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308 W Erie St, Chicago, IL 60654, EE. UU.
Minimum Age: 21
While most of the people in Chicago goes off to sleep, envelop yourself in opulence, sip from an extraordinary champagne list and get lost in the impeccable décor design that Cuvée offers as one of the most exquisite spaces in the city. Join Chicago’s elite and put the final cap on an extravagant Chicago night. Book a private party or reservation for a special celebration with Clubbable App and enjoy of an elevated table service area and unparalleled service under the radiant chandeliers.

Cuvée is an upscale late-night lounge with a focus on champagne and pretty people, which regularly play host to world-renowned athletes, actors, artists, and musicians. This upscale late-night lounge features an image-conscious crowd that's full of celebrities, trend setters, fashionistas, athletes, and wealthy young professionals. To be accessed you have to cross a dark alley and an impenetrable doorman blocking the unmarked entrance. Nonetheless, if you manage to get in, Cuvee brings the heat. It is one of the oldest and toughest nightclubs in Chicago.

The venue centres its single room around a cluster of VIP tables hemmed in by low walls filled with thousands of illuminated amber bubbles, a nod to the champagne every patron is drinking, be it straight from the bottle or mixed into a fresh-fruit cocktail. Groups of cash-heavy young professionals and dolled-up girls in the latest designer wear congregate in the VIP area to lounge on tufted banquettes and indulge in exclusive bottle service, while the rest of the socialites mingle at the two long bars, peruse the glowing LED-lit menus, or check themselves out in the expanse of ceiling mirrors.

Full of young professionals and girls in the latest designer street wear, this club provides the ultimate scene. Either you're in the VIP area lounging on banquettes and uncorking exclusive bottle service or you are with the rest of the socialites mingling at the two long bars. No matter where you are, there is action! Each table has sexy LED-lit menus and the ceiling has an expanse of mirrors. This place exudes luxury.

Cuvee's sophisticated crowd is more about popping corks than dancing, however, they book serious music talent from both Hip Hop and EDM, At this venue, the high rollers are not shy. With its late-night hours and top-shelf drinks, Cuvée is perfect place to hear great music. It is one of Chicago's premier nightclubs! The venue centers around VIP bottle service tables separated from the general area. Hemmed in by low walls designed with illuminated amber bubbles, Cuvee's business model is based around Champagne & Ladies. For example, their Wednesday night drives the ladies in. Giving away Louboutin heels & Louis Vuiton bags, this ladies night was one of the first to give away high priced items like this in Chicago.

Although nightly DJs spin R&B and electronic club music, the sophisticated clientele is more about popping corks and dropping money than dancing to the thumping beats. It has capacity for 400 people in the 5500 square feet. This means it is the place to be servicing an elite member group service where many desire to party but few are privileged to go.
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