too, and just need to get your energy back up. Not everyone is around on Sundays and the energy is a bit more mellow. This is the ideal time to find a place to sit back, have some drinks, and talk, rather than dance, the night away. Which means you want to be in a truly luxurious venue.

Monday Night:

If you are staying an extra night, Mondays can be interesting. Many clubs don't even open Mondays, so your choices may feel limited. Most people are back at work, so now is the time when you are likely to come across true rebels, artistic types, and young people who still have the energy to rock out after a day at work. So, naturally, Monday is the night for edgy and unique clubs.

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