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  • Club Silencio nightclub Paris
  • Party at Club Silencio VIP nightclub in Paris. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Club Silencio VIP nightclub in Paris. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Club Silencio VIP nightclub in Paris. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
142 Rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris, France
Minimum Age: 18
The Club Silencio in Paris literally translates as "the silent club". The club was conceived by David Lynch, and if that does not tell you what sort of a place it might be, then maybe it isn't for you. The artist is well known for his surreal and psychological horror films and his odd art installations and collaborations. However do not fear: Club Silencio is not a haunted house or something else quite so obvious.

David Lynch put it together as a sort of response to Andy Warhol's Factory, or the Cabaret Voltaire of the dada art era. This same level of surrealism that those other artists achieved has inspired Lynch to craft his own dada-inspired venue, a club that inspires curious feelings and general thoughtfulness, a nightclub experience for the intellectual elite.

Rather, is is a carefully composed masterpiece, with each tiny detail having been passed by the overseer himself. Everything has been put together to make you feel alert and focused on the environment, right down to the furnishings. Situated between the cute little bijoux cinemas, libraries, and boutiques of the second arrondissement of Paris, the Club Silencio is a shock to the system, a wave of black and coldness you would not expect, followed by the golden rooms, like a sunrise welcoming you in.

The decor is somewhere between a classic 1970s bar and a secret lair belonging to some villain or anti-hero. Low, soft golden lighting, sumptuous glistening gold leafed surfaces, and rich metallic textures make these spaces intimate and yet a bit cold, a bit serious. There are gold mandalas on the walls, based on the gypsy culture that at the time was being pushed out of Paris. Perfect for the clubber with a bit of edge, a bit of intellect, and a bit of style.

There is an industrial feel to the venue, with its metallic tones, bold shines, rivets, and wires. All in all, like much of David Lynch's work, none of it should work together, and yet all of it works perfectly. It's a mystery.

The selection of drinks is top class, and the pricing is very reasonable. But then comes the slight catch. You need to pay for membership. Expect to pay a couple of hundred euro to a thousand or more depending on who you are, your age, and what sort of membership you are interested in.

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