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25 Rue de Richelieu, 75001 Paris, France
Minimum Age: 18

Le Magnifqiue club was the old Vanity Club and L'Art club Paris but has now reopened under it's own name.

If you want a properly luxurious lounge experience straight out of the 1950s, you need to check out Le Magnifique Nightclub in Paris. The ambiance is cool and relaxed, with an air of sophistication which is rare even in modern day Paris nightclubs. But they really rock it, and you will feel like a legitimate fat cat as you sink back into the gorgeous seats, surrounded by faux furs and elaborate artwork, sipping on a nice liquor.

The low lighting, relaxing seating options, and private tables provide a sensation of intimacy and luxury, and the animal-print throw rugs and modern ornaments and lamps will make you feel in the lap of luxury. The balance of modern lounge and Victorian study is a unique, very original experience, that you will not find in many other places across the world.

The one downside of this amazing decor is that it can get a bit warm and stuffy, especially on busy nights or during the Summer. If you are looking for somewhere to cool off, have some cheap soft drinks, and relax away from the heat, then you might want to go to a smaller, outdoors cocktail bar instead.

That said, Le Magnifique nightclub has all you would ever need and is ideal for most nights of the year. The very long, very full bar contains almost anything your heart could possibly desire, so you will enjoy some delicious cocktails whatever your personal tastes are. The prices are through the roof, even by Paris standards, which might catch you off guard. Make sure you come prepared, or order bottle service, to ensure that you get all the drinks you want at a reasonable price.

The music is modern and cool, with a combination of remixes, top 40, and hip hop. Rather than leaning towards dance styles it leans more towards something you will enjoy listening to and relaxing to, and the volume is not too high, at least not early in the night, so you can socialize and chat as you sip exquisite cocktails.

Cover fees will vary depending on who you are, how busy they are, and what day it is, but generally women can get in for very little or even for free. Women also often receive complementary champagne or another drink. Cover fees for men are not particularly high, but getting in is a bit harder if you are a man.

It is definitely more of a place for groups of friends to have a fun, yet relaxed night out. It can be pretty exclusive and the bouncers can be very selective about who they let in, though, so it can be a good idea to get on the guest list or book in advance, to avoid groups being split up or embarrassed.

If you like the lounge experience but do not like the relaxed, bright, cheery atmosphere of most Parisian cocktail bars, then Le Magnifique Club Paris might be the ideal spot for you to enjoy a drink in luxury and peace.

The dress code is simple: collared shirts and smart shoes for men, dresses and heels for women. Nothing too extravagant is needed, but sportswear is discouraged.

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Grey Goose €250 ; Magnum €500

Jack Daniel’s €250 ; Magnum €500
Jack Daniel’s Fire €280
Jack Daniel’s Honey €280

Bombay Sapphire €250
Hendricks €280

Bacardi 4 ANS €250
Bacardi 8 ANS €280
Diplomatico €350

Patron Silver €300
Patron XO Cafe €300
Don Julio Reposado €350
Don Julio 1942 €1000

Rémy Martin VSOP €350
Hennessy XO €800

Moët & Chandon €250 ; Magnum €500
Ruinart Blanc De Blanc €300 ; €500
Dom Pérignon €500 ; Magnum €1200
Dom Pérignon Rosé €900
Cristal Roederer €600 ; Magnum €1500
(The venue may have changed their prices since we updated this menu)
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