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1 Avenue de Clichy , 75017 Paris
Minimum Age: 18

American style modern luxury in the middle of Paris? You can find it at Le Georges 1er nightclub. Following the increasingly popular trend for "cosy" clubs, Le Georges 1er in Paris is offering a warm and comfortable spot to listen to some great new music.

Located in the same venue as the now closed Titan Club of Paris, Le Georges nightclub has taken the atmosphere in a totally new direction. If you used to hang out at Titan Nightclub, we couldn't blame you if you don't even recognize the place! Since reopening as the Le Georges 1er, this venue has a distinctly more modern feel to it. The sound systems have been totally upgraded, as has the lighting. The décor has a little more edge and a little more of a dark and sumptuous feel compared to the Titan's distinctly sexier and almost clinical aesthetic. Both looks have their benefits, but with the new era of "cosy" looming in Paris, this is definitely a welcome change of scenery!

The music varies, but generally focuses on an urban feel, with Hip-hop, Afrobeat, and Latino music being some of the genres highlighted any given night. Most nights are DJ nights, but some nights you will be able to experience some local or international hip-hop or rap artists, which is always a pleasure. Either way, with amazingly talented DJs or live singers, you're going to have a great time dancing and experiencing one of the best club atmospheres in Paris today.

Bottle service is an absolute must here. The range of drinks available, especially the varieties of brand name and French champagnes, is just unbelievable, and it would be hard to taste enough of them without reserving bottle service for the night. This is definitely the sort of club where you want to forget the sweet alcopops and focus on champagne and fine wines. You cannot have this same experience anywhere else in Paris.

The venue is open to anyone from the age of 18 up, and tends to attract a younger clientele, from 18 to 25. It only has a capacity of 500 people, so make sure to book well in advance to make sure you can get in. It can be very difficult to get in at the door, impossible most nights, depending on the artists or DJs on stage.

Although it can be hard to get in without being on the guest list, the dress code isn't a serious obstacle. Due to the more relaxed nature of the club, most nights you will be able to come in wearing a t-shirt and jeans, a nice party dress, a suit, whatever you like. Men's jewellery, alternative looks, and women in urban outfits are all common sights. They emphasize cosiness and comfort, so as long as you are clean and tidy, you are fine. That said, obviously avoid messy clothes, looks that aren't put together, and distressed-look clothes.

This hot Paris club stays open well into the early hours of the morning, when the cafés start to open. So you can either have a coffee at the club before going home, or you can leave when the lights go up and set off for a nearby café to enjoy a traditional French breakfast and properly wake yourself up for the day. Typically they only open on Saturdays, though, so unless an event is going on, try and book a table for Saturday night. You don't want to miss out on the experience!

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