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  • Rose nightclub Stockholm
  • Party at Rose VIP nightclub in Stockholm. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Rose VIP nightclub in Stockholm. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Rose VIP nightclub in Stockholm. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
  • Party at Rose VIP nightclub in Stockholm. Find promoters for guest list in Clubbable
Hamngatan 2, 111 47 Stockholm, Sweden



11:00 PM - 04:00 AM


11:00 PM - 05:00 AM


11:00 PM - 05:00 AM
Minimum Age: 18
The Rose nightclub in Stockholm is the essence of decadence. Located in the exact same building as "Fou" nightclub, you can access Rose either via its own entryway or via a door which connects the two clubs. The official age limit here is 20, but this is subject to change each day.

The atmosphere at Rose club is distinct from that of the Fou club, however. Whereas Fou is much bigger, more energetic, and wilder, Rose is a more sophisticated, exclusive venue. Fou exudes the ambiance of classic France, whereas Rose has all the power and glamour of old Hollywood, complete with gilt mirrors and framed classical artworks, glowing crystal chandeliers, and strong audience participation.

Just like Fou, the Rose club offers a variety of high end and speciality cocktails, a wide range of fine champagnes and wines, and excellent bottle service. In fact, Rose often has a much broader selection of brands, vintages, and drink types than most nightclubs, so whether your tastes are highly refined or you want a good deal on bottle service, Rose can provide it.

Expect to see plenty of young, sexy people at Rose club, and expect to have a lot of fun. Everything from bowling tournaments to cheerleaders, indoor fireworks displays to live artists, fancy dress nights to fancy dinner parties, can be found in this fun and sexy Stockholm nightclub. It really is one of the most fun and lively venues in the city, and you will never cease to be surprised by its originality.

The crowd is very much Swedish, with some of the hottest, youngest members of Stockholm's elite partying all night long. And we mean all night long. Opening before midnight and staying open until the early hours of the morning, some days as late as 5am, you can easily spend all night partying at Rose and then leave just in time to grab a morning coffee.

The dress code at Rose is not incredibly strict, and they have been known to accept sportswear and street style clothes, so long as you look expensive, put together, and clean. Distressed look clothes are an absolute no go, but fashionable sports shoes, sweaters, and camo print are all great. Men's jewellery is hit and miss, but it's not like you can't take it off if they think it's a bit excessive. And women need not wear dresses or skirts: yoga pants, skinny jeans, etc, are all fine. However high heels or wedges are recommended. And remember that some events may have a stricter dress code than others. Always ask your promoter about the best dress code for speciality events.

If you are interested in getting into the Rose club, it can be very difficult to get through the door. Because, like Fou, it is a restaurant earlier in the night, the swap from table service to bottle service is very abrupt, and there is often already a queue before dinnertime ends. It is strongly recommended to get on the guest list and to reserve a table or bottle service. Doubly so if they are hosting a big event or a popular act, because they may have no places left on the day.

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