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9 Rupert Str, W1D 6BW
Minimum Age: 18


Opening on Friday the 30th of November 2018

Opium is the next hottest club in London, from the people who brought us Opium Barcelona and Opium Madrid. This is the first Opium Club outside of Spain, but if the name rings a bell, it might not be the first time you visit one. Both the Barcelona and Madrid venues cater strongly to tourists and focus on providing a welcoming atmosphere if you do not speak a lot of Spanish and want to enjoy the latest in dance and electronic music. Have you visited them yet?

Located just down the street from Café de Paris and 100 Wardour Street, this new nightclub's address is perfectly located with many hotels, restaurants, and other venues nearby. So if you want to have a busy night and enjoy as many different atmospheres as possible, don't forget to check out Opium!

Although if you are looking for a restaurant, the Opium already has one open, where you will be able to enjoy a variety of high-quality light meals. Opium in Madrid and Barcelona love to focus on small servings of local cuisine with a modern twist, and these snacks are available from the bar for much of the night. It is yet to be seen if Opium London will follow the same route, but chances are they will.

The London Opium nightclub formula seems very similar to the Madrid and Barcelona ones: Remove the dining tables after dinner time to create a wide open dance floor for people to have the time of their lives every night. The amount of floorspace is looking to be perfect for those of us who want to stay moving til the lights come on. And the music at Opium nightclub in London looks to take a page out of the books of its sister clubs, with a focus on trendy electronic and dance DJs, with a bit of house and alternative remixes added in.

In a more European fashion, Opium in London is going to stay open til the early hours of the morning. Not until breakfast time, like some more active European clubs, but if you are the sort of person who hates ending the night between midnight and two in the morning, then this is a great improvement.

The minimum age of entry is 18, so remember to bring your ID. And remember that the Opium nightclubs are in principle a high-class lounge experience. Streetwear, sportswear, and distressed look clothing, no matter how expensive or high end, are prohibited. Stick to business casual or eveningwear. Absolutely no sneakers or men's jewellery, and women should try and make sure they are in skirts and heels, or, if you are one of the ladies who prefers trousers and flats, at the very least aim for a fitted and polished evening look.

Cause these clubs are so hot right now, and Opium London is the newest club in London, make sure to book well in advance. And remember that the restaurant and the nightclub are separate businesses, so you need to book the club even if you have a table at the restaurant. For nightclub table, VIP, and bottle services prices, check out the Clubbable app.


Dress codes can be confusing, so let us help you with our detailed, visual guides!

What is recommended:
The recommended look is the best one not just to get you in, but to make you feel at home.

What is allowed:
The allowed clothes are the full range of what will get you through the door.

Smart casual for men includes:
-button down shirts

-two and three piece suits

-black fitted jeans

-black or brown leather (or faux leather) polished shoes

-straight ties

-smart sweaters

-sports jackets

Smart casual for women includes:
-skirt suits

-dress suits

-cocktail dresses

-evening dresses

-relaxed style gowns

-high heels 2"-6" tall

What is a grey area:
The grey area are clothes that might be allowed some days/events and not others, or that are at the discretion of door staff. In short, if you happen to be in the area, wearing these clothes and want to check the club out, then maybe see if you can. You might get lucky. But if you are actually planning a night here? Avoid these and go for something closer to the dress code.

Polos are a grey area. Because the dress code is more specific, polos are hard to pull off without looking a bit underdressed. Sometimes people may get in wearing a polo, but assume it won't work.

Minidresses are a grey area. Although some minidresses are pretty classy, the way you wear them can really change the look, and sometimes a minidress will be turned away if it is too short, revealing, or cheap looking.

Women's pant suits are a grey area. They can look very smart and stylish, but they can also come across a bit cold and stiff. Much better to go with a dress suit.

Tuxedos are a grey area. Although usually acceptable in high-end clubs, Opium sometimes refuses people for being overdressed. A true to type black tie tuxedo is a bit too much and would stand out at the club. Instead, unless they have a special event, put on a three piece suit with a tie.

What is forbidden:
These clothes will get you turned away at the door, even if you are on the guest list, have a table with bottle service reserved, and it's your birthday. Sorry.

No streetwear. Absolutely no standard streetwear. From denim and leather jackets to converse shoes to timberland boots, streetwear is not allowed.

No sportswear. Not even if it is a statement piece of a fashion piece. Especially no trainers or other sports shoes.

No distressed clothes. Nothing torn, worn, or stained. Even if it is a designed piece.

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raw bar

hamachi tiradito
spicy soy, coriander
tuna tartare
avocado, shallot, yuzu
beef tartare
red bell pepper, toban djan, quinoa
vintage caviar 50gr.
oscietra caviar 50gr.


nigiri 4 pieces
seared chu-toro with foie gras
hamachi truffle

4 pieces

salmon roll
ponzu and yuzu kosho salmon, avocado
prawn tempura roll
avocado, japanese mayo, tobiko
california roll
king crab, avocado, yuzu, cucumber
vegetarian roll
carrot, asparagus, cucumber
hamachi roll
shiso leaf, spring onion


gold platter
4 salmon sashimi, 4 hamachi sashimi, 2 seared chu-toro nigiri,
2 hamachi and truffle nigiri, 6 prawn tempura roll, 6 california roll

chef platter
oscietra caviar, 4 chu-toro sashimi, 4 hamachi truffle nigiri,
4 chutoro foie gras nigiri, 5 prawn tempura roll, 8 california roll,
5 hamachi roll, 2 king crab gunkan


iberian ham, tomato, bread
vegetable spring rolls
onion, carrot, shiitake mushrooms, chinese cabbage
king crab salad
mixed baby leaf, apple, japanese vinaigrette
crispy calamari
lime mayo
prawn tempura
spicy mayo
corn salad
vegan mayo, yuzu, shallot, red bell pepper
iberian ham
tomato, basil oil
quinoa salad
gem lettuce, pomegranate, hazelnuts, ponzu

pasta and rice

chicken, foie gras, black truffle
mixed mushrooms, black truffle


smoked miso, roasted red onion
black cod
miso, yuzu, lime
sea bass
roasted cauliflower pure, toasted almondsking crab leg
spicy mayo, yuzu, coriander
chorizo sauce


glazed miso chicken
barley miso, ginger
confit duck leg
orange, thyme, pickled red onion
trio of wagyu sliders
trio of sauces
beef tenderloin 180gr.
rib-eye steak 1kgr. for two

side dishes

grilled tenderstem broccoli
grilled shitake mushrooms
truffle mash potato
sweet potato fries (The venue may have changed their prices since we updated this menu)
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