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island, Paradise Beach, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

Not currently open

Minimum Age: 18

You have probably already heard about this incredibly famous club. While it used to be an after hours club, Cavo Paradiso is now one of the most sought out for clubs in the world after gaining fame because of their US house scene back in the 90s. Arguably, it is the most impressive clubs around the globe because of its epic architectural design that incorporates the beauty of the Mykonos island within its infrastructure. The club opens at 12 am and the party continues on until daylight. But don’t let the late opening dishearten you, when the sun rises, the partiers are able to observe the sun rise on the horizon from the tip of the hill where the club is located which makes the late opening worth anyone’s time.

With its diverse dance music genres, quality of service and enchanting looks, no wonder Cavo Paradiso is one of the most favorite clubs to DJ for some of the worlds most sought out for DJs like David Guetta, EDX and Steve Aoki (and so many more world-famous DJs). On top of the DJs they work with, Cavo Paradiso gets a lot of famous celebrity visitors like Paris Hilton, Gerard Butler and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The atmosphere of Cavo Paradiso is much more relaxed compared to the clubs you might be used to. You can enjoy a night of clubbing while still in your beach gear and sandals. The pool in the middle of the club has light shows you can enjoy and take pictures, the club is almost always buzzing with young people and because of its heavily touristic location, every bartender and waiter speaks English. If you are a up to par, you might be able to get in the VIP section and party with the rich and famous.

The club was opened in 1993 and was able to grow in popularity and business, consistently since then. For the last 25 years, they have had 339 artists perform their hits and 2,117 different events to keep their guests entertained so their vacation or night out was as great as it could be.

Cavo Paradiso still has the most intense summer schedule in the world when it comes to clubs. They manage to keep their high - profile clubs name in their guests mouths by making sure all of the events they have, have great lighting, sound systems, service and safety.

Many people cannot wait to revisit this gem of a place at the edge of a hill in Mykonos, bringing the day in while watching the sun rise. If you are up for a night of fun you will never forget, Cavo Paradiso will be the one for memories. Grab your best mates or your partner and have fun sipping cocktails all night.
Make sure to bring an I.D and a camera to take pictures because believe us, once you see the beautiful spot, you will want to remember it forever.

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The price of a standard brand of alcohol costs around 350.00EUR (0.75 LTR)

Premiums brands cost around 400.00EUR (0.75 LTR) (The venue may have changed their prices since we updated this menu)
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No upcoming events at Cavo Paradiso

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