Bagatelle in St Tropez 24 Jul 2024

The mesmerizing white sand resembles heaven and compliments the clear blue skies at the Bagatelle beach. St. Tropez is known to be one of the party corners of France and Bagatelle Beach is no exception. Sure, there are many clubs you can party at night but how many times did you wish the party could just go on and on when you were on vacation? Now it can. Catching people dance on the tables like there is no tomorrow is a common occurrence in Bagatelle Beach St. Tropez. Young people drinking their mojitos from 3 feet straws while losing themselves to the beats the DJ is playing, champagne popping right and left, and people enjoying their gourmet meals while enjoying the atmosphere. You could probably not ask for anything else for an absolutely amazing getaway. The warm and bright sun, the beautiful beach and the atmosphere are all wonderful at Bagatelle Beach. This beautiful beachside day-party beach doesn’t lack anything when compared to any beach club or nightclub. You want a nice, clean beach to hang out with your friends? Bagatelle has got comfortable lawn chairs for you to tan, side tables to accommodate your food and beverages and large sturdy umbrellas if you want to get away from the sun for a little bit. If you want to be a little tipsy by the beach, your cocktails will be served to you on the beach, prepared by experienced mixologists, they are guaranteed to be delicious to the max. At Bagatelle, you can enjoy gourmet brunches and meals as well! The famous French Executive Chef, Nicolas Cantrel cooks his signature dishes everyday, waiting for you to indulge yourself in them. His personal touches are showcased in such dishes as ravioli debar et artichaut; a homemade sea bass and artichoke ravioli, and coquilles St. Jacques et ses légumes de saisons; roasted sea scallops served with seasonal vegetables. Knowing how to satisfy your taste buds with every bite, Chef Nicolas Cantrel provides guests at Bagatelle Beach a truly wonderful experience. The taste of the party, the rosé and the eccentricity, everything is a must-live kind of fun. Picture perfect spots for the memories you will never forget anyway but definitely, want to remember as vibrant as ever ... For the tan, the good grilled fish, the champagne, and the party the direction seems to point at Bagatelle Beach Saint-Tropez on the Pampelonne beach in Ramatuelle, one of the most exclusive beach restaurants on the Gulf. The lively energy at Bagatelle Beach is fun and fabulous. People go to Bagatelle beach for the atmosphere, drinks, food, and fun. The beach club has multiple other locations all over the world. A fun DJ plays everyone’s favorites and creates a fist-pumping infused party scene! Bagatelle Beach will leave you wanting to live at beach clubs for good. There are no limits at Bagatelle Beach, you can get up on the table with a stranger! It’s a party in St Tropez! Seriously, do not miss it.

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Gaio in St Tropez 24 Jul 2024

Gaio is a Saint Tropez Jewel and 3 in 1 venue: restaurant, bar and nightclub – all in one! The very first restaurant – a harbinger of Gaїo restaurant had been the legendary Papagayo, opened in far 1962 by two brothers - Doudou and Frangy, who came on idea to create an elegant, but cool and casual restaurant, close to the sea. The place opened its door in the town’s oldest venue. The ‘60s were the best period in a whole 20 century for opening similar places, especially in the Southern France, given that the ‘60s were the period of increasing glory of French movies and music, especially of Brigitte Bardot, who was the most credited with give to a small, unrecognized village, such as Saint Tropez is, a world glory and world status of “in” place to be. After Bardot and the happy ‘60s, Saint Tropez started to be visited by hundreds and hundreds super stars and rich millionaires. Everyone who wanted to be seen had to spend at least 5 days in Saint Tropez, before or after continues traveling towards Cannes or Nice. The brothers had a good intuition having opened this place, because it became one of the most famous restaurants at the coast. The terrace offers the best views on the harbor, village and bell tower of Saint Tropez. From the singers of the 60s, the bands of the 70s and 80s and giving way to DJs in the 1990s, Papagayo is still in the hands of the Malortigue family. The club is now known as GAÏO, a restaurant, cocktail bar and nightclub. Papagayo reinvents itself as GAÏO, a restaurant & club concept offering an exceptional Japanese and Peruvian cuisine before turning into a hot party spot for the night. You can meet inside celebrities such as Paris Hilton. The interior of Gaїo is a mix of contemporary art and the old elegance, it has an unmistakably 1920s feel that makes the Gaїo even more elegant. Minimalism of the furniture, modern, a bit vanguard paintings, soft atmosphere supported by many candles - and the place is favorite for those who want to eat well in such attractive ambient. Gaїo is famed for its stunning views from the terrace over the harbor and its rich and famous clientele. Those things haven't changed in the new Gaїo, and neither has the owners. Gaїo is open from 8pm to 6am. At the first look it looks only like a restaurant, but in late hours it becomes a truly club! If you are lucky to visit Saint Tropez, a village which became in the ‘60s the symbol of Hollywood and world glamour, do not miss to visit Gaїo! Taste amazing international dishes, and then go to the dance floor.

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Gioia in St Tropez 24 Jul 2024

Gioia is a dinner restaurant that belongs to the famous VIP Room nightclub.

Book your table at Gioia to experience a glamorous dinner enjoying the creative shows that take place at Gioia. 

To make the most out of your nightout follow your booking at Gioia by booking a table at VIP Room to party until the sun rises. 

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Kalamata Beach in St Tropez 24 Jul 2024

Kalamata finally settles on the beaches of Pampelone. Open every day Kalamata Beach offers tasty Greco-Mediterranean cuisine in the middle of a decoration that will take you on a journey through the Greek islands.

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La Petite Plage in St Tropez 24 Jul 2024

Closed for the season.

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Le Quai in St Tropez 24 Jul 2024

Closed for the season.

Le Quai is a restaurant, bar, and club! Opened in 2007, Le Quai has the best oceanfront building overlooking beautiful mega-yachts. A timeless all-white look and a gorgeous black sand patio are decorated with Indonesian lounge furniture packed-together with mojito-sipping young ladies and gentlemen. Inside there is a central bar area surrounded by family-style restaurant seating that converts into a fun, legendary nightclub right after 9 pm. The menu has more than enough options for everyone. Between the well-cut sashimi and sushi specialties to yummy Indonesian-stuffed ravioli and noodle dishes, you will want to try a little bit of everything. After a long day at your favorite beaches and beach clubs, it's only right for you to get to enjoy your dinner and drinks with the rich and famous. The view of the yachts will capture your soul, making you feel like you never want to leave this place and the lovely staff and patrons will add color to your evening while you sip your favorite drink. The club gets a lot of visitors during spring and summer. It fills the nightlife gap left by big clubs like VIP Room that only open on weekends or later in the season. It is happy hour from 4 pm until 7 pm at Le Quai, every day. Enjoy your low-priced drinks outside or inside while listening to the lively music and people watching. Le Quai is the best club scene in town from April to June, attracting the elitist of the elite and beautiful beach club models that do their best to navigate the black sand floor. A beautiful white marble terrace with comfortable leather chairs and a bar in the middle with silver and black decorations, the restaurant is truly alluring. The menu of the restaurant offers both French and Asian Bistro Chic vibes with seafood and sushi. All this in front of the most beautiful backdrop of Saint-Tropez: the port and its majestic yachts! There is a live show every single night! Great sound and the live music at the Le Quai makes every night memorable. Singers, musicians, dancers with unique and creative choreographies, inspired by the artist Philippe Shangti’s universe, perform for the partiers every evening. Do check before making plans to make sure you will get something you will enjoy. Le Quai is also owned by the same people that own L’Opera St. Tropez. A beautiful and bright dining spot where you can also have some cocktails and hang out. The clean, white and wood look of the St. Tropez located restaurant, makes a perfect spot for a romantic vacation. After your dinner at L’Opera, enjoy your drinks at Le Quai. Just because you can have an awesome dinner and follow it with some drinks doesn’t mean you should forget about the club side of Le Quai. The definition of Tropezian nights, the singers and dancers already make it special. But for an ultimately fun night, the resident DJ Niko Saint-Tropez rules the DJ booth with his lively mixes.
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L'Opera in St Tropez 24 Jul 2024

L'Opera is an amazing place, built in the form of arena, in the heart of the cute Saint Tropez village. Its charming terrace allows you to enjoy the beautiful view on the old town, old houses, church, harbor and charming small barks and yachts from all over the world, what will take you in some old, passed times. You will feel like a personage from some old movie from the ‘60s. Watching the harbor, you will expect beautiful young Brigitte Bardot passing along the sea – just like in her old movies! For a moment, you will be part of a truly glamour and chick. The interior of the Opera is totally elegant - enormous, comfortable, leather sofas, oversized vases and lights, and a shaped bar covered with mirrors – like in opera! The colors that prevail are white and gold – so chic and elegant. Modern and extravagant paintings of the contemporary photographer Philippe Shangti will look at you from the walls . The sign of the photographer – provocation, aestheticism, with elements of humor and irony, seduced the owner of Opera, so he decided to use some of Shanti's works in interior. His curious, imaginative and perfectionist personality makes Philippe Shangti a self-made artist who has been interested in photography since his youngest age. A Tropezian businessman, who saw all his potential, spotted him soon. Then, Philippe decided to settle down in Saint Tropez, where he let his boldness and the talent explodes. Then, he gave birth to his first futuristic and out-of-standard artistic concepts. Through his series of photographic artworks like “Art vs Drugs”, “Luxury Overdose”, “No Prostitution Here” (the painting which decorates wall of Opera) or “No Pollution Here” in 2017, Philippe skillfully manages to denounce serious causes by sublimating important messages. Opera has one part of his extravagant art inside its walls, and that is what makes Opera the symbol of Saint Tropez trendy places. When it gets dark, Opera turns into one of the most fun places to be in Saint Tropez, with flame throwers, exotic dancers, violin players and much more to entertain you. Resident DJs who spin the beats late into the night.

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Nikki Beach       Recommended   Rating: 3 out of 5 based on 1 Reviews

Nikki Beach in St Tropez 24 Jul 2024

Nikki Beach Saint Tropez has opened it's doors in 2002 with the most amazing opening party that has happened in the South of France, located on the luxurious Pampelonne beach, since then it has become one of the hottest spots for famous celebrities to party in a VIP style. You can enjoy lunch, exclusive cocktails and the top DJs every day by reserving a luxury bed.

The bar serves some of the best Champagnes, showcasing the top offerings from the famous French region. Perrier-Jouët, Dom Pérignon, Krug and Cristal headline the menu.

The dishes menu offers exclusive plates from all around the world where Nikki Beach has an open venue offering healthy salads, innovative sea food and many other meat and vegetarian options. 

Nikki Beach is one of the first luxury beach club concept that combines the elements of music, dining, entertainment, fashion, film and art into one destination.

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Sanctum       Recommended   Rating: 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 Reviews

Sanctum in St Tropez 24 Jul 2024

The famous Parisian club SANCTUM has opened in St Tropez bringing different vibes, cool people, fun interaction and much more. 

Sanctum has been born in Paris and it aimed from the first day to bring together all music lovers together. It has become a magical tribe with beautiful souls and fantastic artists. This is the second year for Sanctum in Paris and it is back stronger and bolder. 

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VIP ROOM       Recommended   Rating: 4.33 out of 5 based on 15 Reviews

VIP ROOM in St Tropez 24 Jul 2024

Glamorous, fabulous, crazy-fun is the only way to describe Vip Room St. Tropez. Attracting many celebrities for bottles of champagne and a night of wild partying, this club is well known all over the world. Due to its limited season, St. Tropez has very few places you will continue to hear from everyone and this is one of them. Asking someone what the party scene in Vip Room St. Tropez will get you an understanding of just how many people love it here and keep coming back year after year. Some of the most famous celebrities like Paris Hilton, Bruce Willis, Roger Moore, Cindy Crawford, Kate Hudson, Robert De Niro, Jack Nicholson, Sylvester Stallone, Rihanna, Madonna, David Guetta and even Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay-Z. Wanna dance with B? VIP Room is the place. The mesmerizing decor is very modern, decorated with mirrors, glass, and lights that constantly change color and the mood of the club. If you want a souvenir, there also is a merchandise shop in the Vip Room. Inside, the club has two levels with décor that is filled with deep shades purples and greens, sexy and calm. Upstairs there’s a dance floor for the beautiful people to let loose and enjoy and a bar area to order your drinks. Just as expected, the drinks are top-notch, made by locally experienced mixologists, creating the most beautiful, complimentary tastes. Music is all house and techno and things really kick off after midnight and continue until you can see the sunlight shining on the empty drink glasses. There are other VIP Rooms in the world like the gorgeous VIP Room Paris and very seasonal but a celebrity favorite VIP Room Cannes . If you are familiar with any of these Parisian clubs, VIP Room St. Tropez will be just the place for you. The VIP Room is a famous nightclub located next to the new port of Saint Tropez. Considered to be the most happening place on the French Riviera, the VIP Room is just the place for you and your friends. Created by Jean Roch, a famous French actor whose career lasted longer than five decades, it was transformed in 200. Designer Ora-Ito designed to get the maximum out of the club and it can now accommodate over 700 people, which is incredible for such a small location like St. Tropez. With its luxurious style and glamor, its bars and its charming restaurant, the VIP Room club is very popular worldwide. In Saint-Tropez, if you want to party you cannot look anywhere without hearing about the VIP Room! The music genre varies from R’n’B to electro to rock, and bougie DJs like the awesome David Guetta and Calvin Harris have yearly shows at this famous spot. The best of St Tropez’s legendary locations, the VIP Room starts the evening as Le GIOIA restaurant with Italian and Mediterranean music and mellow music. And later into the night, the crazy party starts. Don’t miss a night of celebrity-filled partying.

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