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701 7th Ave New York, NY, US 10036, USA



11:00 PM - 4:00 AM


11:00 PM - 4:00 AM
Minimum Age: 21

Paradise Club is located on the 7th floor at The Times Square Edition on 701 7th Ave, New York. Paradise Club is an upscale nightclub and immersive theatrical experience located in Times Square, NYC at the boutique Edition Hotel. It is the brainchild of Studio 54's Ian Schrager, featuring elevated food and beverage from Michelin star chef, John Fraser, this edgy and provocative modern-day Cabaret manifests the disorder of the City and adds a whole new dimension to the hotel and to the neighbourhood. It is designed to house the club’s own edgy live show, the space features a state-of-the-art production studio that allows for live simulcasts and global broadcasts, as well as locally to a best-in-class 17,000 sf-8K-8mm Jumbotron in Times Square and a high definition digital screen on the club stage. Adding to the drama are sultry, rich red velvet interiors, bespoke murals, and a sensational lighting effects system by Tony and Academy Award-winning designer Fisher Marantz of Studio 54 fame. At 2,980 square feet, Paradise Club can accommodate 135 guests in its existing setup, or up to 300 guests standing.

Paradise Club is an inventive, chaotic, high production spectacle perfectly suited for Times Square and has a one-of-a-kind entertainment venue available for private events. It is pure drama, elegantly suited for performances, runway shows, or private parties, among others.

If you’re looking to dance the night away on their bustling, colourful dance floor you should attend one of their unique, signature parties every Friday and Saturday with world-class DJs and performances. Every Saturday, Paradise club has high-production, themed signature parties featuring internationally acclaimed DJs alongside live cabaret, costumed dancers, aerialist performances, and more to tantalize your senses.

The menu of Paradise Club includes a variety of in total 33 different dishes. The restaurant offers a wide selection of regional and even international beers, either fruity, creamy, or refreshing - you can enjoy a whole variety of cocktails at the restaurant. 

You can book reservations for birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, wedding receptions, or other celebrations at Paradise Club. The venue is only open on Friday and Saturday and the live DJs mostly play EDM and top 40 music to keep you active on the dance floors. 

Looking out over a sea of sexy, sensual, and enticingly dressed people is one of the greatest treats at a lifestyle VIP club! The Paradise Club creates that sexy, upscale atmosphere by requiring members to follow their “dress to impress” code. For the men: No sneakers, t-shirts, undershirts, gym clothing, or baseball caps. For the ladies: Sexy and seductive outfits are recommended. However, management reserves the right to refuse anyone from entering the club based on overall appearance or demeanor. The dress code at Paradise Club is strict so please choose your outfit properly so that you avoid any issues at the door.

If you have a taste for the finer things and fodder for your Instagram feed, then Paradise Club won’t fail to satisfy you. The club’s minimum age requirement is 21+ only.

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Bottle menu

Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades $1050
Piper Heidsieck Rose $1400
Dom Perignon Rose $$1200
Dom Perignon Luminous $1800

Belvedere $750
Grey Goose $700
Ketel One $650
Titos $650

Louis XIII $9000
Hennessy Paradis $4500
Hennessy XO $900
Hennessy VSOP $650

Clase Azul Anejo $2100
Don Julio $950
Cincoro Anejo $850
Casamigos Anejo $850

WoodFord Reserve $750
Basil Hayden $700
Jameson $650
Suntory Toki $650
(The venue may have changed their prices since we updated this menu)
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Paradise in New York 12 Jul 2024

Friday, 12 July 2024

11:00 PM - 04:00 AM

Paradise in New York 13 Jul 2024

Saturday, 13 July 2024

11:00 PM - 04:00 AM

Paradise in New York 19 Jul 2024

Friday, 19 July 2024

11:00 PM - 04:00 AM

Paradise in New York 20 Jul 2024

Saturday, 20 July 2024

11:00 PM - 04:00 AM

Paradise in New York 26 Jul 2024

Friday, 26 July 2024

11:00 PM - 04:00 AM

Paradise in New York 27 Jul 2024

Saturday, 27 July 2024

11:00 PM - 04:00 AM

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