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Residence du nouveau port, Saint-Tropez, France
Minimum Age: 18

Closed for the season.

Gioia is a dinner restaurant that belongs to the famous VIP Room nightclub.

Book your table at Gioia to experience a glamorous dinner enjoying the creative shows that take place at Gioia. 

To make the most out of your nightout follow your booking at Gioia by booking a table at VIP Room to party until the sun rises. 

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Bottle menu:


William Lawson’s €12,00
Johnnie Walker black €16,00
Johnnie Walker blue €16,00
Chivas 12 ans €16,00
Chivas 18 ans €18,00
Chivas 21 ans €20,00
Cardhu 12 ans €14,00
Glenfiddich 12 ans €16,00
Glenlivet 12 ans €16,00
Jack Daniel’s €14,00
Jack Daniel’s Honey €14,00
Jack Daniel’s Fire €14,00
Jack Daniel’s single barrel €16,00
Accompagnements whiskies €2,00
Fever-Tree ginger ale


Camino Real €12,00
Patrón Silver €20,00
Patrón Añejo €25,00
Patrón XO cafe €25,00
Accompagnements tequilas €2,00
Fever-Tree indian tonic


Bacardi €12,00
Bacardi 8 ans €14,00
Bacardi Réserve
16,00 €
Accompagnements rhums €2,00
Fever-Tree indian tonic


Bombay Sapphire €12,00
Monkey 47 €25,00
Gin de Tropez €19,00
Mare €18,00
Hendricks €15,00
Accompagnements Gins €2,00
Fever-Tree indian tonic, Mediterranean tonic


Grey Goose €14,00
Absolut Elyx €14,00
Accompagnements vodkas €2,00
Fever-Tree indian tonic, Mediterranean tonic

Digestifs & Liqueurs

Sambuca €12,00
Grappa €12,00
Eau de vie €12,00
Calvados €12,00
Cognac XO €30,00
Armagnac VSOP €20,00
Armagnac XO €25,00
Remy Martin VSOP €30,00
Liqueurs €14,00
Amaretto, Bailey's, Get 27, Get 31, Limoncello, Malibu


Shot classique €10,00
Shot supérieur €15,00
Bacardi Carta Bianca €200,00
Bacardi Carta Oro €250,00
Grey Goose €250,00
Bombay Sapphire €250,00
Jack Daniel's €200,00
Johnny Walker Black label €250,00
Chivas 12 ans €250,00
Patrón Silver €250,00
Patrón cafe €250,00

Champagne Brut

Perrier Jouet 75cl €180,00
Perrier Jouet 150cl €360,00
Perrier Jouet "Belle Epoque" 75cl €480,00
Perrier Jouet "Belle Époque" 150cl €960,00
Dom Pérignon 75cl €480,00
Dom Pérignon 150cl €960,00

Champagne Rosé

Perrier Jouet "Belle Époque" 75cl €900,00
Perrier Jouet "Belle Époque" 150cl €1 800,00
Dom Pérignon 75cl €900,00
Dom Pérignon 150cl 1 800,00
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No upcoming events at Gioia

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