When will nightclubs open again

20 May 2020

As most people understand almost all nightclubs all over the world are closed during the outbreak of the Coronavirus/COVID-19.

Now everyone is asking the same question "When will nightclubs open again?" 

In Marbella the only place open is Nao Pool Club

In Stockholm Kyoto nightclub is open as well as Berns Terassen

In Marrakech the clubs will open on the 20th of May. 

We have gotten indications that in Barcelona they are hoping to open in July which we suspect will be the same for many other cities. 

When the clubs do open again they will be advised to initially operate according to secure guidelines such as:

1) Temperature checks - clients and staffs temperature checked on entry into the venue using a non-contact thermometer.

2) social distanced seating - reduce table capacity in order to keep certain distance between individual tables (2 metres is being seen as the standard).

3) hand sanitiser - all clients and staff given hand sanitizer on entry. Every table has its own sanitiser or the waiter can distribute hand sanitiser to clients in-between courses.

4) Daily Deep clean - restaurants cleaned with antibacterial agent /disinfectant daily (tables, chairs and floor).

5) Outdoor space - maximum use of all outdoor space where the natural airflow keeps the air as clean as possible.

British Airways have flagged for resuming flights on the 1st of July which many believes that other airlines will follow. From what we have heard the planes will only be allowed to fill up to 50% of the seats, passengeres will have their temperature taken before boarding and they will have to wear masks.

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