Florida Retiro in Madrid 4 Mar 2024
This restaurant and nightclub in the Parque del Retiro in Madrid is part of the park's iconic history. Originating as the "Casa del Contrabandista", or smugglers' house in 1814, the building has seen many different lives, having been built by the king, then handed over to the general public in the 1860s. The latest structural work took 25 years, and the complete internal reforms to turn it from a spa and tearoom into a restaurant and nightclub took almost two years. The results are spectacular. The updated design includes many of the historic elements of the building, although, being almost two hundred years old, naturally most of the inside has been completely renovated, only preserving the external structure in its older form. Part of that structure divides the Florida Retiro into four distinct dining spaces, plus one main events room. In the restaurant element, executive chef Joaquin Felipe Peira works supervising all four dining spaces, which serve a variety of dishes depending on their theme. There are the kioscos, selling a variety of light bites focused on local cuisine; the galería, serving traditional Mediterranean food and tapas; the terraza, an open space in the treetops, on the roof of the restaurant, with amazing views and a bar; the pabellón, a typical restaurant overlooking the Parque del Retiro and serving Spanish haute cuisine; and the sala, a room where you can enjoy the various culinary offerings of the Florida Retiro whilst watching one of the many great shows they put on. It is in the Sala that we can experience a phenomenal transformation by night. Completely renovated by esteemed Madrid interior designer Pascua Ortega, this room is perfectly designed to be completely cleared up to the walls, changing it seamlessly from restaurant to club. The main stage hosts the DJ, live band, or whichever performance is chosen for the event of the night. The Sala has a truly international spirit, embracing cultural and linguistic diversity and providing a glamourous night out, with dinner and a performance followed by a night of dancing and revelry. The full bar serves a wide selection of local wines, some big name bottles, and classic cocktails for individuals or for groups. But because of the layout and the show, you may prefer to reserve bottle service, so you know that your every need will be attended to for the rest of the night. One thing to make sure you do is find out what the show is going to be in advance. If it isn't to your taste, you may want to come back later just for the club, or visit another night. But if it is, you really need to make sure you make a reservation. Because of the historic, cultural, culinary, and nightlife values of this venue, a wide variety of people attend it for many different reasons, and it is often completely booked. Make sure to make a reservation, and come dressed business casual. Men need to be in collared shirts, suit trousers, and smart shoes. Women need to be in heels and evening or cocktail dresses. No sportswear or streetwear. 
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Fucking Monday in Madrid 4 Mar 2024
Best international party with CO2 cannon, confetti shots and more surprises.
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Oh My Club in Madrid 4 Mar 2024

Oh My Club is an extravagant place that combines gastronomy, show and party on the highest level all under the same roof. The club is one of the most glamorous nightclubs in the centre of the capital, formerly called New Garamond. The party place is located in Madrid’s financial district. It’s around 300 metres walking distance from the famous Paseo de la Castellana and in close proximity to the Santiago Bernabéu football stadium. It is open all year round, even in the summer and it is an incredible space. It is not for nothing that it is the favourite of Madrid's celebrities, for many it is the best club in the city and it is designed to accommodate the most demanding and select public, currently being the reference room for Madrid nightlife.

The club has two VIP zones with sofas and space for dancing without having to go to the dance floor and a chill-out lounge from where you can see the entire club. The Oh My Club disco has 1800 m2 on the same floor, with 2 large VIP areas on the sides that have large sofas, a higher chill-out area and away from the dance floor, from where you can see the entire disco and finally the majestic Rubí room, which is a true luxury with spectacular decoration, illuminated in a retro way and that changes colour, isolated from the rest of the place and being of this way a real reserved within the premises itself to be able to offer as much privacy and exclusivity as possible to whoever wants it. 

At Oh My Club you will enjoy the latest technology in lighting and sound and a luxury restaurant that is attached to the premises, without a doubt all these characteristics make the Oh My Madrid Discotheque a real luxury at night in the capital. The disco has a capacity of approximately 1,400 people. The music played at the club varies somewhat but does include commercial, reggaeton, house music and techno. The treatment at Oh My Club  is VIP, very attentive and in correspondence with its high prices. It is a room with very strict dress codes, they demand to be well dressed and groomed!

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Opium in Madrid 4 Mar 2024
If you are looking for a luxurious nightclub experience near the Único Hotel in Madrid, you need to check out the Opium Club. It is actually, as far as we have found out, unrelated to the Opium Club in Barcelona. For some reason many people seem to be under the impression that it is one of Madrid's traditional bars. This is probably because it opens in the early afternoon, and for some of that time it does serve the usual beers and tapas menu you may expect at a bar. But there are three strong distinctions. First of all, the quality of this venue is far above the average bar in terms of drinks and food provided. Instead of plain beers and simple snacks, you're looking at craft ales, fine wines, and elaborately constructed modern tapas dishes, perfect for an international guest seeking to sample some of the best modern Spanish cuisine. Secondly, the decor is to die for. This is not a plain old bar hidden away in some side alley. The venue includes sleek polished surfaces, comfortable leather booths, and glowing light displays, to really enhance the quality of the food. The beautiful chandeliers and disco lighting are finely arranged to create a five star restaurant experience. And finally, as the night progresses the Opium Nightclub Madrid transforms into a sexy, trendy dance club. When the restaurant tables are removed the dance floor opens up completely, and when the curtains are lifted a stunning stage set up is revealed. The tall ceilings, dark walls, and perfect lighting really show how vast the venue is, and as it becomes packed with sexy young bodies the party brings the Opium Club to life. Like most European clubs, the Opium nightclub opens very late, right up until the coffee shops open in the morning. You could make a reservation for dinner and for a table at the club, enjoy the show or music that is scheduled, and party all night long. Obviously at a venue that prides itself so much in keeping a clean and luxurious atmosphere, you need to be very well dressed to get in. Business casual or eveningwear is preferred, with smart shoes for men and high heels for ladies. Absolutely no sportswear, men's jewellery besides watches, or streetwear. Because the venue can get very busy depending on who is playing, what day it is, etc, it is recommended to make a reservation. You would do well to be on the guest list for the club, and to make a reservation for both the club and the restaurant if you want to attend both. Having a table at the restaurant does not guarantee one at the club. 
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Tiffany's The Club in Madrid 4 Mar 2024
Tiffany's The Club is a new concept club in Madrid. Offer a unique night in the capital. Come with an open mind and wanting to have fun. Some basic and common sense rules: 1- Have fun, this is for you. 2- Respect others, this is also for you.
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Madrid is a fantastic blend of traditional and modern Spain, embracing the history of the entire Iberian Peninsula and turning it around into a modern metropolis.

Unlike Barcelona or Marbella, Madrid seems less keen to show off its modern and multicultural roots, and if you stick to the usual daytime tours and cultural experiences you might believe there is no nightlife here at all. But that couldn't be further from the truth! If you stop by the right streets, or go out after dark, you will discover a thriving nightlife in Madrid unlike any other you will see elsewhere in Spain. Or, even easier, you can log into the Clubbable app and see what clubs are near your hotel. After all, why waste time exploring different back streets and districts when all tonight's open clubs are available at the tap of your finger?

A part of why Madrid seems so sleepy and quiet is because by day the trendy people are either working or sleeping. In fact, the rest of Spain often calls those from Madrid "gatos", or "cats", because of how much they love staying out all night and sleeping all day!

Because many Spanish cities have planning laws which focus on keeping the streets as authentic as possible, many clubs are hidden away, either on less obvious streets or, better yet, in rooftop bars and clubs from where you can see all of Madrid! These bars can be so entrancing that it might be easy to forget just how much extra the city has to offer. So don't just stick to the same venue every night, because Madrid has as much variety as any other clubbing city.

In Madrid there is a very active dance culture. Unlike many other cities where all clubs are a stylistic free for all, some Madrid clubs are geared towards specific dances, such as salsa and tango, and have connected dance studios. This doesn't mean you can't rock out in your own style, but it does mean that you might see plenty of beautiful and talented dancers, not just on stage but also hitting the dance floor with you. Which is also a huge win for those who love to people watch more than they like to dance themselves.

The atmosphere around some of these more niche, dance-oriented clubs is just delicious, and you will be able to enjoy some amazing remixes and new renditions of current top forty tracks, as well as cocktails specifically made to fit the theme of the venue, and staff in classic outfits with a twist. All in all, when you hit the streets of Madrid by night, the city transforms from a demure and elegant lady into a sensual clubbing goddess, full of hidden surprises.
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