Gioia in St Tropez 25 May 2024

Gioia is a dinner restaurant that belongs to the famous VIP Room nightclub.

Book your table at Gioia to experience a glamorous dinner enjoying the creative shows that take place at Gioia. 

To make the most out of your nightout follow your booking at Gioia by booking a table at VIP Room to party until the sun rises. 

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VIP ROOM       Recommended   Rating: 4.36 out of 5 based on 14 Reviews

VIP ROOM in St Tropez 25 May 2024

Glamorous, fabulous, crazy-fun is the only way to describe Vip Room St. Tropez. Attracting many celebrities for bottles of champagne and a night of wild partying, this club is well known all over the world. Due to its limited season, St. Tropez has very few places you will continue to hear from everyone and this is one of them. Asking someone what the party scene in Vip Room St. Tropez will get you an understanding of just how many people love it here and keep coming back year after year. Some of the most famous celebrities like Paris Hilton, Bruce Willis, Roger Moore, Cindy Crawford, Kate Hudson, Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, Sylvester Stallone, Rihanna, Madonna, David Guetta and even Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay-Z. Wanna dance with B? VIP Room is the place. The mesmerizing decor is very modern, decorated with mirrors, glass, and lights that constantly change color and the mood of the club. If you want a souvenir, there also is a merchandise shop in the Vip Room. Inside, the club has two levels with décor that is filled with deep shades purples and greens, sexy and calm. Upstairs there’s a dance floor for the beautiful people to let loose and enjoy and a bar area to order your drinks. Just as expected, the drinks are top-notch, made by locally experienced mixologists, creating the most beautiful, complimentary tastes. Music is all house and techno and things really kick off after midnight and continue until you can see the sunlight shining on the empty drink glasses. There are other VIP Rooms in the world like the gorgeous VIP Room Paris and very seasonal but a celebrity favorite VIP Room Cannes . If you are familiar with any of these Parisian clubs, VIP Room St. Tropez will be just the place for you. The VIP Room is a famous nightclub located next to the new port of Saint Tropez. Considered to be the most happening place on the French Riviera, the VIP Room is just the place for you and your friends. Created by Jean Roch, a famous French actor whose career lasted longer than five decades, it was transformed in 200. Designer Ora-Ito designed to get the maximum out of the club and it can now accommodate over 700 people, which is incredible for such a small location like St. Tropez. With its luxurious style and glamor, its bars and its charming restaurant, the VIP Room club is very popular worldwide. In Saint-Tropez, if you want to party you cannot look anywhere without hearing about the VIP Room! The music genre varies from R’n’B to electro to rock, and bougie DJs like the awesome David Guetta and Calvin Harris have yearly shows at this famous spot. The best of St Tropez’s legendary locations, the VIP Room starts the evening as Le GIOIA restaurant with Italian and Mediterranean music and mellow music. And later into the night, the crazy party starts. Don’t miss a night of celebrity-filled partying.

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Yacht in St Tropez 25 May 2024
This is a 30 meter yacht similar but not the same as the one on the photo
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