Bagatelle       Recommended   Rating: 3 out of 5 based on 4 Reviews

Bagatelle in Paris 26 May 2024

The Bagatelle magnificent property was built in 1775, although the project took only 64 days to finish this amazing castle. This restaurant/club has a serene garden park that is still intact to this day. 

Do you love and appreciate art? This place is definitely the one for you! The property was designed by architect Bélanger who has only sketched up the project in just a few hours, however the deep level of details this magnificent building has has attracted people with a fine taste in art. The style chosen to construct the building was Anglo-Chinese which used to be very posh at the time, alluring people with an eye for quality art. Did you know that in 1907, the first international rose competition took place in the Bagatelle garden? This annual competition takes place every June in the beautiful Bagatelle rose garden that has more than 1200 different species of roses and plants.

Bagatelle is a French hospitality brand of luxury restaurants and beach clubs that celebrate the South of France’s joie de vivre and epicurean spirit.

It is located on the edge of Bois de Boulogne, the public park located along the western edge of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, near the suburb of Boulogne-Billancourt. Wondering what’s the minimum age requirement to enter the place? It’s 18 years old, just like any other VIP club you’d like to visit and have fun.

It’s the story of two French entrepreneurs, Rémi Laba and Aymeric Clemente, who met in New York City in the early 2000’s and decided to join forces to open the first Bagatelle in the City.

Drawing on their respective experiences in the hospitality industry,  the duo imagined a place celebrating the South of France’s festive spirit, generous cuisine and friendly atmosphere. With the success of the first restaurant, Bagatelle quickly started exporting its concept worldwide and bringing the French joie de vivre to the planet’s chicest destinations.

Nowadays, you can enjoy creative dishes if dining outdoors in the summer is appealing to you. However, the clubbers can also party and enjoy in the most VIP style in the beautiful garden later on by dancing to beats mixed by famous international DJs who perform live sets every weekend. Who doesn’t want to enjoy and have unforgettable fun with friends under a fascinating scenery anyway?

It is not easy to get into this Garden of Eve party place so put on your best outfit, try to look as fashionable as possible and try your luck. Everyone should reserve a table in advance as the space is limited. 

Men should wear a suit or a shirt with proper pants and formal shoes, if you wear distressed jeans, a tank top or t-shirt and sneakers you will definitely not get in.

Ladies are advised to wear a dress or a chic cocktail outfit, high heels or platforms have a higher success rate of getting you in than flats. Sporty outfits are a big no. 

Welcome to the Bagatelle way of life!

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BoumBoum       Recommended   Rating: 4.41 out of 5 based on 54 Reviews

BoumBoum in Paris 26 May 2024

Boum Boum is a new way of living Parisian nights: a sonorous and visually staged staging that combines the energy and fervor of a concert in the electric atmosphere of a huppé club. The place was imagined by the architect Charles Tassin in a decor Neo 70's. Conceived as an extravagant Parisian apartment, the lounge bar and its terrace are the ideal space to have a cocktail with its tribal electric rhythms. Other space, other ambiance: the Participating Club thought of it as a revelation of giant screens, raffles of confetti, thunderstorms and smoky explosions: more than a classic nightclub, it's an interactive experience between the place, the dj and the foule.

This club is chic, avant-garde, posh. Definitely a club for golden youth!

The club immediately stood out as one of the most chic new clubs in the 8th arrondissement. The owner of the Raspoutine and the Ginger himself, Alexander Ghislain, and the stakeholder behind London's Toy Room nightclub have paired up once again to create this immersive experience. And it is every bit as magical as their last cooperation, in L’Arc Club and Restaurant.


Boum Boum lives up to its name as a must-visit, unique and conceptual club for all types of visitors.

Boum Boum is designed to attract high-end wealthy guests, especially youngsters eager for an energetic and extravagant night out. The club presents a wide range of music styles including electronic, hip-hop, rock, and French pop just to name a few.

The luxurious Boum Boum hosted a number of celebrities, models, artists and singers, making it a hard-access club. It offers two different settings which give people to choose between a cozy, chill and relaxing night out or a festive, loud party filled with surprises like cascades of confetti, smoke and sparks.

You’ll never get bored as the party is guest-centered and includes Karaoke nights on giant screens for amateur singers to sing their hearts out.

The Boum Boum nightclub offers two distinct environments with a few separate options in each, so that whether you are looking for a quiet, relaxed lounge, or an energetic clubbing experience, you will find something for you in this Paris dance club. Our favorites have got to be the micro bar, which is a wonderful place to sip cocktails and people watch, and the terrace, overlooking avenue de Friedland, which is a great place to hang out with friends or get away from the noise a bit and get to know new people.

From a high ceiling and ultra wide cutting-edge screens extended from the floor to the ceiling, to high-tech lighting systems, LED features, and mirrored tables, Boum Boum’s exceptional space demonstrates an amazing theatrical setting.

The guests at this young, fun, yet extravagant Paris nightclub are some of the most beautiful, trendy, wealthy young people in the city, with a healthy mix of local nightlife royalty and visiting celebrities. This is a perfect celebrity nightclub for running into models, artists, and wealthy up and coming CEOs.

The only way to get in is to make sure that you are on the guest list and have a reservation. And make sure to come dressed smart casual or business casual. Sportswear, subculture clothes, and distressed items are absolutely forbidden. Minimum age requirement, you ask? It’s 18 years old. So what are you waiting for? Book your table now!

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Chez Tania in Paris 26 May 2024
A unique nightclub experience in Paris' most authentic neighbourhood. The establishment, which can accommodate up to 200 people, has professional sound and lighting equipment adapted to your needs. With a philosophy based on letting go and having fun, Chez Tania has quickly become an essential place for trendy Parisian evenings.

Their room, with a DJ booth and an advanced lighting system, is the ideal place to receive guests in a bright and personalized atmosphere. The main area, in a very glamorous style and equipped with luxurious fabrics, can accommodate up to 170 guests. As soon as you arrive, the tapestries, the black woodwork and the red carpet will introduce you to a unique and intimate universe. Contemporary, HipHop and RnB are mostly played at this venue. 

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Crystal in Paris 26 May 2024
If you are looking for a traditional VIP clubbing experience bang in the middle of Paris, then the Crystal Lounge in Paris might be the right place for you. This is a fairly medium sized Paris nightclub with a strong ambiance, nice clean decor, great modern beats, and amazingly delicious cocktails that will keep you locked down all night on. The decor has a sort of "brothel meets sci fi" vibe, with soft blue and pink lighting, upholstered walls and bar, and glowing neon. The booths are dark, intimate, and comfortable, and the stage is right in the middle of them. The DJ will be playing right in the middle of the guests, allowing for a comfortable, intimate experience, as opposed to the usual trend where the clubbers may feel that the DJ is being placed above them. Here, the star of the show is you, and you will definitely feel it to your bones. The DJ booth is installed with 140 DMX universes, allowing for amazing live programming depending on the event or party. Metallic tones and shisha hookahs only add to the slightly "upper class sleazy" feel, but that actually works really well. If you want to feel like a Hollywood star being entertained in a club, then this is a great place for it! Everyone is beautiful, well-dressed, and ready for a night of fun, drinks, and dancing, all the way to the morning. The prices for drinks run pretty high, but you can expect some truly divine cocktails, from the classics to their own signature mixes. You will also find some incredibly high quality brand name drinks available at this sophisticated Paris nightclub. Whether you want a few shots, bottle service, or just the bottle, the sexy, friendly servers are happy to oblige. Table service is definitely the best deal for your money as well as the easiest way of keeping the drinks flowing all night long, though. The Crystal Lounge in Paris has some of the latest state of the art sound and lighting systems, providing a top quality nightclub experience in the heart of Paris, which is not a common offering. The systems allow for synchronized sound and lighting for a complete experience. They even have a large LED wrap around wall for big displays, making this an ideal spot for private parties, product launches, and similar events. For people who may feel a little uncomfortable in some clubs, the Crystal Lounge is definitely a more inclusive venue, hosting young people of all ethnicities and nationalities. It is also open to anyone who is dressed well and fashionably. It is recommended that men wear collared shirts and smart trousers and shoes, and that women wear a nice cocktail or party dress, some sexy heels, and bring a shawl or cardigan of some description. But besides the dress code and the long queue, you will have a good chance of getting in and you will be made to feel at home, no matter who you are or where you come from. Such an inclusive, diverse environment is not at all common among clubs and bars in Paris, so you will probably find it a welcome relief when you can just enter, sit down, and enjoy some drinks and great music with your friends. That said, the venue can and does get insanely busy, especially during weekends, events, and when hosting a big name DJ. So it is a good idea to try and get on the guest list or to book a table, to guarantee yourself entry to this sophisticated Paris club.  
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Matignon       Recommended   Rating: 4.71 out of 5 based on 21 Reviews

Matignon in Paris 26 May 2024

At the Matignon nightclub in Paris you will be immersed in a world of luxury and class, surrounded by the highest class people in all of Paris. Located in the most expensive area of the city, you can expect to see plenty of local and visiting celebrities, wealthy socialites, and high class tourists. Matignon Paris has an attached restaurant which serves exquisite French cuisine by day. As you would expect, the food is expensive, but it is well worth the price. The restaurant can get very busy and it is recommended that you book in advance, rather than just show up when you want to. Beneath the restaurant is the main club, which opens later at night. The venue boasts a reasonable dance floor and great features throughout the night. Expect lights shows, confetti, hired dancers, etc, depending on the night and the event. 

The music at the Matignon club Paris is a combination of French techno, international techno, and American remixes. It is pretty fresh and fun, and great to dance to. The DJs are mostly local talent, with the odd feature night including international names. The drinks here are very high class. Definitely one of the best places in Paris for a drink and a night hitting the dance floor. Expect expensive bottles and special cocktails. Service is usually pretty prompt, but when the venue gets very busy there can be some delay. The drinks prices at both the restaurant and the club are quite high, but with the quality of the alcohol, the training of the staff, and their usual clientele, you can't really expect it to be cheap, can you? There is a strong focus on the social aspect in the nightclub. The crowd is very sexy and very vibrant. The age range is a bit more diverse than at other clubs, as it attracts many locals, not all of which will be young. That said, everyone is incredibly attractive no matter their age, and you will feel at home.

Like most French clubs, it opens very late, and you can easily party right through the night. The party truly gets started around midnight or just after, and the tempo is kept throughout the night. The French definitely know how to party and you will be surprised by how late it gets without you even noticing. Getting into the Matignon club in Paris is not difficult if you look like you belong, but if you want to be treated like a star, you need to be dressed like a star. Men need to be dressed smart, with collared shirts and dress shoes. Women need to be in cocktail or party dresses and heels. Definitely no lounge wear, sportswear, or street clothes. It is also not an easy venue for solo men. You are much more likely to be admitted entrance if you are a woman, or a man with a group of women, then on your own. Otherwise expect to pay a hefty cover fee

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Parisian nightlife comes from a long, rich history of entertainment. From cabarets and bordellos, to traditional members' clubs, it has always attracted people from all walks of life seeking fun and entertainment. In fact, some apparently modern nightlife trends see their origins in 1700s and 1800s Paris, from the themed nightclubs "Heaven" and "Hell", to the very first gentlemen's clubs where people could do more than play squash and drink weak ales.

And Paris today, despite its often romantic and old-timey image, has stayed ahead of the curve on many new club trends, as well as embracing and re-imagining its old artistic scene. If you are looking for a city that has a little bit of everything, then Paris is a wonderful idea for a long trip or even just a short stay on your way to yet another European city with some of the best club scenes around.

The thing is that Paris is one of those major cities that takes pride in itself. Sure, it can come across as a little discriminatory and elitist, but it also cultivates an atmosphere that is unique in the world. This predisposition to venues that are exclusively clubs or exclusively restaurants (unlike the very common restaurant-clubs or clubstaurants in the rest of Europe) allows Paris to provide a richer clubbing experience, as the local clubs sell themselves specifically as nightlife venues.

The nightlife in Paris is largely concentrated in South Pigalle, aka SoPi, which means that if you love club hopping and seeing all that a city has to offer, Paris is your jam. You will be able to move from club to club without needing a taxi, and you might find that when one club is completely booked, another one has tables free on the app for that very night. So even if you book a bit late and your plans have to change, at least your plans won't be ruined.

Whereas clubs in English or American cities might lean towards themes and boundary-pushing, Parisian clubs want to immerse you in a traditional luxury clubbing experience. Yes, of course there will be a dance floor. But there are not so many "box" or "warehouse" style clubs, with open dance floors and no tables. Instead, most clubs provide luxury booths, VIP lounges, and tables for anyone who wants to book one in advance. Which is a good thing, too, because if you go clubbing in Paris, your feet probably won't get a rest all night long.

Parisian clubs, like most European venues, stay open until the cafes open for breakfast. Being able to party all night til six or seven in the morning and then go for a coffee and a delicious pastry, or a cup of fine tea with a savoury dish, is absolutely perfect. In fact, most native Parisians will tell you that for a serious night out, you have to hit the clubs at ten or eleven, as soon as they open, party til seven in the morning, go for coffee and breakfast, and then just go back to work or school. It's hard to deny that Paris is a city dedicated to club life when they'll skip a whole night of sleep just to dance for six to eight hours solid!
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