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  • Badaboum nightclub Paris
  • Party at Badaboum VIP nightclub in Paris. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Badaboum VIP nightclub in Paris. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Badaboum VIP nightclub in Paris. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
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  • Badaboum nightclub Paris singer being held up in the air by crowd
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2B Rue des Taillandiers, 75011 Paris, France
Minimum Age: 18
If you are looking for a modern take on a rave experience, them Badaboum Nightclub in Paris is where you want to be. But it is also a hidden gem for a cosy booth where you can relax on comfortable benches and just enjoy the quiet, a good drink and good company.

The interior has a very industrial feel, with great lighting, projected displays, and a decent amount of space for dancing on the floor. When it's empty it is a little underwhelming, but the extra space allows for a truly vibrant dance scene when the crowd packs in.

The seating area has plenty of space to relax and enjoy the music and your drinks. Being separate from the dance floor means you will not be able to watch any of the action, but on the plus side you should be able to drink and talk in peace, without worrying about being bothered by dancers or newcomers. There are also window seat options, for people who want to relax and watch the Paris nightlife from a safe distance with a drink in hand.

The DJ stage is not the most visible, but the music is solid. Expect EDM, house, and hip hop. Some of it may be French music, but most of it is very international and tourist-friendly, which is refreshing in such a proud city.

The bar is small and well stocked. Expect classic cocktails and great brand name drinks at some of the most reasonable prices in Paris. The bartender is attentive and will want to know what you like and make sure you are enjoying your drinks and experience. You can get your drinks served to you as either single cups, in jugs (or teapots!) or bottles. Bottle service is not always available, but feel free to ask and see.

Many people are surprised by the dress code, as it is not very visible on their website, but they do have one! The code is smart casual, with men in collared shirts and women in cocktail dresses. They allow sports shoes, but not other sportswear. Ripped jeans and grungy styles are not approved of. Don't overdress, as you are just as likely to be turned away for dressing up too much as you are for dressing down too much.

It will help to brush up on your French a little too, if just for the entry. The bouncers do not always know much or any English, and to do their job they sometimes need to ask questions. It will spare you a lot of frustration if you just know how to say your name, where you're staying, and whether or not you've already been drinking that night.

Leaving your bag is mandatory, but for a small fee they will look after it for you. Some people are taken aback by this, but with how crowded it can get, you will be grateful when you know your bag is safe and sound with the venue staff. 
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