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7 Place Vendôme, 75001 Paris
Minimum Age: 18

If you are looking for a fun, energetic club in Paris, then suivez l'hibou (follow the owl) to Lalaland Nightclub! Taking elements of the new trend for surrealist and futuristic clubs, and mixing them with a party atmosphere to blow your mind, this upscale Paris club is a breath of fresh air for anyone who has already experienced most of the nightlife options in Paris.

Represented by its iconic owl, Lalaland in Paris stands out from almost any other venue of any kind in the entire city, with a dreamlike atmosphere outside and inside.

One of the few places to enjoy what can only be described as a "spiritual" club experience, Lalaland in Paris is set up to totally take over your senses. The lights, smoke, and confetti effects give you the feeling of being floating through clouds as you dance the night away to intense beats that you can feel right through your chest. The people are full of energy, dancing like crazy, having fun in the most pure, beautiful way, just letting loose and living in the moment. All these magical feelings create a sensation that really feels like you are one with the whole room.

The music at Lalaland club is usually following whatever the theme of the night is, but leans towards modern electronic and house, with the highest energy beats mixed by an expert DJ.

The drinks options at this sexy Paris nightclub are varied, but mostly modern and classic cocktail mixes made from high end alcohol, quality mixers, and fresh ingredients wherever possible. We highly recommend ordering bottle service with champagne for a little bit of luxury when you take a break from dancing and having fun.

The minimum age to get into this cool Paris nightclub is 18, matching the legal drinking age in France. The majority of the guests and staff at Lalaland are young, trendy, and French. Not everyone will speak great English, but most people will be able to, and most people will also be pretty accepting of tourists. If you want to meet cute single French people in Paris, this could be a great place to make friends, or maybe more.

The dress code at Lalaland Paris is chic and sexy. Ladies should wear a nice cocktail dress and heels, men should wear smart shirts and fitted smart jeans. Street wear is acceptable if it is clean, trendy, and well put together. Obviously, the acceptable look also depends on the theme of the night, so make sure to check in advance! For example you are more likely to get in wearing a smart sweater and jeans on a night when they are setting up adult-size bouncy castles.

This club has a locker room which is great if you have a heavy coat or a big bag as you travel from club to club. The venue doesn't usually offer a valet service, but it's always worth checking beforehand, just in case, especially for big events. The club stays open well into the early hours of the morning, making it one of the best places to party all night long in Paris.

The venue tends to open every other weekend and is in high demand, which can make it hard to get into if you are only staying a short while. You can often find people queueing all night long right around the streets near the Place Vendóme. The only way to get in for sure is to be on the guest list and book a table for the night.

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