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20 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 7EU
Minimum Age: 18
The latest addition to London's vibrant club scene, the Jungle Club London promises a whole new take on exotic clubbing. If you're keeping up to speed on the latest in club experiences, then you'll know that recently it is all about immersion.

Going out to sit at a nice table and sip a nice drink is, well, nice, but modern clubs are really taking things to another level, carefully orchestrating design, lighting, music, performances, and even drinks to fit a theme.

And now, bringing the wild to the city, we have Jungle. Although it is only officially open to the public from Friday the 4th of May 2018, we've got a little sneak peak into what this fresh young club holds, and it's very promising indeed!

The Jungle club in London is possibly going to be the best place to go out near Piccadilly Circus. Where else in London can you enjoy a range of amazing cocktails, exotic nibbles, whilst surrounded by beautiful acrobats dressed as wild lionesses and enormous elephant sculptures in the middle of the room? Yes, this place is that crazy. With floor to ceiling natural and artificial plants and animal motifs everywhere, you will completely forget you're even in London in the first place.

Enhancing the experience is the selection of music. Harking back to the days when the club really was an urban jungle type experience, this hot new club plays commercial RnB, House, and Club Classics, bringing energy and life to the room, getting the young, beautiful, elite crowd dancing.

If you're looking for nightclubs that open late in London, the Jungle's opening hours currently run until the early hours of the morning. Which means you can dance away the night and enjoy the full experience of this innovative new club.

The drinks prices are looking to be a little high even for London, but with such a novel theme and an amazing full bar, it'll be well worthwhile.

The dress code at this sexy new London club is smart casual. However "wild" the theme is, if you come here dressed like a caveperson, then you're not getting in! Absolutely no distressed clothes, sportswear, or denim. Ladies would do best to wear dresses and heels, and men to wear suits and shirts. That said, make sure your shoes are comfortable enough on uneven flooring if you want to explore all the venue, as parts of it include stone-style flooring for a more authentic experience.

Please remember that this club is guest list only. In other words, you need to be on the guest list, or you're not getting in. You will probably still need to pay a cover charge, which is provisionally the same for men as for women.

The show is well worth it, though. The staff are dressed as assorted jungle characters, actors roam the club, fully immersing the audience in the experience of this wild and sensual extravagance. Performers take to the stage, delivering acrobatics and live music. You never know what to expect here.

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So what are you waiting for? Get on the guest list for Jungle today. It will blow your mind.
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