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  • Le Dandy nightclub Paris
62 Rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris
Minimum Age: 18

A club with the luxurious feel of a bodega, Le Dandy in Paris is inkeeping with its name. This popular Parisian venue has a sort of Victorian private members' club feel to it, with extravagant décor, an old fashioned cave-inspired stone ceiling, and wooden features. The warm, low lights help you relax and settle in for the night, leaving you feeling like you are at a luxury resort miles away from the city instead of in the heart of Paris.

Of course, the intimate structure isn't for everyone. If you are claustrophobic or scared of caves, then the heavy, curved ceiling might be too much for you. On the other hand, if you love traditional buildings, adventurous atmospheres, and a bit of tribal edge, this is the perfect nightclub for you to have a great time.

The wide open wooden floors are perfect for dancing, and the seating is ideal for watching people dance to the electronic beats played by some nationally and internationally famous DJ's. After all, this isn't vintage, but, as Le Dandy nightclub says "vintage 2.0".

The prices at this popular Paris club are very reasonable, and, if you are used to typical European club prices, you will be pleasantly surprised. But this doesn't mean they are skimping on quality! They simply offer a wide range of local and brand name drinks and their bartenders will mix you up anything you like. Bottle service is amazing, and a sure way to impress your guests or your new friends. Though, as always, remember to book bottle service in advance, as Le Dandy club can get very busy and you may not be able to upgrade on the night.

The minimum age to enter this hot Paris nightclub is 18, but the guests here are typically not quite so young, usually more ranging from their mid twenties to their early forties. Still plenty of energy and beautiful faces, but with plenty of class and a bit less rowdy than a venue aimed at younger audiences.

The dress code is naturally very smart: anything from business casual to black tie optional. A lounge suit or cocktail dress are also acceptable, but nothing you could consider sportswear, alternative, or distressed look. This is the sort of high class venue where even high fashion versions of suits or streetwear would be rejected. It doesn't matter how expensive your clothes are, if they aren't traditional and smart you won't be getting in.

The door policy is as strict as it gets, and they are unlikely to let anyone in from the queue, as this popular Paris club is either going to be busy, or holding a reservations-only night. Make sure to get on the guest list and book a table in advance if you want to get in. They are open all day Friday and Saturday, and every other day they open only for reservations and private parties. Keep an eye out for announced opening times and special events!

If you want to book the venue exclusively for yourself, you can book the whole venue any time from Sunday to Thursday for up to 23 hours at a time. Check out all your options on the website or in our app!

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