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  • Le Jardin nightclub Los Angeles
  • Party at Le Jardin VIP nightclub in Los Angeles. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Le Jardin VIP nightclub in Los Angeles. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Le Jardin VIP nightclub in Los Angeles. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
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1430 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA
Minimum Age: 21
Le Jardin LA is the ultimate experience in chic clubbing. If you are looking for a fun, trendy, friendly, chic nightclub in LA, this is the venue you want to be at. With a Mediterranean theme and modern hip hop and house music, you can expect a cultural medley that is an experience unlike any of the other clubs in LA.

What should you expect from a club that's name literally means “the garden”? Well, an outdoor lounge is a great place to start. The outdoor lounge at Le Jardin LA is a seriously out of this world experience. It combines Mediterranean-themed building styles with modern outdoor furnishings and exquisite lighting to create a cosy atmosphere under the stars. The comfortable, modern seating is arranged around fire pits and bordered with beautifully maintained potted plants.

Even inside is a break from the usual monotony of the club scene. The European twist continues, with a warm tones, a tall roof, and a disco ball, which is not unlike nightclubs in France or Spain. There is plenty of room for dancing, which naturally means less room for sitting, but when you hear the music you will definitely understand why. This is a party club through and through. There is even the option of day club parties, as the pleasant décor looks just as amazing by daylight.

For refreshments, the prices at Le Jardin can barely be beat. The drinks are nothing out of this world, but there is a free drinks table and even the menu and bottle service prices are great for LA. That said, the bar can take a while to open, which you might not enjoy if you are looking to start with some of your own choices right away. If you want to be drinking from when you get in, you really need to reserve a table and bottle service.

The music is modern with a hip hop and house leaning, although not exclusively. The tunes are very danceable and the dance floor is very busy after midnight, with everyone happily buzzing and dancing to the DJs expert tunes.

If you want to get in, be warned that this is one of the most exclusive nightclubs in LA. From time to time people get in easily, but most nights from 11 or 12 the venue is going to be absolutely packed. This makes for great fun, but you will need to reserve a table if you want to be in late at night. If you want to be in a venue frequented by Amber Rose and other celebrities, then that is a price well worth paying.

That said, the dress code is pretty relaxed. Nobody will be hung up on you if you choose to attend in jeans, so long as you are clean and smart. This really supports the more relaxed atmosphere of the club, compared to other nightclubs in LA where you might feel under dressed if you didn't prepare your outfit well in advance. 
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Vodka & Gin
Absolut - $425 ; Absolut Elyx - $450
Belvedere Magnum - $1,000
Ciroc - $500 ; Magnum - $1000
Grey Goose - $500 ; Magnum - $1,000
Ketel One - $450
Ultimat - $450
Tanqueray - $450
Bombay Sapphire - $450

Tequila & Rum
Avion Silver - $450 ; Avion 44 - $800
Corzo Silver - $500
DeLeon Platinum - $500
Don Julio Blanco - $500 ; Anejo - $600
Don Julio 1942 - $1,000 ; Luminous Magnum - $2,500
Herradura Ultra - $600
Patron Silver - $500 ; Gran Platinum Magnum - $2,200
Roca Patron Silver - $550
Bacardi - $450
Captain Morgan Rum - $450

Scotch & Whiskey
Chivas 12 - $550 ; Chivas 25 - $1,250
Glenlivet 12 - $450 ; Glenlivet 18 - $550
Glenmorangie 10 - $450
Johnnie Walker Black Label - $500 ; Blue Label - $1,000
Macallan 12 - $550 ; Macallan 18 - $750
Bushmills - $450
Crown Royal - $450
Jack Daniel’s - $450 ; Honey - $450
Jameson - $450
Maker’s Mark - $450
Bulleit Bourbon/Rye - $450

Cognac & Brandy
Martell Blue Swift - $550
Courvoisier VSOP - $550
Hennessy VSOP - $600 ; XO - $1,000
D’usse VSOP - $500
Remy Martin VSOP - $600 ; Louis XIII - $5,000
(The venue may have changed their prices since we updated this menu)
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