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Linnégatan 18, 114 47 Stockholm, Sweden
Minimum Age: 23

Closed down.

In the quiet canyons of Stockholm after dark, a short stretch of Linnégatan 18, 114 47 has become a night-life micro district jammed with town cars, velvet ropes and camera-clicking. Now a Japanese-inspired nightclub called Kyoto has joined the fray. This subterranean space may be smaller and more intimate, but it parties just as hard.


If you feel like stepping up your A-game and going all out classy, Kyoto is the one you are looking for! Crowd’s a bit more mature and it houses the best Dj’s in the metro spinning house as well as dance music. This is perfect for private parties as it gives a very extravagant service even when the house is jam-packed!


Kyoto nightclub was born from a desire to create an intimate setting for people to have fun – with capacity for just 300 guests and a music profile we call worldwide, this deliberately boutique club focuses specifically on delivering the very best hospitality to Stockholm’s most fashionable movers and shakers.

The design takes visual and stylistic cues from a mix of sources: iconic Japanese movie posters, fictional characters, comic book illustrations and contemporary popular Japanese & Hong Kong media.

KYOTO is definitely a place you won’t want to miss! Drinks are good, the crowd is fun and engaging not to mention the musicians are super talented and give so much of an energetic vibe! Undoubtedly an awesome place for a date or an outing with friends. 

The club has already had its share of tabloid fame for hosting birthdays for both local and  international artists. But on most Saturday nights, it’s less celebrity rappers and more aspiring “Real Housewives.” Expect to find beautiful women with red-carpet-ready hair and makeup. Popular with locals, it is a great place to relax after a long day at work. Try its signature cocktail, Blind Gin, which features lemon juice, gin, egg white and bitters.

The nightclub effectively manages to get on the line between a Fashion nightclub and a Las Vegas nightclub. It does this by utilizing massive lights, huge confetti cannons, top-quality performers, and the best bottle service in the scene. Reservations are recommended for bottle service. Though there may be some waiting to get in, it’s not a highly discretionary door. A dress code requests a neat and clean appearance. For the guys, that means maybe a button-down shirt and a step above the average workaday jeans and sneakers.

A lush nightclub that charms stylish locals, expats and tourists looking to enjoy an enjoyable night out. Women in their 20s mingling with men in their 30s and 40s who work in finance and corporate marketing. In such a compact space, people are often jammed against one another like the No. 6 train at rush hour. Definitely great for meeting strangers that will turn to party friends in no time!

Early Night gives off a welcoming and friendly spirit to those looking for a drink or two. It perfects the art of luxury clubbing, bringing together Stockholm’s most beautiful and accomplished people, as well as the discerning international traveller.

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Vodka Passion 148 kr
Vodka & Tonic 148 kr
Gin & Tonic 148 kr
Rum & Coke 148 kr
Vodka Russian 148 kr
Vodka Soda 148 kr
Redbull Vodka 168 kr


Caipiroska 161 kr
Moscow Mule 161 kr
Elderflower Collins 161 kr


Hendrick’s & Cucumber Tonic 171 kr
Belvedere Gimlet 171 kr
Don Julio Paloma 171 kr


Don Julio Blanco 70cl 2850 kr
Belvedere 70cl 2850 kr
Belvedere 175cl 5950 kr
Hendrick’s Gin 70cl 2850 kr
Don Julio 1942 Luminous 70cl 6250 kr
House vodka/gin/rum 70cl 2250 kr


Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut

Glass 148 kr
75cl 950 kr
150cl 2450 kr
150cl Golden 2995 kr
3000cl 6550 kr

Tavernello Bio Bianco

Glass 121 kr
75cl 550 kr

Dom Perignon Luminous

75cl 3550 kr
150cl 8850 kr
3000cl 34550 kr

Los Monteros cava brut

Glass 128 kr
75cl 650 kr


Asahi Super Dry lager, Japan 5.2% 33cl 81 kr


Daimyo 5000 kr

#1 2 x Moet & Chandon Magnum
#2 1 x Belvedere OR Hendrick’s
15 x Asahi, 1 x Moet & Chandon 75cl
#3 4 x Moet & Chandon 75cl
2 x Los Monteros cava

Shogan 10 000 kr

#1 1 x Don Julio 1942 Luminous, 1 x Dom Perignon 75cl
#2 2 x Dom Perignon 75cl, 1 x Belvedere OR Hendricks 75cl
#3 1 x Belvedere Luminous 175cl, 4 x Moet & Chandon 75cl

Emperor 15 000 kr

#1 4 x Dom Perignon, 10 x KYOTO Specials
#2 2 x Dom Perignon Magnum Luminous
#3 2 x Belvedere Luminous 175cl, 1 x Hendricks 75cl
#3 2 x Moet & Chandon 3 litre, 2 x Moet 75cl
(The venue may have changed their prices since we updated this menu)
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No upcoming events at Kyoto

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