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Urbanizacion Villa Parra Palomeras, 67 Marbella, Spain

Not currently open

Minimum Age: 18
Momento is a mixture of cultures, a place to connect and share, and above all that, a temple for music lovers. Nestled in Urbanización Villa Parra Palomeras is Momento – a heavenly temple of music where people come to groove and revel in the infectious beats. The temple aims to take you to a whole new reality, where just the present matters and the rhythm of the music serves a bigger purpose. We have created four unique spaces for you to explore, taste and feel. Allow yourself to surrender to the most primary sensation: the joy of living.
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The Momento clubbing destination features intense glamour and elegance. Rich with tropical and lavish décor, it is no wonder that this nightspot has become a go-to for those seeking an over-the-top clubbing session. As you get closer to the club’s entrance, you will be astonished by the beauty of the lush greenery and high palm trees surrounding the club. But the lavishly tropical vibe doesn’t stop once you enter the club – on the contrary, it intensifies. From graceful waterfalls bursting out of stone walls to hanging arabesque-like chandeliers, Momento’s guests are bound to fall victims to the club’s sophisticated zeitgeist.

In the process of creating an immersive experience that offers guests everything they could ask for from a clubbing experience, Marbella’s Momento launched four unique spaces, each providing a unique adventure of its own. One of them features a gastropub that has the delish Nikkei cuisine at its core called Resto. For the partygoers who want to mix their clubbing experience with a shopping-spree session, move over to Momento’s boutique space. Here you will find minimalist clothing that has been produced in eco-friendly ways. But the real dealbreaker is the mecca where the fun begins – Patio. This lounge is perfectly designed to give guests enough space to hang out, dance, and savour the curated drinks menu. At Momento, the fun doesn’t just stay indoors. The Patio is made for hanging out, entertaining and sharing drinks with family and friends. Lounge peacefully with cocktails or fill the space with memories by dancing into the sunset.

Momento’s lofty reputation is due to their luxurious ambiance and exquisite refinement – however, that’s just the beginning. The multi-genre club also offers a plethora of entertainment options. If you’re yearning to feel the unmatched energy that only a world-famous DJ can provide, then make your way over to this Marbella club. Its doors are always open for locals and travellers alike who come seeking a renowned international appeal. This Marbella club is the torch carrier when it comes to one-of-a-kind clubbing sessions across a variety of music genres. Ranging from hip-hop to EDM, one should expect nothing but the finest bumpy beats coming from Momento’s DJ booth. At this leading dance venue, you get the chance to listen to some of the best music from world-famous DJs! Some roaring names from the DJing realm that performed at Momento include techno and house music powerhouses like Black Coffee, Luciano, and Marco Carola.

The club pretty much does everything it takes to stand out in the highly-saturated nightlife industry. Over the years, the club has hosted some swanky themed parties, making those experiences one of the club’s greatest features. Homiés Party and Carnival enjoy such a roaring success that guests from all over the world book their flight tickets to Spain to attend them.

Before putting your dancing shoes on and heading to Momento, bear in mind that the Marbella club has a strict dress code. Make sure to show up in the most elegant outfit you packed – be it a bondage dress or the timeless tuxedo. As a high-end club, Momento’s dress policy is fixated on all things elegant – which means that sportswear or anything that screams casual is a no-go.

Come visit this musical paradise for a night of unforgettable experiences!

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