Downtown in Barcelona 3 Jun 2023
Downtown is a VIP nightclub located in Barcelona. They offer VIP tables, bottle parades, exclusive DJs and an amazing atmosphere. It is located on Avenida Dr. Marañón, right in the upper area of the city. The colossal Downtown nightclub is in a residential area in the wealthy Les Corts district, western Barcelona. Its industrial interior, paired with light installations and neon signs, makes the Barcelona nightclub the hit it is. The club has two large rooms with a super innovative and modernised decoration and a large outdoor terrace with nice benches and comfortable Balinese beds. The main room is an open space where any type of event can be held according to the needs of each client. It has more than 1,300m2 x 5m in height, a 50m2 stage and is equipped with state-of-the-art sound, lighting and visual systems. It is available with dressing rooms, toilets and showers, catering area and production office. It has a more adjoining room with capacity for about 90 people, enabled as an alternative space or VIP area. It is also equipped with sound systems, lights, visuals, bar service and toilets. The outdoor space or terrace with connection from the 2 rooms has benches, Balinese beds and 2 VIP areas. This space is also equipped with sound systems, lights and bar service.

Downtown Barcelona is a very big nightclub with the best night parties with good current music. Club anthems and reggaeton tunes take centre stage at the Barcelona nightclub. Famous for its theme nights and lively events, Downtown club brings in a crowd of local and international students. 

Downtown Barcelona hosts all kinds of events, from product presentations, company and private meetings, corporate meetings, dinners, cocktails, private parties, fashion shows, closing parties, showrooms, galas, press communications, locations for cinema and advertising, concerts, art exhibitions, indoor sports events and so on. 

In order to be able to access Downtown Barcelona nightclubs without issues, you have to comply with the dress code of the club which has to be elegant and arranged.

Downtown Barcelona is synonymous with fun, good music and the best party and the club is waiting to welcome you to give you the best night of your life. Get an authentic feel of Barcelona nightlife at this nightclub. Remember, you are only young once!

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Hookaai in Barcelona 3 Jun 2023

Hookaai nightclub in Barcelona is the place to be if you're looking for an exciting nightlife experience. Located in the heart of Barcelona, this vibrant club has a unique atmosphere that attracts people from all over the world.

The exterior of Hookaai features a beautiful terrace with lush plants and modern furniture surrounded by trees, perfect for a summer evening. Inside, the walls are adorned with vibrant artwork and colorful lighting fixtures to create a luxurious ambience. The interior is both modern and traditional with an elegant bar, private booths, spacious dance floor and VIP areas. With two levels of spaces to explore, there's something for everyone at Hookaai.

When it comes to dress code, Hookaai encourages visitors to dress up and look their best as they enjoy the night away. While casual wear is acceptable, guests are encouraged to show off their best looks in stylish clothing such as cocktail dresses or smart trousers.

Famous faces have graced Hookaai in recent years including numerous celebrities from film stars to international music stars like Drake and Rihanna. The vibe at Hookaai is always electric with upbeat rhythms from some of the top local DJs spinning on the decks every night until late. Whether you want to relax at the bar or get up and dance on the floor all night long there's something for everyone at Hookaai nightclub!

Hookaai has been around since its opening nights in 2010 when it quickly became one of Barcelona's most popular destinations for entertainment seekers from around the world. Since then this iconic club has hosted numerous celebrities who have come together under its roof to celebrate after-hours fun and dancing throughout the year.

This spectacular nightclub offers more than just music; monthly events provide guests with opportunities to enjoy unique experiences while enjoying live performances featuring some of Spain’s hottest DJs and performers as well as interactive activities like karaoke and themed nights which keep guests coming back time after time. Whether it’s a local gathering or a wild party filled with famous international stars - Hookaai never fails to deliver an unforgettable experience!

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Opium in Barcelona 3 Jun 2023
The Opium club in Barcelona caters very strongly to tourists and is one of the most visible nightclubs in Barcelona, with an open stone facade and a bold sign outside. You literally cannot miss it. Many people get interested in it after seeing it from the beach during the day. The outside includes some outdoors seating which is especially good in the Summer, but a bit too cold in the Winter. It is on an elevated deck, so you can look out over the beach front without worrying much about sand or passers-by. It still retains an air of intimacy even though you are out under the stars. The outdoors seats are very comfortable, with large white couches and stools, and plenty of cushions. If the weather is warm you will love it out here. Indoors the lighting is beautiful, with ornate glowing LED patterns in the ceiling and some night spotlights. It might be a bit bright for some people, but it is generally quite a pleasant lighting and still very flattering for selfies and dancing. The seating indoors may seem a bit random, with curved couches wrapping into each other a bit like a Paisley print, but it's actually very well designed for people who want to mingle and have fun with the other club-goers. The stage is very visible from everywhere in the club and you will be able to enjoy the music and show wherever you are seated nor dancing. They play very loud, international music, with a bit of an American leaning. This Barcelona nightclub has a bit of a Las Vegas feel to it. The drinks are pretty standard for a Barcelona club, but pretty good nonetheless. The price for drinks and hookah runs quite high, and you are paying more for the experience and the venue than for the drinks themselves, which aren't amazing, even if they are good. It can get insanely crowded with a very international community as the night goes on. As it attracts mostly tourists you will find it easy to talk to people in English. Thanks to how many people are drawn to it during the day, it tends to be buzzing with life as the night goes on. It also opens late, as most Barcelona nightclubs do, with the biggest energy building in the early hours of the morning. And it stays open literally all night long, so if you have the energy you can have a great night out clubbing and just wait for early in the morning to have a coffee and set off around the city again. The venue is in very high demand and you may not be able to get in much after one or two in the morning. It is recommended to sign up on the guest list so that you can get in early and sometimes receive free entry. Otherwise there is a pretty standard door fee for men, and a fee sometimes waived for women. Opium is opening a sister club in London
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Shoko in Barcelona 3 Jun 2023

Another club following the increasingly popular trend of operating as a restaurant by day and a true nightclub by night, Shoko in Barcelona offers a perfect balance of great food, great music, great shows, and great cocktails. Located on the seafront, it's a perfect place to stop after a long, leisurely day exploring the city and beaches, with a beautiful atmosphere inside and out. If you stop by early you can have a nice, fresh dinner at the restaurant, consisting of local, Asian fusion, and international cuisine, at a fairly reasonable price, accompanied by a wine from their wide selection of bottles, all of them delicious. The local dishes are the most recommended, as they are divine. 

The club is a completely separate part of the building, and the crowd in the club is young and beautiful and full of energy. Once you walk through the door it's like you're in a whole new world. The drinks inside the club can get a bit expensive, but nothing to write home about. Besides that, with a promoter you can usually get a deal on your first drinks, whether it's a free glass or a discount, which is pretty cool. The music focuses on R&B, house, and danceable pop and hip hop. A good mix of current and throwback tracks. Don't expect anything too slow or without rhythm. You'll have a hard time staying still, so make sure to take some time to catch your breath and have a few drinks, because before you know it you'll have been on your feet for hours. Fortunately the dance floor is nice and wide open, with plenty of space to dance alongside the most beautiful crowd in Barcelona. This is seriously one of the most fun, sexiest clubs in the city, and the shows, a fusion of Asian theatre, cabaret, and local dance, will completely wow you. You will not be disappointed at this incredibly club. Because of how busy it can get, you really need to make sure you're on the guest list and arrive early. If you don't think you can arrive for dinner or just after, then make sure to book a table, because most nights it is impossible to get one last-minute.

After about one a.m. it can get packed, and you may want to have a break, order some more drinks, and people watch for a while when it gets this busy. Much more relaxed that way. Depending on what show they have on and how busy they are when you arrive, they might charge you a cover fee, which is not usually much over thirty euro, or they might waive it. This is regardless of if you are on the guest list or have a reservation. Being in the restaurant does not guarantee you a place in the club. 

Make sure to visit Shoko in Madrid as well, it is similar to the famous Shoko in Barcelona but it has it's own twist. 

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Sutton in Barcelona 3 Jun 2023
The Sutton nightclub in Barcelona is another club that focuses strongly on the tourist scene. You can expect to see people of various nationalities and a wide range of ages and backgrounds at this vibrant Barcelona nightclub. It is considered by many to be one of the best clubs in Barcelona, and for good reason. It has a somewhat romantic feel inside, with soft lighting, a curtain of hanging LED lights across the ceiling, and a generally smooth appearance. The VIP area is out in the open, and it is completely recommended to invest in booking a VIP table, as the treatment is so much more luxurious and the drinks are much faster with VIP bottle service than any other way. The long leather booths are very comfortable, but very open. You will feel encouraged to be rather social and mingle. It's a great environment for single people and small groups, as you get to meet many people and talk and dance the night away. There is a lot of advertising for their alcohol range in the club. More than you might expect in any more American venue. Some may feel that it adds to the atmosphere, but others may find this a little tacky and want to stay away. The drinks themselves are all high quality, big name brands, and hand-mixed cocktails. There is a good range, but nothing out of this world, and they are rather expensive. The DJ booth is rather self-enclosed. Which makes sense because it is an insanely elaborate set up with some of the best sound systems of any Barcelona club, but it also means you cannot see the DJs very easily. The music is very much top 40 and rock, with a lot of remixes, and not really much variety besides that. It is a quite normal club experience, but it might be nice for people who miss the clubs back home. This is one of the finest exclusive nightclubs in the World, with a strong international following. It tends to cater to an older clientele, from 25 up to 40, rather than the younger, more energetic scene. The atmosphere is still fun and sexy, but not quite as cheap or buzzing as you get in a much younger club. There is some variability for specific events and parties, and there is a much younger clientele at the weekend, but besides that it is mostly 25-40. Besides the usual clientele, you can expect to see a few famous faces in what is considered by many to be Barcelona's best celebrity nightclub. Fashion designers, politicians, athletes, etc, have all been spotted within its walls at some point or another. Besides that, the clientele is high class all round. It is a no-smoking environment and you need to be dressed smartly to be allowed in. Ideally button down shirts and smart shoes for men and evening wear for women. If you wear any sportswear, smoke, or are rude to staff you will be shown out.
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Nightlife in Barcelona is one of the most intense experiences you will have anywhere in Europe. All night long, whatever sort of music, dance, and drinks your heart desires. Barcelona is one of the few places in the world where you can experience an authentic cultural medley in any club of your choosing.

Barcelona embraces its international culture and has done so for generations. You can experience Argentinian Tango dayclubs complete with lessons, carnival themed clubs and events, German and American style nightclubs, and more. Nothing is impossible in this beautiful international city.

Barcelona nightclubs are the origin of many excellent new nightclub trends and chains of nightclubs, such as Opium Barcelona which, although not the very first Opium, was the inspiration for the current look at the Opium Madrid and Opium London clubs' looks.

It shouldn't be surprising that Barcelona is a trendsetter though. With so many different cultures, and such an active art and fashion scene, Barcelona brings the best from nightlife around the world and wraps it all neatly together, providing an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

Barcelona clubs stay open pretty long, even by European standards. You'd be hard-pressed to find a venue that closes before three in the morning. If you find yourself getting tired, you can always retire to one of Barcelona's many lounges, have a cup of coffee or a cocktail with plenty of caffeine, and recharge for the rest of the night. Most clubs have comfortable seating if you make sure to book a table, though.

Barcelona also boasts dayclubs. By day, on the beach, you can lounge in sunbeds, hang out under gazebos, or hit a club's pool party, to make the most of the sunshine and flowing alcohol. Much like Las Vegas or Los Angeles, in Barcelona you really need to decide on a time to go home and commit to it, because if you're not careful you can wind up so excited about partying all day and all night til you're so tired you can barely remember where your hotel is.

Finally, don't forget that Barcelona is host to a range of boat parties, where clubs and other venues sometimes hire a boat or another floating venue for their beach parties for a night, weekend, or longer. There are also boat party cruises that actually set off and give you an experience full of drinks, sun, and party fun, all afternoon, evening, and night.
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